Tancredo Out With New Anti-Hickenlooper Ad

The Tancredo campaign has produced a new anti-Hickenlooper ad which they sent along accompanied, of course, by an appeal for donations to run it. I’ll spare you the fund-raising appeal, but the ad strikes me as well done. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Tancredo Out With New Anti-Hickenlooper Ad

  1. Me Thinks

    That Red Phillips editorializes just a smidge too much. Saying “the ad strikes me as well done” isn’t really necessary. Perhaps just try saying, “There is a fund-raising appeal attached to it, and the ad is well produced,” or something to that effect. All this “I, me” stuff doesn’t seem very professional.

  2. Daniel Surman

    Tancredo is banking on having destroyed Maes enough to focus on Hickenlooper. I don’t think that is the case yet- as long as Maes is still polling in double-digits, it will be difficult for Tancredo to pull out victory.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    Me thinks, I tried to embed the ad but it comes out too big and ends up encroaching on text. So I added a little commentary so it wouldn’t just be one line: “Here’s a link to the ad.” Me thinks “Me Thinks” is a concern troll.

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