SUSA: Tom Horner At 18%, Other At 5% In MN Gubernatorial Race

The latest polling from SurveyUSA shows a tightening race for Governor of Minnesota. From the pollster:

Today, Dayton gets 38%, Emmer 36%; Dayton’s nominal 2-point advantage may or may not be statistically significant. But: Independence Party candidate Tom Horner today gets 18% of the vote, stronger yet among older, more reliable voters, complicating the calculus either major-party campaign needs to capture the open seat. Among men, Emmer leads Dayton by 11 points; among women, Dayton leads Emmer by 13 — a 24-point gender gap. 1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women vote for the Independence Party candidate Horner. Dayton has an edge among older voters, but Horner gets 22% among those 50+. Emmer and Dayton each take 3 of 4 votes from members of their own parties, with Horner taking 14% of Republican and 13% of Democrat votes today. Among the 1 in 3 voters who are independent, the 3 candidates are effectively even, separated from one another by 3 points. Dayton, who served as a US Senator from 2001 to 2006, leads by 14 points in Northeastern Minnesota; Emmer, a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, has a small advantage in the southern portion of MN. Elsewhere, Dayton and Emmer tie, with Horner receiving 14% to 22% of the vote.


“Other” also came in at 5% of the vote. While one would assume this support would translate into direct support for the four other minor party candidates into the race, other as an undefined option is generally exhibits inflated support over named minor party candidates. (These minor party candidates are Ken Pentel, Farheen Hakim, Linda Eno and Chris Wrights).

Previous polling had Tom Horner floating around 12-13% of the vote. The surge in support may be the result of a series of positive press and endorsements for the candidate earlier this week.

8 thoughts on “SUSA: Tom Horner At 18%, Other At 5% In MN Gubernatorial Race

  1. Robert Milnes

    OK, anybody got any suggestions about what to do after all the libs & greens lose this November? Same old same old? War protests? WAr against drug protests? Maybe some death penalty vigils outside the prison until after the execution? Maybe some articles complaining about how things are & saying how nice they COULD be?
    Let me know anything new, ok? Because I’m pretty bored. Same old same old gets pretty boring after 4 or 5 decades. But I’m sure all you young people can take up where we -my generation-the baby boomers-left off. You know the ones who were born after the war everybody wanted. Which was after the war to end all wars.
    Just let me know, ok?

  2. Robert Milnes

    I’m kind of thinking after all the lib & green candidates lose this November that I -personally-should try to be a little more practical. Voting out the dems & reps in 2-6 years is just way too outlandish. Way too radical. Maybe I should take a reality check & relax & chill. I just take the situation WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy too seriously. & I’m basically a nobody. Never was anybody, never will be. From a family of nobodies. Well, mybe I shouldn’t say that. regular people. More or less. My other uncle was a WW2 Marine. His son, my cousin, a H.S. teacher. Great uncle also in WW2, the one I was named after. My sister is a social worker. My dad a retired government certified welder. For some reason he never seemed interested in teaching me welding. & now I’ve never married. No kids. So no responsibilities. & my ideas have been rejected. I’m basically not wanted or needed at IPR or anywhere else as far as I can tell. & I can see I’m getting old. Have a cataract thing going on. Not as spry as I used to be. Just basically in the way more or less.
    Now my uncle figured out something that might work for me. He moved from my place to a subsidized elderly/disabled living facility. He says quite regularly people die & their stuff gets thrown in the dumpster. Some of it pretty nice stuff. So we could salvage. He quickly furnished his apt. with nice furniture, rugs, tv appliances etc. We could sell stuff on the side.
    I could give up this political nonsense. Probably eventually save up enough to afford that trip to the National Forest again. & visit my disabled friend in CA/AZ.
    I guess I’m just one of those people who never gets married. Oh well.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert, your political ideas are great, even though I come from a different ideology. I hope that as a younger person I can really change the world. Good solution is to keep following politics and posting your ideas, but also work on your other projects like your salvaging and moving to California. That’s what I’m doing; it can be done.
    And there are lots of us on this site who are not married without kids; definitely you and I and Don Grundman, and also Lake and Paulie I think.

  4. MN Indy

    I’m not keen on Horner, but I could live with a repeat of 1998. Just please don’t stick us with DFL aristocrat Dayton. He thinks single people making $39,000 a year are wealthy.

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