Illinois Green Party to protest exclusion of Rich Whitney from debates

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Even after Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney got over 10% of the vote in 2006 and established the Green Party as a major party under Illinois law, the Illinois League of Women Voters is refusing to let Whitney debate the Republican and Democratic candidates in Chicago on Wednesday, October 20th. In the editorial viewpoint of Green Party Watch, actions like this make a mockery of democracy in America.

The Illinois Green Party is asking supporters to turn out in force to protest the debate exclusion. Whitney’s campaign has created a facebook event “Protest ABC 7-League of Women Voters Governor’s Debate” where you can view the details and share with your friends.

Gwen Blossom of Wilmette wrote a letter to the Chicago Tribune that nicely captures the injustice of this situation:

When my third graders are involved in a disagreement, I give them time to tell their sides of the story. It does not matter if one student has the latest and most fashionable shoes, or if one student’s mom is the PTA president. I need to know and understand what happened in order to guide them to a positive solution. I also do it because I am teaching them how to be active, engaged citizens whose voices and ideas count in America.

What do I tell them when all political candidates are not included in political debates? One candidate did not have enough money to buy commercial time so he is not included? One person’s ideas are not proposed by a large and disconnected organization so he is not included?

Please, as the vital source of information you are for American citizens, include Rich Whitney, the Green Party Candidate for governor, in all debates and updated news reports.

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