Libertarian Party blog: Project Vote Smart offers “VoteEasy”

Staff at Libertarian Party blog, October 7:

Project Vote Smart, a voter education organization that publishes candidate answers to its position questionnaires, has a new feature called "VoteEasy" that allows voters to see which candidates have expressed positions most similar to their own views.


A number of Libertarian candidates are included. VoteEasy currently appears to include only candidates for Congress. (Project Vote Smart has candidate information for many offices, including many statewide offices and state legislatures.)

6 thoughts on “Libertarian Party blog: Project Vote Smart offers “VoteEasy”

  1. James O. Ogle

    October 19th, 2010 at 10:11 am

    NORMANDY BEACH CALIFORNIA Parliament Bogged Down

    We are bogged down. Our Prime Minister of
    California Robert S.[Pot]‘s computer caught on
    fire, and he is our main web page designer.
    Our other web page designer Sales Minister
    Loris Scagiarini [Info. Not Avail.] is out of the
    country. The search engine doesn’t work
    very good, and neither does the ad program.

    If anyone has time to look at the operation, you
    can catch up by going to the forum (which isn’t
    working good, and where we need a moderator):

    We also need help counting the votes cast for the
    6th California Parliament’s twelve Cabinet Ministers.

    We are tied in electing a CA Secretary
    of State candidate. Since Christina Tobin [Independent] requested her name be removed, it’s between socialist MSP Marylou Cabral [Peace and Freedom] and Merton Short [American Independent/Constitution].

    We can’t get a hold of Cabral, and
    Short is 87, with a serious inner ear infection,
    and isn’t doing interviews.

    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Volunteer Vote Counter
    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

  2. citizen1

    I do not know what they use to match you with a candidate. They have the matching for my states Senate and my districts house races, but most of them have not filled out the questionnaire so I do not know what they use to determine a candidates position.

  3. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Opinion: The USA is ssoooooooo dysfunctional. Non Metric measurements. Funny money currency. Global empire instead of 48 state republic. Electoral College. Congress instead of Parliament.

    Opinion: As a full blown proponent of an American Parliament, IMO this guy is OCD. This is a model project; a possibilities platform. This guy acts like it is a reality.

    Opinion: I will be for ever thank ful for Jim Ogle’s eye witness account of Frank MacKay’s $500 donation / bride to the Deform Party. But, as I alerted Christina Tobin and others, this guy ‘makes majors his minors and makes minors his majors’!

    Unfortunately, all alternative politics may be in that same leakie basket. Decades from now we may be still know as ‘an asterisk to an asterisk’. But at least we stood up to the Democans and the Republicrats while other residents slept!

  4. James O. Ogle

    Thank you honorable elected member of Super-state Parliament (MSP) Don Lake [American Independent].

    Your favorable comments are appreciated, and it is good to have your name representing the American Independent Party as one of 100 consecutively ranked equal units in the 6th California Parliament, with plenty of consecutively ranks names as back-ups.

    If you ever wish to vote for prime minister or secretary, including your own name, please be sure to email me privately with your ranked choices. Any new names are welcomed, as well as your own.

    We’re standing up to the two party system inside the concrete bunker that is wrecking havoc on us, as our numbers are being rapidly diminished, and causing great confusion and disarray.

    And those of us with no legs and no arms including myself, are still in communication, as we approach the bunker from the left, the right and the center.

    We look forward to the future, the victorious Battle of the Bulge, as it appears to be less than about 150,000 years in the future at current pace.

    Onward, to victory! Let’s do coordinate more, as we drive deeper into the beachhead, even if we are being pushed backwards where our comrades in Green are dead in the water, that is red with their blood. Surely more reinforcements will be arriving soon, as we gather strength for the frontal assault on the cliffs in front of us on November 2nd, 2010.

    We are all are making great sacrifices as a team, for the good of the all, the free and the equal.


  5. Michael Cavlan RN

    Too funny.

    I took the test and while I scored well, apparently Keith Ellison scored better than I did.

    I appear to support Keith Ellison more than myself. Of course that is because I happen to know that Keith Ellison is lying on his positions.

    That is why he refuses to engage in a debate.

    I suppose I should not complain. At least I was included.

    The media in Minnesota refuses and I mean flat out refuses to even mention my name or our campaign and it’s issues.

    Must be because I am far too honest for them.

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