None of the above ballot option could have large role in Nevada US Senate race

H/T Gene Berkman:

Michael Blood writes in the San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press:

Choosing “none of the above,” the default option on quizzes, is looming as a potential factor in the dead-heat Nevada Senate race for voters who don’t like either Democrat Harry Reid or Republican Sharron Angle.

Voters in the Silver State have nine choices on the ballot next week — eight are candidates, including Reid and Angle.

The number of voters who choose “None of these candidates” is expected to be small, but in a close race those who decide to boycott the ballot could make the difference.

Reid knows the risk: A dozen years ago he pulled off a 428-vote re-election victory over then-Republican Rep. John Ensign, while “none” received 8,125 votes, far more than his winning margin.

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14 thoughts on “None of the above ballot option could have large role in Nevada US Senate race

  1. paulie Post author

    @1 Excellent campaign points. Do you know any Nevadans who are willing to distribute this information on election day? 🙂

  2. Single Winner Districts = Cro Mag-non Attractor

    The SouthWest Super-state Parliament Circuit #10
    Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma and Utah

    Julian Waters [Cool Moose], Anita Goodman [Pansexual Freedom], Phil DeBlanc [Independent], Daniel Bartels [Bicycle],Vincent Hamm [Democratic], Ralph Bell [Pot], Jeff Verhey [Marijuana], Amy Hanson [Rocker], Dan Kennedy [Republican/Conservative], Tony Dunsworth [Libertarian], Raymond Rael [Hemp], Richard Haley [Info. Not Avail.], Hannah Dixon [Pot], Tom Kness [Info. Not Avail.], Shay Kastner [Pot], Evan Colletti [Pot], The Reverend Q [What’s Happening Now], Earl Bagwell [Green], Erika Wells [Pot], Tokenwhiteguy [Pot], Marc Black [Independent]

  3. citizen1

    If NOTA gets the most vote the office should remain vacant or a new election ordered but those in the first election should not be allowed on the ballot.

  4. paulie Post author

    If I’m not mistaken, Nevada’s NOTA is actually binding. That is, if NOTA wins, NOTA serves.

    However, I’m not optimistic about NOTA’s chances of actually winning this race. I think it’s more realistic to speculate that NOTA may hold the balance of power.

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