Texas: A Democrat, a Libertarian and a Green walk into a room…

Ciara O’Rourke in the Austin American-Statesman:

True to his word, GOP Gov. Rick Perry did not attend Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate in Austin. He’d earlier said he wouldn’t gab toe-to-toe with Democratic nominee Bill White until White released more tax returns from his stints in public posts.

Unsilenced, White, Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass and Green Party candidate Deb Shafto did their best to craft a lively hour, making some statements along the way that we’ve previously checked.

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Video of the debate is also posted with the article.

Ballot Access News has a link to another version of the debate video.

7 thoughts on “Texas: A Democrat, a Libertarian and a Green walk into a room…

  1. AroundtheblockAFT

    What’s missing? An empty podium with Perry’s name on it and a rubber chicken strapped to the mic!

  2. James O. Ogle

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  3. George Phillies

    And as Austin was mentioned — I am confident the Libertarian won her debate –I have an excuse to drop the following in here. (There is a reason why some blogs have open threads, to gave space for things like the following).

    Someplace lost downstream is a reference to the 2011 LSLA meeting. The location of the 2011 LSLA meeting was fixed by the LSLA at irs 2009 meeting. The choice of dates was assigned in 2010 to co-Chair Rachel Hawkridge.

    LSLA meets in February in Austin. And here are the 2009 LSLA minutes showing so:

    LSLA Annual Meeting
    March 1, 2009
    Charleston, SC
    Called to order by Secretary M Carling in the absence of the Chair at 08:05.

    Members present: Daniel Adams, Ruth Bennett, Jeff Bowles, M Carling, Michael Carmany, Pat Dixon, Rob Hodgkison, Barbara Howe, Lou Jasikoff, Glenn Nielsen, Bob Odden, Kevin Takenaga.

    Pat Dixon elected Chair pro-tem by unanimous consent.

    Pat Dixon elected Chair by unanimous consent.
    M Carling elected Secretary by unanimous consent.

    Rob Hodgkinson elected Treasurer by unanimous consent.

    Texas selected as venue for 2010 LSLA conference to be held January 30-31.

    Seattle selected as venue for 2011 LSLA conference to be held February to July.

    Minutes of May 2008 meeting corrected and approved.

    Adjourned 08:31.

  4. Daniel Surman

    I was really surprised to hear Glass say she only wanted to slow down and reform the death penalty rather than abolish it. That is one Kinky Friedman’s biggest issues. Maybe she is trying not to alienate conservatives.

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