The Green Party responds to Thomas Friedman in a letter to the editor

The following letter to the editor, responding to Thomas Friedman’s recent call for a “radical centrist” third party, was printed in the New York Times.

To the Editor:

In his call for a third party, Thomas L. Friedman writes about a “radical center” between Democrats and Republicans.

But instead of a gap I see an overlap, occupied by politicians who, in the name of moderateness and bipartisanship, are willing to keep our health care under the control of insurance companies, send taxpayer-funded bailouts to Wall Street, compromise with polluters on measures to curb global warming and cede constitutional war powers to the White House.

An alternative to the two parties already exists: the Green Party.

We agree with Mr. Friedman that Americans deserve the right to vote for whichever candidates best represent their interests, without a two-party limit. The Green Party is already offering voters a real choice on Election Day.

Scott McLarty
Washington, Oct. 3, 2010

The writer is media coordinator for the Green Party of the United States.

11 thoughts on “The Green Party responds to Thomas Friedman in a letter to the editor

  1. pete healey

    Reds believe in a one-party system, Blues believe in a two-party system (as long as the opposition is “loyal”), Greens believe in a three-party system (where the Reds and Blues let the Greens play in their sandbox with them). Who’s gonna stand up for a multi-party system (besides me of course)?

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    Dear Green Party Conservative:

    Did you write any letters to the editor regarding Thomas Friedman’s article?


    Have you ever had anything published in the NY Times?

  3. Michael Cavlan RN

    Pete Healey

    Well put.

    Answer, the third, fourth, fifth…. party movement in Minnesota.

    Ken Pentel, Governor candidate for the Ecology Democracy Party is running on the principle of Proportional Representation.

    His campaign no longer runs on “issues” but on the core principle of exposing and replacing the two party system.

    Same as myself running for Congress and active in the Minnesota Open Progressive party.

    Neither Ken or myself can get any media coverage or into any debate.

    The naked, open political bigotry of the two party system and the media that supports them is stunning but also being exposed for what it is.

    Naked, open political bigotry.

  4. Dave Schwab

    Pete, lots of Greens, such as Howie Hawkins for NY Governor, are advocating for proportional representation, which would enable a multiparty system to form. Instant runoff voting, another issue that Greens often draw attention to, is similar in that it allows parties outside the duopoly to compete on level playing ground.

    It would have been nice if McClarty mentioned electoral reform in his letter.

  5. Dave Schwab

    Okay, I hate commenting on IPR because I always have to log in, fish my comment out of spam, then approve it. I’m not a spambot, and I don’t have this problem on other wordpress blogs.

    Can any IPR mods help me out with this?

  6. George Tatevosyan

    Thank you Mr. Sulzberger, Oh Thank Yooooouuuu, ever so! Thank you so much! You are so generous to publish our little politely worded letters in the back of your op-ed blogs’ backside!!! We are ever so grateful for your permission to express our opinions on the backside of your very own inter-nets. We are eternally in your debt for your attention to our letters in response to Mr. Thomas “flatworld” Friedman’s response to the voter response to the fact that you run a pool of morally bankrupt political propagandists and CIA press release stenographers in a midst of a credibility crisis. You are so mightily credible now, oh ever so! Once again, our profound thanks for all you do.

  7. Ross Levin Post author

    What kind of response would everyone had liked who’s complaining? I think this is perfectly appropriate, personally.

    And Pete, Greens in general favor competition in politics, I think.

  8. Upstartgreen

    Instead of whining folks need to jump into the battles to create a multi-party democracy.

  9. Sane LP member

    It is real easy to write a letter or push keys on a keyboard. The tough work is to create, manage, operate, and help grow a county, or state affiliate of a alternative party. That is what is needed to support candidates, otherwise, they are more or less on-their-own. And donating funds to candidate and alternative parties is another way to help.

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