Write-in Candidate Steve Funk Urges Voters to “Think Outside the Ballot”

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Steve Funk is urging voters to “think outside the ballot” by supporting his grassroots write-in campaign for 18th District State Representative.

“By writing in Steve Funk for State Representative on Election Day, voters can send a message that we deserve more choices on our ballot and more voices in the debate,” Mr. Funk said.

The only candidate on the General Election ballot for 18th District State Representative is incumbent Democratic Party nominee Robyn Gabel. Mr. Funk submitted over 3,300 signatures to obtain ballot access, but a petition
filed by one of Ms. Gabel’s campaign donors and House Speaker Michael Madigan’s attorney, Michael J. Kasper, succeeded in removing him from the ballot.

Steve Funk continues to actively campaign as a registered write-in candidate, and all votes for Mr. Funk will be manually counted by the election judges. Voters can write in candidates on a paper ballot or a touch screen and the Cook County Clerk’s office provides a list of eligible write-in candidates to each precinct. Final write-in vote totals should be certified and reported by November 23.

Steve Funk has been endorsed
by Tax Accountability
the political action arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois, and articles about his campaign have recently been published by the
Chicago Tribune and Evanston Roundtable. Mr. Funk also participated in a League of Women Voters candidate forum
with Representative Gabel on October 3, which can be
viewed online at blip.tv.

“Lasting change will only be achieved when enough of us challenge the status quo at the ballot box by voting for candidates from outside the entrenched and corrupt two-party duopoly,” asserted Mr. Funk, who also recommends considering other alternative party options including Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress Simon Ribeiro and Libertarian Party nominees Lex Green for Governor, Mike
Labno for Senate
, and Julie Fox for Comptroller.

“My write-in candidacy gives voters in the 18th District the opportunity to declare independence at the polls on Election Day,” Mr. Funk concluded. “Let’s make history by electing a true
independent to represent us in Springfield –- a citizen legislator and fellow taxpayer who is not beholden to moneyed special interests or establishment party politicians. Think outside the ballot and write in Steve Funk for State Representative!”

Steve Funk

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One thought on “Write-in Candidate Steve Funk Urges Voters to “Think Outside the Ballot”

  1. Best We Can Do? [Lake]


    Wed, October 27, 2010 2:51:07 PM
    URGENT! New flyer for election day!

    Some of you might be helping out a candidate on election day. The ACP prides itself on helping out any candidate, regardless of party, who commits to uphold Constitutional Conservative principles.

    That being said, many of you might live in a District where…let’s be honest…there’s no one to help, and/or you’re interested in helping build in your area.

    Either way, we have a new flyer you can use to hand out on election day. Go to the following link:


    …and print up as many as you have the time to hand out, then send an email to:


    ……. with the subject line: “Flyers for November 2nd” and just let us know your name and your City/County and State.

    Sincerest thanks,
    Butch Porter
    National Chairman
    The American Conservative Party

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