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Chuck Donovan Agrees, Vote Libertarian Or Don’t Complain For The Next Two Years

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ATLANTA, GA – November 2, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Georgia’s Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, agrees with a quote earlier today from Libertarian candidate for Congress, Travis Irvine. In a PBS interview, Mr. Irvine stated, “Vote Libertarian or don’t complain for the next two tears.”

Despite lack of equal coverage from the mainstream media, along with cover-ups and typical scare tactics by established political party “leadership”, information on legitimate Libertarian candidates has been at the voters’ fingertips. Donovan said, “Voter apathy is not about failing to show up at the polls. Voter apathy is about the failure of regular Americans to realize how badly the political status quo has wrecked their lives and their wallets, and to look beyond the TV commercials and partisan rallies. If they don’t vote differently this time, it won’t turn out different this time.”

Donovan said, “Today our schools are failing, our national budget is a disaster, our troops are scattered around the world, and we still don’t have jobs or economic hope. Between now and the next election, I predict more of the same. Voters will have to draw a line in the sand and say this far, no further. It won’t be by swapping Democrats for Republicans, or the other way around. The only answer is to sweep Democrats and Republicans out of office and replace them with Libertarians.”

Yesterday, the Daily Tea Party named Chuck Donovan, “the only candidate worthy of the Tea Party name.”

There isn’t much time, but you may still learn more about Chuck Donovan’s campaign at

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  1. paulie paulie November 2, 2010

    ATLANTA – Johnny Isakson won re-election Tuesday to the U.S. Senate, defeating Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, Fox News reported.

    According to the Secretary of State’s website, with 5 percent of precincts reporting, Isakson, a Republican, garnered 64 percent of the vote. Thurmond, a Democrat, had 33.6 percent of the vote and Libertarian Chuck Donovan rounded out the field with 2.4 percent of the vote.

  2. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson November 2, 2010

    The title may need some correction. In Travis’ quote the word used is tears not years. At least that’s what I am reading. Maybe I need to clean my glasses.

  3. NewFederalist NewFederalist November 2, 2010

    Too bad I didn’t get a Libertarian option in Pennsylvania. I WOULD have voted Libertarian. It was a nice clean ballot, though. Just two columns… just Ds and Rs… a real thing of beauty. Not a G or an L or even a C in sight. I sure was not confused. I knew exactly how they wanted me to vote.

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