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Cisse Spragins: ‘Listen to the Dems, vote Libertarian’

Cisse Spragins, Missouri Libertarian Party chair, in the Joplin Independent:

In numerous states across the nation, including Missouri, Democrats have been spending their money to promote Libertarian candidates.

From mailers to robo calls, groups, sometimes identified and sometimes not, have been targeting conservative voters with information on Libertarian candidates, typically stressing their fiscal conservative values and desire to abide by the Constitution. We’re delighted to see the Democrats taking this initiative and suggest that Republicans do the same thing.

The Democrats are targeting conservative voters clearly to attempt to deflect votes from Republicans. We are confident any fiscal conservative would be happier voting for a Libertarian and appreciate the Democrats helping us spread the word. Perhaps, Republicans could target liberal voters and remind them that Libertarians are the true candidates fighting, for example, to end foreign wars, to end the violent and counter-productive drug war, and insisting that the government treat all citizens equally, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

The Libertarian Party is the only constant and consistent voice for small government. The special interests have Democrats and Republicans. The rest of us have Libertarians. Please vote for true liberty on November 2nd.

Voters who are Fed Up! with bailouts, stimulus plans that only stimulate bigger government,government takeover of health care, rising unemployment, never-ending foreign wars, and a big brother police state will find common ground with the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is America’s third largest political party and has been fighting for smaller government since 1971. The Missouri Libertarian Party has been a recognized party in the State, with continuous ballot access since 1992.

Commentary by Cisse Spragins, Ph.D., Missouri Libertarian Party chair.

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