Constitution Party 2010 Election Highlights

by Gary Odom
National Field Director

2010 Election
Brings Victories and Near Misses; Highlights
Progress And Reveals Challenges As The
Constitution Party Looks To The Future
Congratulations To Nevada…Again! 
In 2006, the Independent American Party, the Constitution Party’s state affiliate in Nevada elected two of its candidates to office.  This year it doubled up and elected four:three who were elected for the first time and one who who re-elected.
Falcon Finlinson is the new Public Administrator in Nye County. He received 6,765 votes with 51%.
Arthur Wehrmeister is the new District Attorney of Esmeralda County. He won in a three-way race with 47.96% and 188 votes.
John S. Lampros is a new County Commissioner in White Pine County. In a three-way race he received 47.11% with 1524 votes.
Remarkably, all of these successful candidates are new to the party in 2010.
Jackie Berg was reelected as Eureka County Clerk Treasurer. However, Jackie Berg won by only 3 votes and there is going to be a recount.   Pray for Jackie’s vote total to stay steady or rise in the recount.
Many IAP candidates scored in the mid-30% range in losing efforts for local offices.
The Nevada IAP, as usual, was competitive in many of its legislative races and also had candidates who showed well at the statewide level as well.
Joel Hansen candidate for State Attorney General received the highest percentage and highest number of votes for our Independent American statewide candidates with 7.81% with 54,980 votes.
Janine Hansen led in the legislative races.  In Assembly District 33,  Janine received
 30.43 % of the vote, with 4,100 votes, in a hard fought three way race coming in second and defeating the Democrat.  Republican Ellison, who had been in local office for 18 years outspent Janine 3 to 1 and had to hang on with all his might to escape defeat.
Constitutionalist, Lyle Nelson, Captures Non-Partisan Seat In Utah
 Lyle Nelson ran openly as a Constitution Party candidate,, for the Morgan County Council Dist. # 2  and was elected by a significant margin.  Congratulations to Lyle Nelson and the Constitution Party of Utah! 
Sadly, the most high profile of our Constitution Party “non-partisan” candidates, Mary Starrett, was edged out in her bid to be elected Commissioner of Yamhill County, Oregon, by the two-term incumbent Commissioner.  Starrett won about 48% of the vote in the runoff which was necessitated when frivolous write-ins prevented either candidate from achieving a majority in the Spring Election.  In that election, after a recount, Mary Starrett was leading by 9 votes, but, unfortunately, had less than the requisite 50% plus one required to win.
Mary Starrett mounted an outstanding election campaign in the Fall, but was faced with a particularly vicious opponent who made use of her second chance to martial the forces of the ultra liberal Democratic establishment in Oregon and those of the powers that be who were not excited about the prospects of the kind of transparency wage a brutal campaign of fear against Mary Starrett.  Although she ultimately came out on the short end, Mary Starrett shook the eye teeth of the political establishment in Oregon’s Yamhill County.
You can bet that Mary will continue to play a major role in the growth and development of the Constitution Party, not only in Oregon but on the national stage as well.
 Bradley, Bergquist Among Top US Senate
Vote Getters For Alternative Parties
Speaking of the Utah CP, mention should be made of the excellent showing of its outstanding US Senate nominee, Scott Bradley, who captured nearly 6% of the vote.  Those who heard Scott Bradley have no doubt that he should be Utah’s next Senator.  While his vote total was probably assisted by inclusion in a major televised debate with his opponents, like many other Constitution Party candidates, his campaign was hampered by a  lack of funding and media attention, compared to the so-called major party candidates.  Nevertheless, Scott Bradley’s campaign assured increased credibility and attention for the Constitution Party in the future in Utah.
Bradley’s showing was second among all so-called alternative party US Senate Candidatesin terms of percentage of the vote.
Placing fifth in that category was Randy Lynn Bergquist, Idaho’s Constitution Party US Senate nominee, who garnered 17,382 votes,  3.88%  of the total.
The 2.3% of the vote won by Jerry Beck in Missouri assure the Constitution Party of Missouri for a position on the ballot until 2014.  The outstanding Constitution Party of Missouri is beginning to look like a permanent fixture in Missouri politics.  Congratulations to the Missouri CP state chairman, Donna Ivanovich and all of the folks who worked and campaigned so hard in the show me state.
In Wisconsin, Rob Taylor, an incumbent councilman in the township of Cumberland, ran a very aggressive race for US Senate.  He had technically qualified as an independent but his ballot designation was “Constitution” and he was clearly the nominee of the Constitution Party.  Because the media largely ignored his candidacy, he lost out on many votes because many voters were simply unaware of his candidacy.  Nevertheless, he still managed to gain 1.1% of the vote which assures the Constitution Party of Wisconsin of ballot position in 2012!   Congratulations to Rob Taylor and CPW state chairman Andrew Zuelke and all of those Constitutionalists who are working hard to build the Constitution Party in Wisconsin.
While he was unfortunately squeezed out by both the media and the Tea Parties in Florida’s US Senate race, which focused on three media favored candidates (amazing how they can give attention to three candidates when they want to)  Bernie De Castro ran a first rate campaign for the Constitution Party and was the first Constitution Party US Senate candidate to qualify for the ballot in Florida.  The entire Constitution Party is extremely grateful to Bernie for his extraordinary efforts on our behalf in 2010!
Two Constitution Party Gubernatorial Nominees Lead The
Pack In Popular Vote Among Alternative Party Candidates
Tom Tancredo’s American Constitution candidacy in Colorado won 620,632 votes.  This total is far and away the top vote total for any candidate outside the Democrat or Republican Party. It appeared near the end that he might win the race.  His total percentage nearly doubled his poll numbers when he entered the race.  His race assured the American Constitution Party of Colorado major party status in that state.  He received more than three times as many votes as his Republican opponent.
Receiving the second highest vote total of all of the “alternative party” candidates for Governor across the country was Chelene Nightingale in California. Nightingale, the Constitution Party endorsed American Independent nominee attracted, according to the California Secretary of State, 133,716 votes, or 1.7% of the total vote for the six candidates for Governor (the California results for Governor are amazingly still incomplete).  To put this result in some perspective, Chelene won more than twice as many votes than the AIP nominee for Governor received four years ago, in 2006.  She also, obviously, ran ahead of all of the other “alternative party” in California in this election.  In recent years AIP candidates had generally placed well back in the crowd, or dead last, in Gubernatorial contests in California. 
Despite her absolutely heroic campaign efforts as well as those of her excellent staff of campaign volunteers, Chelene Nightingale was fated to run for office in a media intensive state where the news media actually went to great lengths to ignore her candidacy.  Thirty years ago, in California, when media was far more independent and at least radio and television media were required to give some kind of fair and equal treatment to all candidates, her campaign would have created a sensation in that state.
In the current atmosphere, and with a very closed media–most owned by a very few corporations– it would not be a stretch to say that at least 80% of the voting public was still unaware of her candidacy on election day, despite the aggressive 24/7 nature of her campaign throughout California.  Still, Chelene Nightingale indeed was a complete sensation in the relatively small universe of voters who actually became aware of her campaign.
Another factor influencing the final vote total was that, while receiving enthusiastic support from rank and file “tea party activists,” Chelene was victimized by a number of so-called “leaders” of the Tea Party movement who, ambitious for power and seeking that power through capitulation to and cooperation with the Republican Party, urged their members to ONCE AGAIN  vote for the lesser of two evils rather than to follow their individual consciences.  This no doubt dramatically cut down the number of votes from people who were exposed to her candidacy.
Finally, in many cases, although not universally, organizations which should have publicized, supported and/or endorsed her campaign often did not even tell their members that she was a choice, let alone a recommended one.  This included some pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family and “tea-party” groups.  Sound familiar?  In fairness, there were exceptions.   Numbers USA which gave her excellent ratings, some local gun groups, the Christian Voters Guide and the Auberry Tea Party in Central California come to mind
The above factors that combined, ultimately, to limit the vote totals for Chelene Nightingale are really illustrative of problems the Constitution Party continues to face
all over the country.
The positive effect of the Nightingale Campaign can be seen in the significantly greater vote that her Constitution Party endorsed colleagues in California, especially those running for the United States House of Representatives and state legislative offices.
Finally, there was a very interesting result concerning the Governor’s race in Wyoming.  In Wyoming the newly energized Constitution Party narrowly missed achieving ballot access, but nevertheless, endorsed  write-in candidate, Dr.Taylor Haynes, for Governor at its first ever state convention earlier this year.  Haynes ran an unprecedented and effective campaign, particularly for a write-in candidate, achieving excellent media attention (for a change).  His campaign was energized somewhat by a backlash of Republicans to the nomination of a rather unpopular choice, but also by strength of the personality and principles of Taylor Haynes. 
Haynes was the only known write-in candidate for Governor in Wyoming and yet over 8% of the vote, 16,059, were cast for write-in candidates.  It is doubtful that every one of the write in votes was for Mr. Haynes, but it is highly likely that the great majority of them were.  It will be a few weeks before the number of votes for Taylor Haynes is ascertained.  Whatever the final count, congratulations are definitely in order to Taylor Haynes, who is quickly becoming a political force in Wyoming and to the emergent Constitution Party in Wyoming!
Also to be noted is the 5% of the vote secured by Paul Venable in his Lt. Governor race in Idaho.  Idaho continues to be fertile ground for the message of the Constitution Party.
 Excellent Results For Constitution Party In Congressional Races 
California’s Bill Lussenheide led Constitution Party (AIP) Congressional Candidates in three way races, garnering  12,513 votes, or over 6.3% of the vote, race in California’s 45th Congressional District.  Following closely behind Lussenheide is his Constitution Party endorsed AIP colleague in the 26th District, David Miller, who collected 11, 184 votes, or 6% of the vote in a 4 way race.  Miller attracted nearly twice as many votes as did the Libertarian candidate in the race.  Another significant California result was  the 11th District where the CP endorsed AIP nominee David Christensen received 9,077 votes, or 4.9% in a race where the Democrat squeaked by with a victory margin over the Republican of .3%.   John A. Smith, in the 39th District captured 4% of the vote in a three way race and Jerry Leidecker won 2.5% in the 3rd District placing third, ahead of the Libertarian candidate.
One of the truly outstanding results in a House race for a Constitution Party candidate was achieved by Dave Edwards in South Carolina’s 4th District.  Dave was not only running against the traditional Democrat and Republican nominees, but also against the nominees of both the Libertarian and Green Parties, the chief competitors of the Constitution Party in the race to break into major party status in America.  The following are the results, which speak for themselves:


Party Votes Pct.
Trey Gowdy GOP 137,167 63.5%
Paul Corden Dem 62,173 28.8%
Dave Edwards CST 11,005 5.1%
Rick Mahler Lib 3,000 1.4%
C. Faye Walters Grn 2,552


Congratulations on an outstanding campaign in 2010, Dave!  Understanding the obstacles that our candidates still face in competing with the major party candidates, this is a truly outstanding and encouraging result! We hope to see you on the ballot again soon in South Carolina.
Of particular note was that the Constitution Party was represented in Congressional races for the first time in Alabama (David Walter, 1st District), Iowa (Jon Tack, 2nd District, New York (Anthony Tolda, 2nd District) and West Virginia, (Phil Hudok, 2nd District).  All did an excellent job of representing the Constitution Party and David Walter, who ran a very effective campaign, received 17% in a two way race–an excellent beginning for the Constitution Party of Alabama
Recently organized new state affiliate parties in Ohio and Maryland ran Congressional candidates (and others) for the first time as well.  Their efforts contributed to the increased visibility of the Constitution Party in their respective states and their efforts are greatly appreciated.
The Constitution Party Takes Big Steps Forward In Legislative Races
Like the US House races space does not permit an exhaustive accounting of our results in these races other than to say that they are definitely on the upswing as represented by the vote received by Janine Hansen in Nevada mentioned previously and a few candidates mentioned below.
From South Carolina comes another excellent result, this time secured by Ralph Davenport in his race for the State House in District 37:
Candidate Party Votes Pct.
Steve Parker (i) GOP 5,304 56.0%
Delores Frazer Dem 2,563 27.1%
Ralph Davenport CST 1,600



In past years, the Constitution Party was happy to see a percentage such as that secured by Ralph Davenport in a two way race.  Now we are beginning to see significant totals in 3 way races which indicates that the Constitution Party is beginning to be competitive.  This process takes time, but where we are beginning to see definite improvement which provides reasons for hope that an electoral breakthrough is getting closer. 
 Whereas only a few years ago it was common to see one and two percent totals for CP candidates in these races, we are now seeing results as depicted by Hansen and Davenport and increasing numbers in other races such as Richard Blowers in Missouri who received 7.5% of the vote; Ivan Chou, who set a California AIP record for a State Senate race in California by securing 9, 270 votes, or 5.5% of the vote in a three way race; Ray Writz scored 5% in his State Senate race in Idaho; David A. Hansen received 8.78% in Utah’s 22nd State Senate District; Sherry Phipps won 10.4% of the vote in Utah’s 17th District and Michael Dawson, drew 5.1% of the vote in Legislative District 34B for the Constitution Party in Maryland.  These are just a few examples.  There are many more across the country in this range.
This summary could not be exhaustive nor inclusive.  Constitution Party News and Information can almost guarantee that some notable results have been inadvertently excluded from this report and we welcome news from the various states on any significant omissions.  We will post such updates in future editions.
Constitution Party News and Information wishes to express its gratitude and appreciation to each and every Constitution Party candidate and his or her family, regardless of the outcome of the election, who sacrificed so much for our mutual cause over the past year or more.  The work and sacrifices of each and every one of you has contributed greatly to the continued growth and progress of the Constitution Party and has helped to take  the Constitution Party ever closer to its rendezvous with destiny of being the political party that can and will preserve our Constitutional freedoms and save our Republic.  

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  1. Mark Seidenberg

    Gary Odom,

    I see you are playing with numbers in the Governor race in California with a spin that is off the wall.

    In the June, 2010 primary Nightingale did well
    in the AIP primary. Then the AIP convention and SCC voted not to have any one represent
    the AIP in the November Election for Governor
    and Lt. Governor. This was a compromise from
    a vote against Nightingale. The word got out about Nightingale to the AIP electorate in California. In Alpine County Nightingale’s vote
    went down over 85% between the primary and
    general election.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party, affiliated with the
    America’s Independent Party since June 28, 2008.

  2. Don Grundmann

    Gary – When Mark says ” the word got out ” the english translation of this statement is that he; as the Republican Party, Anti-Defamation League, and Southern Poverty Law Center agent that he is; went all across the state lying ( even using fake names countless times due to his cowardice ) about Chelene in order to aid his Republican Party candidate Meg Whitman. Obviously he failed as reflected in her loss. So even as an ultra corrupt liar and traitor he is a failure.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  3. not mark

    More “victim” talk. Poor third parties blacked out by the media..waa waa, My God! btw I saw a FOX11 news interview on LA channel 11 saturday at 10:00 pm days before election, Nightingale performed badly. The anchor asked her many questions, one of which went like this anchor :So what are your qualifications to be governor? Nightingale: “I am an American” from that point on, it went down hill fast. The anchor was clearly disturbed at her lack of any qualifications, or ecperience it ended with her looking rather foolish. (wonder why no mention or video of this interview was posted by her “Team.” SO, also John and ken called her on AIR a lunatic, and did not endorse her, they endorsed Dale Ogden Lib. they also called Nightingale followers lunatics..I heard all this on their 5:00 pm show ON air. The news media didn’t cover her because they had caught wind of her reidiculous stances “chemTrails. 9-11 birther stuff. Not because they were “afraid of her winning” Just more conspiracy driven drivel from poor little dysfunctional victims. I really get tired of this crap from “adults” sounds like most of you have arrested developement. and I am not mark s. But who cares.

  4. not mark

    See, my point about how third parties like to whine about NOT being taken seriously….RUN WITH THE BIG BOYS! iF YOU DON’T LIKE FAILING!!! 🙂

  5. not mark

    THIRD PARTIES to politcs are what entertainers are to cruise ships. 🙂 I just thought of that thought it was a perfect analogy

  6. Sid

    Regarding the Starrett race: Most of the support for Starrett’s opponent, Mary Stern, came from local Republican business owners who did not want an extremist ideologue like Starrett on the county’s non-partisan board.

    Starrett did nothing to “shake up” the political establishment in Yamhill County, which leans conservative. Starrett ran a divisive, very dishonest campaign in the general election and deserved to lose.

  7. paulie Post author

    @6 many of the major changes in government policy over the years only took place because alternative parties championed them first, and put electoral pressure on the balance of power.

    The big box parties are not suitable, their ideas are wrong and their track record in office is terrible. Alternatives are needed.

    Just like not everyone will want to drink Coke or Pepsi. Or Budweiser or Miller.

    Or choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

  8. Yeah, It's The King of Swing, Baby

    Not Mark….You are on the mark with your remarks…and you’re rockin’ the truth like Karl Marx and setting off sparks…

    And just to remind everyone, the “barn” door will swing open to reveal my shortcomings for all to see…12.11.10…at 09:08:07 AM.

    Viva Jerry Brown y viva California!

  9. Cody Quirk

    In the June, 2010 primary Nightingale did well
    in the AIP primary. Then the AIP convention and SCC voted not to have any one represent
    the AIP in the November Election for Governor
    and Lt. Governor. This was a compromise from
    a vote against Nightingale. The word got out about Nightingale to the AIP electorate in California. In Alpine County Nightingale’s vote
    went down over 85% between the primary and
    general election.

    = Funny, she was still on the ballot under the AIP label and got WAY more votes in the election then she did in the Primary overall, and if all you have is the results from one Left-leaning county, then I must laugh at your bogus criticism.

  10. Cody Quirk

    BTW Mark, did Ed Noonan do better then Chelene in getting votes at all?
    Did Ed do better then her when he ran for Governor in 2006?

  11. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    The big problem with every one’s thinking here, is that you’re all highly constrained by the concept of single winner districts.

    Single winner districts make you look at one individual under a magnifying glass.

    It isn’t one individual who is going to approach the two party system in the bunker, which is wrecking havoc on the American people.

    It’s a team of equal units, the more the better. I happen to think 100 is a good number, but I’m flexible. One hundred consecutively ranked names, with plenty of consecutively ranked names as back-ups, each with 1/100ths of the votes for an executive of five, is a better fighting unit that one person dictating.

    One hundred people can approach the bunker as a team, some from the left, some from the right, and some from the center.

    The five executives (three prime ministers and two secretaries) are like bunker specialists (with plenty of consecutively ranked specialists as back-ups) who get rotated in and out by the 100-member team of basketball coaches whenever a coach changes his/her vote and the total result is affected.

    The five basketball players (or bunker specialists) also have twelve Cabinet members (with unlimited Deputy Cabinet members) who bring an array of weapons from sharp-shooters, to morter men, to bazookas.

    The problem here is that well intentioned male egotists (sometimes female too) often want to be the dictator, instead of working as a team, such as the case when one p[erson tries to win a single winner district election.

    The toughest problem Americans on Normandy Beach in 2010 have is in finding team players.

    If anyone knows anybody that can work as a team of 100, please have them contact me, we can use the bodies coming to shore from ship.

    Our forces expect many more “soldiers/team players” to come to shore, but at current pace Battle of the Bulge is not expected for 150,000 years in the future, and those on shore are being decimated and the numbers are being diminished.

    You can tell a team player, when they forget about ego and ask the voter to put opposite gender as #1. However, the voter is free to rank anyone as #1 that they wish.

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

  12. Don Grundmann

    Trent, Paulie, and Red – I make a formal request that you delete all posts by ” Yeah, It’s The King of Swing, Baby ” such as that above as they are vile and utterly disgusting attacks upon Chelene. While I believe that there is no doubt that they come from Mark Seidenberg the author is actually irrelevant in the sense that such comments should be banned from this site no matter who may do them. Hence please eliminate comments #9 and #15 above.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  13. paulie Post author

    Canned the former #15 for over the top explicit content. As for the inappropriate insinuations at #9, as I said on the other thread, I wouldn’t normally do this, but I changed it slightly to be more accurate.

  14. Timothy Yung

    There are only 7 registered members of the AIP in Alpine County so it was highly misleading to say her support dropped by 85%. That is only one tiny county.

  15. Don Grundmann

    Timothy – Thank you for informing me and thank you for your insightful comment regarding Alpine County. Unfortunately, being ” highly misleading ” is Mark Seidenbergs ” stock-in-trade.”

    Best to you,

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  16. Yeah, It's The King of Swing, Baby

    Yo Paulie and Donnie

    You changa my comment pleasa, I no speaka english no gooda.

    The “barn” door will swing open and I will come out of the closet for all to see…12.11.10…at 09:08:07 AM in San Francisco.


    comment edited by Paulie for clarity

  17. Yeah, It's The King of Swing, Baby

    OK puto maricon…you can “edit” my comments but some day, maybe soon, maybe not so soon, we will meet in person when you will least expect it and then you are the one who will get “edited for clarity”. Sleep tight, pendejo, and that video is still coming out, you know the one I mean.

  18. Yeah, It's The King of Swing, Baby

    Yeah baby, these “independent”/”libertarian” pendejos are real big free speech advocates… right up until someone says something they don’t like, LOL.

    Censor all you want, the videos of Nightinghog that I have are real, and they will be posted on the internet for all to see 12.11.10 at 09:08:07.

    I am not allowed to tell you what is on the videos so you will just have to see what is on them for yourself. Just have a barf bag handy is all I can say, her sexual deviance is quite extreme LOL.

  19. Yeah, It's The King of Swing, Baby

    You don’t have to believe me now, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    When the barn door flies open…heh heh, I said BARN door…well, just watch the video.

    Some will laugh, some will cry, many will hurl.

  20. Yeah, It's The King of Swing, Baby

    We need a Governor who will represent the interests of the hard working public employees, not those of the ultra-moneyed class.

    Thank GOD we got a dedicated public servant like Jerry Brown in Sacramento to represent the interests of the public and the public workers…not a corporate robber baron WHORE like eMeg….or a nut job Mexican hating donkey show WHORE like Chelene.

    That is why JERRY BROWN will be our next Governor. He is a life long public employee. eMeg is a major league corporate whore.

    I only regret I don’t have those same kind of tapes of eMeg to post as well.

    Chelene is a ho, ho, ho chi minh…Jerry Brown, FOR THE WIN!

    Gs Up Hos Down…

    Vaya con Cuervo.

  21. Chelena Nightingale

    Please Mr. King of Swing, don’t put out that video…I beg of you…I will do anything you want…anything….please, pretty please with you on top…I will be your slave forever….just don’t put that nasty video on the internet, please!

    I did not know what I was doing. I was black out drunk and high on pills and meth, this is so embarassing…what if my kids see it? I don’t even know how many kids I have so this could be really bad.

    Please, please, please don’t put out the video Sir.

    This is what I have to do, I am moving down to Mexico to hide in shame and do donkey shows, because Mr. King of Swing who is a smooth mack daddy pimp and a violent felon will not agree not to post that horrible nasty video on 12-11-10 at 9:07:08!

    I got on my knees and begged (and did a few other things while I was down there as you may imagine) but still his ice cold heart would not be moved.

    What will my countless children think (really…I lost count of them), when the BARN door swings open on 12-11-10?!

    Please, please Mr. King of Swing, you are a well paid state employee with an excellent retirement benefit package and are well endowed, you don’t have to do this…please do not be so cruel Sir.

  22. Don Grundmann

    ” Chelena Nightingale “/ ” Yeah, It’s The King of Swing, Baby”/Mark Seidenberg – Mark – Your continuance of insanity under your fake names simply illustrates what an extremely sick person you are. The campign is over. Meg Whitman, your candidate, lost. You don’t need to try to cover your tracks by claiming support for Jerry Brown. You could just shut up as your attacks failed to aid Whitman in achieving victory. You don’t need to put out your ultra sick attacks against Chelene. But yet you do. And it is these actions which give a glimpse into, beyond being a traitor to the nation and humanity as a whole, what a truly disgusting and revolting sub-human you are.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  23. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    MP Don Grundmann [Constitution]…we have a tool for working together, you really should engage The USA Parliament, Inc.’s voting system.

    By engaging the ones you engage, you’d helping them. In their system, fighting makes them stronger, in ours working together makes us stronger.

    I’ve laid that fact out in black and white. If you disagree, then say so. If you agree, then please act on that, by working with the All Party System.

    However, your repetitive rebuttals in this group are harming your own efforts in 2011 and 2012.

    You probably never saw Usenet between 1992 and 1997? Sure people could generate a lot of text, but few of them accomplished things which this magnificent tool of communication can nurture.

    But you have to choose between the pluralists who fight, or the proportionalists who work together in my opinion.

  24. not mark

    king of swing is not mark s… you are lying grundman just because he threw you out of AIP. Nightingale apparently has many people who hate her. Insisting its always mark s makes you look even loonier than you are. The campaign is over, thats for sure, it was not even a campaign it was a demolition. 1.7 nightingale is her new nick name what happened to the tsunami?? 🙂 :0

  25. not mark

    I will wait to see this video. Grundman if this poster is mark s how will he be able to post a video he has of nightingale apparently before she became Born again? You don’t know the people She hung out with years ago. You could be sued by Mark s for accusing him falsely of posts. If a video exists, I guess that will prove what these people have been saying all along. We shall see.

  26. not mark

    you also accuse me of being mark s, you are truely paranoid, have you ever sought therapy? You have some mental issues, that are clearly disturbing. What if people start accusing you of posting. Maybe “King of swing” is you Don Grundman!! Maybe you write under that name so you can slam Mark seidenberg and falsely accuse him? You are twisted enough to do such psychotic stunts. YOU are the one people need to be watching. get a life Grundman! Or is it “king of swing?”

  27. not mark

    I think grundman is king of swing. Its starting to register now. His hatred of This seindeberg and the AIP is making him go completely Ape S*it! Grundman is KING OF SWING! (OMG) THIS IS PATHETIC.

  28. paulie Post author

    I have no evidence that “King of Swing” is either Mr. Seidenberg or Mr. Grundmann, or that either gentleman has ever posted under other screen names besides their own name.

    And, while I can’t say that this focus is off topic – after all, Mr. Odom spent a chunk of the article talking about Ms. Nightingale’s race – I wonder why no one has chosen to comment on any of the many other races mentioned in the article or the CP’s progress in general.

    Finally, as to King of Swing: I don’t think you have jack squat and I’m not even slightly scared of you. I considered editing your last batch of comments to make you look even more ridiculous, but you have done such a fine job of that already that I’m not sure how I can improve on that.

  29. not mark

    paulie, Grundman should accusing posters of being Mark seidenberg. He accuses me, (I choose to stay anon as I do not post anything that makes a difference) The fact that grundman constantly attacks Marks, and curiously posts right after this “king of swing” posts…makes me think its Grundman. His hyperventalition of Mark s and the AIP goes beyond stalking I think he would do such a thing (false posting) as his hatred is over the top and now borders on psychotic. Just my opinion. I have had to post (not mark) because of his insanity. thank you

  30. Cody Quirk

    king of swing is not mark s… you are lying grundman just because he threw you out of AIP

    = Which AIP are we talking about? Remember that there are 2 factions in California.

  31. NewFederalist

    I wonder what the King of Swing thinks of PLAS? I wonder what he thinks of US Parliament? How about Catholic Trotskyism? These are burning questions that need answers!

  32. paulie Post author

    Which AIP are we talking about? Remember that there are 2 factions in California.

    You, like Red, already know the canned response to that one.

    So let me bypass that step and address the forthcoming response:

    Yes, there are in fact two factions. It’s true that the state currently recognizes one of them, but the other one
    -Won the AIP primaries for many of the statewide and other offices, and those candidates won more votes than other AIP candidates in the general election
    -Is still litigating for the state-controlled ballot line
    -Is allied with a national party which was on the ballot in many more states and got many more votes for president than the A’sIP.

    Speaking of which, in states other than California, how many states did A’sIP run candidates in this time, and how did they do? I haven’t seen anything, so if you can put together a list like Mr. Odom did above, please send it to

    On the other hand, I’m not sure why the Constution Party is registering Constitution Party voters in California. All it does is give Mr. Seidenberg a talking point. If you have $1 million that you can spend, I can secure you 125,000 voter registrations in California which will give you ballot status for quite a few years to come. For half that amount, I can get your next presidential candidate on the ballot if the courts won’t give you the AIP ballot line back. Otherwise, you are not doing anything except, as previously mentioned, giving Mr. Seidenberg a talking point.

  33. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    aulie // Nov 10, 2010:
    ” I wonder why no one has chosen to comment on any of the many other races mentioned in the article or the CP’s progress in general …….”

    [a] you keep on saying that it is not your movement

    [b] Lake, and others, keep on saying that both Nightingale and national CP have grossly offended grassroots activists, early and often

    [c] national CP is not that interesting. Even big time vote getters like Tommy Tancredo [Colorado] are engaged in post election flirting with independence and or the ‘bigs’.

    [d] a wait and see attitude on what really will be [real world] happening with the west coast as California’s potentially debilitating ‘top two’ situation

    [e] a wait and see attitude on other options with national groups

  34. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    [The non Keyes faction] “Is allied with a national party which was on the ballot in many more states and got many more votes for president than the A’sIP.”

    [a] and the out of state interest does not seem to be stirred up. What national A’sIP does is what they do. Fine with the west coast (so far), and fine with them.

    [b] much more of a concern was the lack of direct or indirect support from national. Their response: we’ll paddle our boat, you west coasters paddle your’s

    [c] national CP, no matter how policy pure or vote acquiring has left a long, bitter taste in the craw of many

    [d] California has ballot access, and is the most populous state in the union. West Coast AIP registrants out number the national CP totals. Why should California’s respond to other states be expected in the first place.

    [e] now why is there little / no interest [seemingly] in the rest of the country?

    [f] as Lake has felt since 1998, and stated since 2007, there is wide spread dissension concerning national CP. I personally find many CP efforts [like the bull shit ‘Veterans Association’ ———– merely a cynical partisan recruiting effort, and perhaps counter productive] extremely off putting.

  35. Yeah, It's The King of Swing, Baby

    This wack ass website is overrun with punk pussy bitches and jailhouse snitches.

    Yo, yo mamas!

  36. Mark Seidenberg

    Timothy Yung,

    First you are wrong on the number of electors
    in the AIP in Alpine County. One of the electors
    in Alpine makes the best Banana Nut Bread any
    where. She sent a loaf to Ed Noonan.

    The question you should of asked is what happen
    to the lost 85 plus % of the electors that changed
    their mine about Nightingale after the word got

    Answer, the Libertarian Party man for Governor
    vote went up between the primary and general
    election in Alpine County by 700 %. So Nightingale’s lost electorate voted LP.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  37. wolfefan

    Since Mark S. wasn’t polite enough to actually answer Timothy’s question, I thought I’d look up the numbers. In the Alpine County CA AIP primary for governor, it was Nightingale 7, Robinson 1, write-ins 4. In the LP primary Ogden got 1 vote. In the general Ogden got 7 and Nightingale got 1.

  38. Mark Seidenberg


    Still the best Banana Nut Bread comes from an
    AIP elector in Alpine County. If you are ever
    in the county seat in Alpine County and want
    the best banana nut bread ask for the car with
    the Keyes 2008 bumper strip. Nightingale
    bumper strip was not on any car in Alpine County. The one person that voted for Nightingale in Alpine County just does not drive.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  39. wolfefan

    Hi Mark –
    I don’t doubt it about the banana nut bread – I wish I lived close enough to try it out. So aside from Alpine County, in how many counties did Nightingale’s vote totals go up and in how many did they go down?

  40. Don Grundmann

    Paulie, Red, Trent – I make the request that you erase comments #46 and #47 above. Again, I do view them as coming from Mark Seidenberg but they should be banned no matter who put them there. Thank you,

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  41. Don Grundmann

    ” I personally find many CP efforts [like the bull shit ‘Veterans Association’ ———– merely a cynical partisan recruiting effort, and perhaps counter productive] extremely off putting.”

    Response – Lake – A) The National Veterans Association of the CP has done more for veterans than you could ever dream of and especially more than you have ever done with your own ” b—s— ” fake group. B) I find it ” extremely off putting ” that you have continually lied about Chelene. I haven’t seen your apology yet. What about the ” truth ” and ” ethics ” that you whine about?

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  42. Timothy Yung

    Mark, I was just pointing out that you used one small county as an example. Right now Chelene Nightingale has 146,181 votes. She got 24,000 during the primary. This is not a 85% decrease. Anything could have happened between the primary and the general. The 6 voters could have moved from the county. They could have been people who were removed from the election rolls and had to cast a provisional ballot. Ed Noonan got 110,925 votes. That is 35,256 less votes. BTW I was an Alan Keyes supporter before the Constitution Party Convention of April 2008 until I heard that he was going to divide the CP.

  43. Timothy Yung

    Also the Constitution Party won at least 4 partisan races how many has the American’s Independence Party won.

  44. paulie Post author

    Also the Constitution Party won at least 4 partisan races how many has the American’s Independence Party won.

    How many did A’sIP run in?

  45. Cody Quirk

    Response – Lake – A) The National Veterans Association of the CP has done more for veterans than you could ever dream of and especially more than you have ever done with your own ” b—s— ” fake group. B) I find it ” extremely off putting ” that you have continually lied about Chelene. I haven’t seen your apology yet. What about the ” truth ” and ” ethics ” that you whine about?

    = Not only that, but his little group is just one person and he hasn’t even updated his website at all- it looks like utter crap!

    Well, what do you expect from a person with mental issues that wraps toilet paper around his head?

  46. paulie Post author

    BTW, this is about the 5th time I’ve erased the same over the top graphic comments from King of Swing.

    I realize it’s an IP anonymizer service, but next step is I will start blacklisting whatever IPs King of Swing posts from.

    Graphic descriptions of alleged acts of bestiality with no evidence produced to back them up aimed at specific people cross the line of the very permissive comment rules here.

    Please do not post it again.

  47. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    [a] it ain’t p’s fight

    [b] p reminds me of the NASCAR enthusiast [loaded with spy glass and camera] whom claim’s that he is not addicted to car wrecks, repeatedly

    [c] who in california cares

    [d] in my opinion, 99% of registered California AIPers do not

    [e] why does p care so much, especially with all the drama endemic in LP life?

  48. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Timothy Yung // Nov 11, 2010:

    “………. BTW I was an Alan Keyes supporter before the Constitution Party Convention of April 2008 until I heard that he was going to divide the CP.”

    [Lake: as some one who tolerates, but does not adore, Ambassador Keyes, I have been unhappy with the old FORMER California AIP and the present national CP / US Tax payers Party since 1998, may I present the opinion that may be the CP needed dividing? Or, may be like the Deform Party USA, or the Natural Law Party, it needs to be abandoned left right and center.]]

  49. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Mark Seidenberg // Nov 11, 2010:
    “………. the best Banana Nut Bread comes from an ………”

    AIP / Citizens For A Better Veterans Home activist in San Deigo County named Mary Tish Firmiss. [Hint: lot’s of cinnamon ………]

  50. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    On the Nightingale totals. She, unlike Grundmann, had a fairly reasonable web site [tons of steer manure, but the average voter did not dig for the facts]. Why she did not do worse? Not a clue. Don’t blame me, I worked day and night to reveal the sorry, sorry truth.

  51. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    American Independent Party PLEASE, as I would crawl through broken glass on a busy high way to avoid association with CP /TP. Tax payers, like the once reform [deform] movement and the Natural Law Party, is very passe. Oh, Your emails are not getting through.

    I have NEVER had much luck in your voting scheme.

    Remember, you are a demonstration project.

    You often / always, act like the fantasy sports club whom is disappointed that the press does not show. [And after spending all that for the buffet table *humor*]

    Automobile wise, you are concept car, not a production model. [Do not go out to buy gasoline.]

    I have allowed you to suck HOURS of my life in slowly and clearly rehashing these points. DOZENS of times. What is your IQ? What is your developmental capacity? What is your links to reality?

    What have I ever said to any one, any where, any time, that I had any thing but disdain for CP or TP? Ugh!

  52. paulie Post author

    I have allowed you to suck HOURS of my life in slowly and clearly rehashing these points. DOZENS of times. What is your IQ? What is your developmental capacity? What is your links to reality?

  53. paulie Post author

    no bias from p, it’s fair and balanced all the way,


    and heavily based on the faux news /Murdock model.


  54. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    This is pretty cool, how the IPR has such a free speech area. It really reminds me of Usenet in 1995. The previous poster was probably there.

    It’s a good time to develop some good teams for the US Presidential campaign, over in The USA Parliament, Inc. private lists.

    There, we nominate multiple names for president and vice president, and put them in order to be funny. Here’s some examples, where we’re running programmers for president. You may nominate the ideas in February, the the results will be the election of one candidate for president and one for vice president from more than 100 names…

    Since I’m running with opposite gender #1, the results may look something like this, after you rank a series of names;

    A female programmer/Fox for President
    A female programmer/Nott for President
    Go Moreley/Fox
    Go Stone/Nott/a female/Fox
    Go Moreley/Fox
    Go Starr/a female/Fox
    Moreley/Starr/a female/Fox
    Pualie/A female/Paul
    Moreley/Paulie/a female/Fox
    Go Moreley/Starr/Stone/Fox

    And my favorite;
    Go Moreley/Ogle/a female/Fox/Nightingale

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender 1!

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

  55. Pingback: Two Constitution Party Gubernatorial Nominees Lead The Pack In Popular Vote Among Alternative Party Candidates | Independent Political Report

  56. Donna Gruandma

    Please Mr. Administrator…please protect my one remaining virgin ear….the bad man put something big and hard to my soft, wet, virgin ear, then I heard a pop, and I can’ t remember after that but now I’m all confused and dizzy and stuff….there is some blood and goo around my ear and my SAT score went down like 600 points from last week.

    Can you help me please?

    Donna N. J. Gruandma, Yorba Linda Chairwoman, American Toothpick Collectors Party, Cornipornia branch of the Anatomically Impossible Act Party

  57. Cody Quirk

    Don’t blame me, I worked day and night to reveal the sorry, sorry truth.

    = Does it have anything to do with your mental incompetency maybe?

  58. Allied Central Command

    #68 wrote;
    [Yawn…snip, CUT, CUT, CUT…ETC., ETC. cut cut, cut etc.ect. good job, Paulie! , snip,…. nice surgery…. cut, snip, snip, etc…]

    …”the Anatomically Impossible Act Party”

    This looks like a violation of party name/category under The USA Parliament, Inc. rule #30, which reads; […] Party/category’s names may not be used in such a way that slanders or libels names of any person, or other party/categories or individuals.

    Those who refuse to comply, by continuing to libel others through their choice of party name, will be categorized as members of the Anarchist Party.”
    * * *

    I’d say he/she is an Anarchist under The USA Parliament, Inc. rules, as voted on by the ruling coalition.

    I know the Anarchists probably wouldn’t like it, but since that person has one vote if they are a proportionalist, and since a proportionalist’s ranked vote is like an automatic sub-machine gun, and one vote might be a useful when it comes to getting past the bunker.

    So we’d put them with the Anarchists if they ever want to be nominated.

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    A female/Barbee
    [Info. Not Avail./Free Marijuana]
    for President in 2020

    [Republican/Boston Tea]
    for President in 2016

    Go Ruwart/Ogle
    for President in 2012

    MP Don Grundmann [Constitution]
    for US Senate in 2012

    STOP the IRS!

  59. Catholic Trotskyist

    Lake at 54, very insightful; I would be in Paulie’s category on this one; we are like Nascar spectators waiting for a wreck. And I bet Robert Milnes is too, even though he chooses not to comment. But your right that the Libertarian Party does have almost as much internal conflict as the CP. The current main LP thread, about the Oregon LP, has over 200 posts; you have to admit it’s a lot more intellectually erudite than this one.

    Ogle at 63, also very insightful. this does remind me of Usenet in the 1990s and early 2000s. I am definitely planning to join USA Parliament; probably not until December because I need a few free hours to devote entirely to reading the rules of the website and such, and I’m in the middle of an academic quarter right now.

    Since the Catholic Trotskyist Party only has one person at this point, it doesn’t have any internal conflict yet.

  60. paulie Post author

    only has one person at this point, it doesn’t have any internal conflict yet.

    That’s never stopped me before.

    Yes it has.

    No it hasn’t.

    Stop it!

    No, you stop it!

  61. Allied Central Command

    #71 Cat Trot;

    Thanks for the interest in the USA-PAR…that’ll be great to have your name (or anonymous) there. We’re sort of bogged down in the 6th California Parliament, and can really use a prime minister if you’re available.

    Of the current five executives, only PM Lake [American Independent] hasn’t voted for the Cabinet, and we desperately need to rotate some new names into the twelve Cabinet Ministries, so if you voted it would make us a little more active. So we should give you a shot, MSP Don Lake is already an elected member.

    We elect the new people, because the new executives and Cabinet members automatically qualify for 2014’s 6th California Parliament Election.

    We’re also using it for practice for the national “8th USA Parliament Election” too,
    which starts in 2012, so 2011 is like getting a head start on 2012.

    It’s like one simultaneous national election from 4/20 to 8/5 in 2012, instead of 50 state primaries.

    Don’t worry if you’re not a Californian, we’ll have all our voting online, and we welcome all U.S. citizens as voters. Since we don’t have enough names, we allow you to participate on multiple levels and regions. We even allow non US citizens to win seats, but they can’t vote, and I don’t think any non US citizens have ever actually been elected anyway.

    Again, thanks for the interest…we can really use your name in ss11. All we ask is that once elected, you please rank the nominees for Cabinet, which stands at about 28 names. You can write in new names too.

    The names for Cabinet are linked on the state parliament’s page, just above where it says “100 elected members of super-state parliament and items on the agenda”.

    I’ll show you when you get elected prime minister, and we can try to get you to take any one else’s, place if Lake votes by then. Basically, I call up people and ask them to vote for you. Maybe Lake or Grundmann will vote for you, but no matter…I know plenty of people who might throw you a ranking or two. It’ll be like test-marketing the party…and then again on the national level in 2012.

    We’re powered by votes, so we can always use a new more energetic executives like yourself who wants to vote for the Cabinet.

    Plus we’re setting up an ad program and it’ll be international so we can use a California foreign minister too, so as prime minister you’ll probably be able to install new full ministers with your votes. Finally, I’ll tell you about the “parliamentary go-ahead”…with you nod, all new nominees automatically get elected and you don’t even have to vote all the time. That’s when we REALLY start moving!

    Good luck with your academics!

    Social conservative,
    fiscally socialistic…
    Long live the Catholic Trotskyist Party!

    Today the 6th California Parliament,
    tomorrow the bunker on high cliff!

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

  62. Catholic Trotskyist

    At 73, thanks for your time responding to me. I might actually be able to sign up as soon as next weekend. Actually I am a Californian, so I would be happy to help the California parliament get more active. I’m not sure if Lake or Grundman would vote for me; but maybe they would be willing to as I may be a good compromise candidate.

  63. Mark Seidenberg

    Today, January 3, 2011, one of the active members in the California Constitution Party
    from Tracy, CA has joined the Libertarian Party.

    He ran for Congress on the AIP label in 2010.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

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