Benishek Staffer Caught Sabotaging Wilson Campaign

Remember this story, where Independent Glenn Wilson’s campaign manager resigned in principle? Turns out Rich Carlson was lying. The Michigan Messenger reports:

NPR reports now that this was a story made up with help from the Benishek campaign. The reality, NPR reports, is that Carlson was fired from the Wilson campaign. And one of their reporters was with Carlson when he got a phone call from a Benishek staffer suggesting that Carlson could pretend to have quit on principle in order to make Wilson look bad and Benishek look good.

The audio of the phone call is in the link. The story gets juicier.

The staffer gave permission to NPR to play the audio of that phone conversation but only if they say that he was not representing the Benishek campaign in the call. That would be a lot more plausible if the staffer had not talked openly in the call about how the Benishek campaign was preparing two entirely different press releases about Carlson leaving the Wilson campaign, both designed to make Wilson look bad but with entirely different stories.

The only problem for Wilson is that tomorrow is election day. The spin from the Benishek campaign has already taken its toll. At the least, I bet the Independent candidate feels his previous statements are vindicated.

3 thoughts on “Benishek Staffer Caught Sabotaging Wilson Campaign

  1. Mark Hickey

    We knew all along at the Wilson Campaign what the truths were. We ran an honest campaign, no negative ads, and continued to push forward in a positive direction. This entire campaign was about the people, principal and conviction and Glenn Wilson stayed on his bus for 5 months straight meeting citizens of the 1st district in small towns that not even the current retiring congressman had been to in his 18 years of service. The announcement by NPR was a small vindication for the campaign and Glenn Wilson but more importantly is a testiment to us staying on message and positive and letting Karma take care of the rest. Oh what a great campaign this has been. God Bless this great country , what an experience this was. Campaign Manager for the – Mark Hickey

  2. Priscilla Miller

    On the night Carlson was fired, I had attended the same event as Carlson, and after the event, as I was about to leave, Mr. Wilson entered the building, came over to me and said, “I’m going to fire Rich!” He then proceeded to enter the room where Carlson was and returned a short time later, carrying Carlson’s campaign attache case and cell phone. He said, It’s done!” and explained “it was a business decision based on Carlson’s performance.” When I shared this information on social networking sites and blogs, in an attempt to answer the false press release, put out by the Benishek camp, my comments were met with ridicule by Benishek supporters. I am proud to have volunteered and voted for Glenn Wilson. He is truly a “man of the people!” His sincere dedication and concern for the people of northern Michigan is evident at all times. In the months I have known him, he has never made a degrading or ugly remark about any of his opponents! The following excerpt from Glen Beck’s new book, BROKE, “My hope is that it will help you to think out of the box politically and motivate you to challenge those who are blocking the doorway to restoration.
    The time for trusting others in government based on a “D” or an “R” has long since passed” best sums up my reason for backing Glenn Wilson for Congress.

  3. Tom Backers

    I’ve been called all sorts of names for standing up for the truth, a dignified and honest political process…and an honest man running for Congress…

    People all want to know why I can’t (and won’t ever) support Dan Benishek…he is part of the status quo ‘process’, and therefore a part of the problem…

    He could have stopped this, but chose not to…

    His loss, not ours…

    Tom Backers
    Wilson for Congress

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