Kathie Glass to Rick Perry – You are in Dereliction of Duty on Border Security

From The Kathie Glass campaign to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

At the statewide televised gubernatorial debate on October 19, at which Rick Perry refused to show, Kathie Glass displayed her “strongly worded letter” that she was ready to hand to Rick Perry on border security. Several days ago, Kathie Glass released the contents of that letter.

“Rick Perry touts the fact that he gave a letter to President Obama, begging him to defend our border. My letter to Rick Perry points out his Texas constitutional duty to defend the border and that he is in dereliction of that duty,” Kathie Glass said.

Kathie’s letter to Rick Perry is found on the Kathie Glass website: www.kathie4guv.com/news

at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.

Kathie Glass concluded, “If you want a secure border, I am not just another choice for governor, I am your only choice. To vote for someone who you know will work against what you want is truly a wasted vote.”

Here is some text from the letter:

Texas has heard you talk — and talk — about the need to secure our border. Texans agree. But we disagree with your cry for President Obama and Washington to come defend us.

Pursuant to Art. 4, Sec. 7 of our Texas Constitution, the Texas governor is the Commander–in-Chief of the Texas military forces which includes our Texas State Guard. The governor has the power to call forth the militia for such purposes as executing the laws of the State and repelling invasions.

This important role of the State Guard is confirmed by the Adjutant General’s Strategic Plan 2011-2105, which you signed, setting as a priority “Defending Texans by . . . protecting our international border . . .” and further defining the goals of the Texas military to include “[s]ecuring the Texas/Mexico border from all threats.”

I call upon you to call forth the State Guard to enforce Texas state law against trespass and other crimes along our southern border and to repel any threatened or actual invasion by whatever force. The time for talk is long past and the time for action long overdue.

Your failure to act to secure our border is a dereliction of your duty as Commander-in-Chief of the State of Texas.


Toward liberty,

The Kathie Glass campaign

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