Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party state convention Sun 11/14

Via Green Party Watch:

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Event Date:
Sunday, November 14, 2010 – 9:00am – 6:00pm

No matter what your current party affiliation — and especially if you aren’t enrolled in any party — we’d like to invite you to our annual State Convention to hear us out, and to find out if the party behind the candidates you support this fall could be your home. We promise lively discussion, workshops, reports from the campaigns, and presentations from each of our candidates. No matter what the results are come November 2nd, this convention is going to be a celebration. Whether you gathered signatures for the ballot, contributed financially, showed up at rallies, or even simply wore a button and talked to your friends, our Party and candidates owe you a debt of thanks. Please join us so that we can thank you, personally, for all you’ve done.

We’d also to invite you to consider running for office in the Green-Rainbow Party itself. All positions will be open as of the 14th. Learn more on our website— >Party Members>GRP Committees Committee. If you’re not ready to run for an office, we hope that you’ll at least consider joining one of our working committees.

We’re the people who are changing the face of politics in Massachusetts. We can take tremendous pride in what we accomplished this year—getting on the ballot, battling our way into debates, enjoying record-breaking fundraising drives. The Convention is an ideal opportunity for all of us to re-commit ourselves to the struggle for a secure green, future

Thank you for your heroic efforts this year, and we look forward to seeing you in Worcester on November 14th!

Clark University – Tillton Hall
950 Main St

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