NY Capitol News: Story about the Independence Party, and its chairman’s strategies

In New York, if you want to remain independent as a voter, you check the box on the voter registration form that says you do not wish to enroll in  a party. (This status is often referred to as “a blank”.)  Also on the voter registration form, is the option to join the third party called “The Independence Party”.

(excerpt from) NY Capitol News
The Real MacKay
A glimpse into the Independence Party chairman’s mind, and into his castle

Chris Bragg / November 18, 2010

In the ballroom of a castle on the Gold Coast of Long Island, Frank MacKay was straddling the line between king and court jester. For the former nightclub owner and record producer and the current Independence Party chairman, this is a familiar line…

MacKay throws four-course meals with Oheka’s owner, Gary Melius. They facilitate meetings between donors, politicians, investors and developers. The lunches also serve as a chance to woo MacKay, who has near-total control over many of the party’s local, and all the party’s statewide, endorsement decisions. Pretty much every major statewide candidate attended this year…

2 thoughts on “NY Capitol News: Story about the Independence Party, and its chairman’s strategies

  1. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    No, no, no: Jimmy Poo, like California’s Israel First John Blare, is not, not, not sneakie!

    Just because Blare says one thing, does another and recalls it in a third manner ……..

    Frank ‘Mister Ethics’ MacKay jetted into Sacramento. Dropped by John Bambey’s apartment with a $500 check [as observed by witnesses ———- including Parliamentary Promoter Jim Oogle]. Weeks later he [MacKay] was the National Reform Party USA ‘CEO’ ——- a non existent position.

    Ya shake hands with any of these guys, count your fingers after wards!

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