Ordinary Rhode Island residents endorse Moderate Ken Block

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Warwick– With Bill Clinton stumping for Frank Caprio, Mayor Bloomberg endorsing Chafee and former Presidential Candidate, Governor Mitt Romney endorsing John Robitaille, the Ken Block for Governor Campaign felt it was appropriate to announce that Ken Block is endorsed by everyday, hardworking Rhode Islanders.

“While it’s always nice to have famous people visit Rhode Island, and while we have the utmost respect  for the President, former President, Mayor, and Governor,” said campaign spokesperson Amanda Alvarez, “what really matters is the endorsement of the people.”

Some of those hardworking Rhode Islanders have stepped forward to offer their endorsement for the Moderate Candidate, including Dean and Martha Costianes, retired Bristol residents, who worry every day about whether or not they can afford to stay in Rhode Island. They endorse Block because “He’s going to hold the line on taxes. If our taxes keep going up, we won’t be able to afford to stay in this state. The other candidates have all been part of the problem, and we need someone without political baggage to remedy our state’s problems.”

Samantha Cloutier, a young college student at Roger Williams is endorsing Block because “he is the only candidate that I trust to bring jobs to this state so I can put my degree to use when I graduate.”

Or Scott Douglas, an Iraqi War Veteran, who recently returned home and is working to provide for his family and young children. He endorses Block because “He understands small business, which is the crux of our economy, and is the only candidate with ideas to pioneer change in Rhode Island. He is also the only candidate with the integrity to bring people together, regardless of political affiliation.”

Naragansett resident, Kathy Hackett endorses Block saying, “He is the only candidate with real plans for this state. The way Rhode Island has voted in the past is not working. We need to put someone new in office and stop electing career politicians. They don’t understand what the average Rhode Islander needs.”

Roy Wagner, a salesman and resident of Warwick also endorses Block. After having one child move away in order to find work, he worries if his other daughter will have job opportunities in this state after she graduates. Wagner endorses Ken saying, “He has real world experience and has proven to be a successful businessman. He has the experience we need to manage the affairs of this state and will revitalize our economy. Unlike his opponents, Block will not be beholden to party politics and will act in the best interest of the state.”

Block is also endorsed by Vicki, a teacher’s assistant from Cranston. “He’s the only one who get’s education. We need to make sure teacher’s are supported but that the focus remains on the students.”

Al Romanowicz, a retired Chief Information Officer and an active part of the Central Falls community also endorses Ken. “He has demonstrable solutions that don’t involve increasing taxes, which is all that politicians seem to want to do.”

Single mom Elaine Bebe of Barrington also endorses Block. “Initially, I collected signatures for the Moderate Party because Rhode Islanders need real choice. But Ken Block has my vote for far deeper reasons. His plans and policies will help save this state; he’s the only debater who sticks to facts and substance; and he’s the hardest-working candidate I’ve ever seen.”

Small business owner and adviser, Neil Fradin of East Greenwich, endorses Block based on his small business experience. “Ken’s past experience as a successful small business owner clearly gives him an advantage over the other candidates in that he knows the challenges small businesses face in trying to do business in this state and knows how to overcome those obstacles.”

After feeling deep frustration and disconnect with politics, Sharon Auger found a place where she belongs in the Moderate Party. The purchasing agent and Cumberland resident endorses Block saying, “He has restored my faith in politics, has given me hope, and has given me something and someone to believe in. He’s already accomplished some remarkable things, and would continue to do so as Governor. He’s the only candidate for governor who actually has solutions to fix what is broken in our state; the only one who will be able to start turning this state around and get it back on the right track again.”

Ken Block has the experience and the ideas necessary to get Rhode Island back on track and to bring jobs, prosperity and a quality education to our state.

Block participated in four debates this week, by WPRI12, ABC6, NBC10, and on the John Depetro Show. Block also recently appeared on the Dan Yorke Show, the Helen Glover Show, the Matt Allen Show and the Buddy Cianci Show.

Block, a small business owner, founded the Moderate Party after collecting 23,000 in response to his frustration with the two-party political system and its inability to solve Rhode Island’s problems.

3 thoughts on “Ordinary Rhode Island residents endorse Moderate Ken Block

  1. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    The US Parliament New England Super-state Circuit #1
    Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

    Patrick Sullivan [Democrat], Elizabeth Rozicki [Flying Saucer], James Mason [Atheist], Stuart A. Snyder [Libertarian Green], A. Avi Snyder [Labor], Madison Samson [Non-Party], Michael Merola [Unaffiliated], Adena Wilcox [Info. Not Avail], John Dvorak [Hemp], Nate Marini [Libertarian], Gerald E. Sykes [Republican], Jorge Gonzales [Info. Not Avail.], Dennis Hubbard [Info. Not Avail.], Abe Torkelton [Info. Not Avail.], Joshua Colwell [Green], Victoria Quest [Reform], Dylan Michael Wicks [Pot], Wendy Tischler [Pansexual Peace]

  2. Jack

    As someone who watched most of the debates it was clear that Block won each and every one of them.

    Chafee has combined the benefits of a trusted name (earned primarily by his father) with the promise to state union employees that he will continue to support pay and pensions that run the high risk of driving RI into bankruptcy.

    Since Chafee is poised to win, bankruptcy might be a very good option – at the very least RI can get out from under unsustainable pensions and retirement benefits

    Caprio needs every staunch Obama Democrat to vote for him… so why he thought it was wise to tell Obama to “shove it” we’ll never know, but that poor judgment alone should disqualify him

    Robataille is a good GOP candidate who claims he will “channel” Chris Christie if elected. Unfortunately we saw none of that in the campaign so I doubt we’ll see anything more substantial if he’s governor. RI has had a GOP governor for 16 years and they’ve done nothing… no sense in continuing that track record for another 4.

    Block is the best candidate hands down – yet the voters prefer the candidates who avoid alienating any special interest by refusing to offer specifics.

    I have to say, this election affirms that people get the Government they deserve. RI needs Ken Block… but they don’t deserve him.

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