Steve Kubby loses City Council race by 104 votes

Email from Steve Kubby:

Dear Friends and Family,

I lost the race for SLT City Council by just 104 votes. That’s right, we were just 104 votes away from victory.

I should point out that I was defeated by a former mayor of South Lake Tahoe, a former newspaper editor of the Tahoe Tribune, and someone who just raised $30 million in grants for the schools. My chances of winning against such well known and respected candidates was always a long-shot. Still, we waged a good campaign, with a compelling message that came very close to winning.

My team did a great job and I am proud of the campaign we ran. We just need to be 104 votes better next time.

Let freedom grow,


6 thoughts on “Steve Kubby loses City Council race by 104 votes

  1. AroundtheblockAFT

    Too bad. Steve should analyze race and tell us what additional resources were needed for victory. Maybe limited resources should be directed at races like his and not statewide races where a miracle is needed to even get noticed on election night.

  2. Click here for official results

    CLAIRE FORTIER 1283 16.57%
    TOM H. DAVIS 1183 15.28%
    ANGELA SWANSON 933 12.05%
    JOY CURRY 899 11.61%
    ALICE H. JONES 877 11.32%
    STEVE KUBBY 830 10.72%
    ELIZABETH HALLEN 820 10.59%
    ADRIAN GOOCH 442 5.71%
    GEORG M. MAY 205 2.65%
    CLINTON J SCHUE 146 1.89%
    DOUG CICHOWICZ 96 1.24%

  3. AFH

    It was a close and highly contested race. I think that Steve Kubby and his people ran a very professional campaign and placed VERY well against long time residents in an exclusive community.

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