Chuck Donovan States, “I am running against two Democrats!”

ATLANTA, GA – November 1, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Georgia’s Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, is not surprised to hear, Democrat Roy Barnes, publicly state his support for Republican Johnny Isakson again. During Sunday night’s Atlanta Press Club Debate on GPB, Barnes said, “I like Johnny Isakson. I think he’s a fine Senator.” The Senate race Barnes referred to, includes well-known Democrat, Michael Thurmond, however Barnes had previously made other supportive statements for Isakson.

In the only debate for Georgia’s U.S. Senate candidates, Chuck Donovan confronted his Democratic and Republican opponents, calling them, “two peas in the same pod.” Today Donovan added, “The two main parties have a long history of continued violation of natural rights, economic laws, and the Constitution. They have led us to the economic and social mess we now suffer through, and threaten us with far worse.”

Donovan has repeatedly criticized Johnny Isakson’s claim of fiscally responsible representation. “How does a Senator vote for bailouts, stimulus, subsidies, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, the bridge to nowhere, and the Ted Kennedy memorial, and still say he has a history of fiscally responsible representation?”, asked Donovan.

Earlier this year, Chuck Donovan received the Georgia State Tea Party’s Milton Friedman Fiscal Conservative Award. Donovan has also made pledges at, the “No Pork Pledge,” the “Death Tax Repeal Pledge,” the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” and the “Defund It” pledge.

Donovan said, “The voters of Georgia deserve at least one U. S. Senate candidate who is fiscally disciplined and reliable. I’m proud to be the only one on this ballot.”

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