Ben Chipman, elected independent and Green activist, will be on IPR Radio Tues. Dec 14th at 8 PM EST

I, Ross Levin will be interviewing Ben Chipman, who was elected to the Maine state house of representatives in the 2010 election. Chipman has been a Green Party activist for a long time, including being an aide to Maine’s only former Green state legislator and a member of the Portland Charter Commission. He was the only Green-affiliated independent or Green (and that confusion will be a topic of discussion) elected to state office in the entire country this year.

Submit your questions in the comments here or call in that night at 1-646-200-0264.

You can listen by calling that number or by listening at this website (or by listening to the box below):

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5 thoughts on “Ben Chipman, elected independent and Green activist, will be on IPR Radio Tues. Dec 14th at 8 PM EST

  1. Dave Schwab

    Will Chipman push for instant runoff voting to be passed in Maine, given the favorable climate for IRV after a gubernatorial election in which the winner took less than 40% and the Democrat finished third behind a strong independent?

  2. Best We Can Do? [Lake]


    No High-Speed Rail Funds for Two States That Don’t Want It [] By MICHAEL GRUNWALD – Fri Dec 10, 9:10 am ET

    The Republican governors-elect of Wisconsin and Ohio have both pledged to shut down the federal high-speed rail initiatives in their states. Today, the Obama administration is beating them to the punch.

    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced this afternoon that he will redirect about $1.2 billion in high-speed grants from Wisconsin and Ohio to a dozen other states that want to continue their programs.

    California [Earth quake country] and Florida [soggy soil], will get the bulk of the redistributed money as well, up to $624 million and $342 million respectively; Washington ($161 million) and Illinois ($42 million) will get most of the rest.

    “I am pleased that so many other states are enthusiastic about the additional support they are receiving to help bring America’s high-speed rail network to life,” LaHood said. [Lake: yeah, right, sure]

    Obama launched the national high-speed rail program with $8 billion in his stimulus bill, plus another $2.5 billion in last year’s budget. The idea is to upgrade America’s woeful passenger rail network with sleek new bullet trains –

    – starting with a line between Tampa and Orlando and another between San Francisco and Los Angeles – as well as faster Amtrak service on existing lines.

    Trains topping 200 miles per hour are common in Europe and Asia, and are now under construction in countries like Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

    Wisconsin had received $810 million for a new Milwaukee-Madison train, a proposed link in an eventual Chicago-Minneapolis line; Governor-Elect Scott Walker vowed to block construction to avoid future upkeep costs*

    * Lake: As a global traveler, one of the most terrific libraries I have ever visited is in San Diego County area. The National City facility was built with other people’s money. Now they are cutting staff, collections, and doing the ‘bibliotecia’ equivalent of a bake sale!

    My alma mater in the Heart Land, followed the trail of ‘free money’. As unindicted co- conspirators with the soon to be yanked out of office, Mayor Mark Funkhouser, the idiots of the school district tore down a completely usable perimeter fence. With the worst big city mayor in North America, the dolts of Ruskin High School spent a quarter of a million dollars in a ‘high tech’ art fence.

    Due to mismanagement, the campus almost closed down this fall. Free money is not free!

  3. Carey Campbell

    Congrats to IPR for getting the Green Independent Party of Maine’s Ben Chipman newly elected state legislator on the show.

    Having done the program myself, it’s excellent, and fast paced.

    Let us congratulate Mr. Chipman on an amazing Indy Green Party achievement.

    First some practical questions that might be asked of Green legislator Chipman.

    1. How many people voted total?

    2. What % of registered voters turned out?

    3. How many candidates were on the ballot?

    4. Are you on (or were you) on your local equivalent of PTA, Civic Association, and County organs i.e. Transportation Planning Board, Land Use Planning Board..

    5. Your age, your education. Your professional, and work experience.

    6. What are your three top legislative goals?

    7. What is the next electoral step for the Green Independent Party of Maine?

    8. Would you welcome the opportunity to work with Independent Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg in assisting on issues you care about in Maine, and perhaps in a leading role for the national Green Party?

  4. Carey Campbell

    Time permitting it would also be interesting to hear:

    1) What was your campaign budget?

    2) How many households are in your district?

    3) How many doors did you knock?

    5) Did you use signs?

    6) Did you do robo calls?

    7) Did you do mailings?

    8) Di you do Green TV spots, internet spots, radio commercials?

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