Another candidate seeking Green endorsement in Rochester, NY mayoral race

Frequent candidate and political activist Harry Davis has announced, after an interview with the party, that he is seeking the Green Party endorsement in the race for mayor of Rochester, New York.  A special election is taking place soon and only ballot qualified parties can run candidates.  Local businessman Alex White is also seeking the nomination.

Davis issued the following statement:

Harry Davis will announce his candidacy for Mayor of Rochester on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 4:45 p.m. at Public School #6, the Dag Hammarskjold School, 595 Upper Falls Boulevard in Rochester.

Davis will run in the “Special Election” currently slated for March 29.

However, Davis charges that this special election was rigged by insiders to favor their insider candidate, and protests this elitist abuse of power.

Davis announces that he will change his registration to the Green Party IF the insiders in fact proceed to conduct this special election, instead of allowing an open and democratic process leading to a regular election in November.

Davis feels very comfortable with the Green Party, as its future focus and grass roots values of community-based economic justice and opportunity, ecological responsibility and sustainability all echo his own platform positions.

More from the City Newspaper:

Davis, a registered Democrat, says he will change his registration to the Green Party if City Council sets a special election. Council has verbally committed to a special, but many in the community are pushing for an interim appointment, followed by a primary and general election.

The party change would be a show of solidarity with Green Party values, Davis says in a press release, and “in protest of the abuse of power shown by Rochester’s elites.”

Davis opposes mayoral control of the city schools and is a proponent of high-speed rail.

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