If this pair has their way, Boulder, CO will soon have a fast-growing Green Party

From the Daily Camera:

Bonnie Ballantyne, a retired marketing professional from Longmont, said she went online to look for a local Green Party chapter after feeling disgusted with mainstream politics during the last election.

“I just wasn’t seeing anyone who seemed to be concerned with the people and the planet,” said Ballantyne, who has identified as a Libertarian, a Green and a Democrat, though mostly a Democrat, at various stages of her life. “I was just seeing selfish, thoughtless behavior on all sides.”

To her great surprise, she couldn’t find anything — at least, not anything that had been active in the last four years…

She’s frustrated, but not giving up. Third parties have a hard time getting candidates elected, but she sees the purpose of a local Green Party chapter as extending beyond electoral politics. She wants an organized way to lobby for policy changes and raise issues.

“I think we can be a catalyst for change,” she said…

Ballantyne is working with Kevin Alumbaugh, owner of the Evergreen School of Music, who used to be active in the Jefferson and Adams Counties Green Party chapter, which meets in Arvada. He recently moved to an area of Gilpin County near the top of Coal Creek Canyon and joined with Ballantyne to try to start a Boulder/Gilpin chapter.

Read more:Pair work to revive Boulder Green Party – Boulder Daily Camerahttp://www.dailycamera.com/news/ci_17045632#ixzz1AaUiTtWE

3 thoughts on “If this pair has their way, Boulder, CO will soon have a fast-growing Green Party

  1. Opeach Obama, FYI / Marketing #101 ! [Lake]

    [a] no ‘spokes model’ icon

    [b] centennial of TR’s Progressive Party coming up

    [c] sunflower as greenie symbol

    [d] sunflower screams ‘Effeminate Gardeners’!

    [e] no animal symbol in the political menagerie

    [f] Unlike Washington and Vermont, national greens studiously avoiding Elk or Moose

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    The sunflower symbol comes from the anti-nuclear movement.

    To take away the sunflower symbol would be to take away the Green Party claim to connection with the anti-nuclear movement. Also, ifpeople actively voted to take away the sunflower, some people might perceive that it meant the Green Party was not against nuclear anymore (whether or not that was the intention.)

    In addition, part of the Green Party values include feminism. Feminist men do not care if they or their symbols are “effeminate”. Green Party men probably wear pink shirts and eat quiche. It’s okay. The Green Party knows that strength comes with a gentle and determined commitment to justice and nonviolence.

    Also, the Green Party has branded the sunflower for decades. It would waste a lot of recognition, and render many a t-shirt irrelevant, if the Green Party discarded the sunflower.

    The national had a whole vote about an animal symbol, in addition. And, they may have decided on one. When the Suffolk Green Party thought of a mascot, someone suggested the Giraffe. That was my favorite. Or, maybe the Manatee.

  3. Opeach Obama, FYI! [Lake]

    or may be the 21st Century Peace Symbol of a three bladed electricity generating wind turbine?

    Look to the LP, they got it right ——— finally! After the stupid, dumb ‘No Free Lunch’ arrow days they evolved to their present day excellent icon package.

    LP’s Thomas Jefferson as an imperfect 21st Century human being? AOK, but he sure is famous! Teddy Roosevelt? Again, imperfect against 21st ‘conventional wisdom’. But every year tons of class room teachers go over the details of the 1912 Bull Moose effort. Free publicity, each and every year, on and on, ad infinatum!

    Say, 1912, wasn’t that about a century ago?

    ‘Effeminate men’, such a recruiting tool! ‘We are not a bad as the rest!’ ‘We are less whimpy than those guys!’

    You and Ian, neither a GP member at this time, obviously have little inkling of modern American culture. Oh, wait, you WANT the greenies to continue as a minor minor organization in the smallest niche possible.

    AOK, in or out of Kansas, embrace the Sun Flower and spurn the Bull Moose and TR (with the Roosevelt / Teddy Bear stuffed toy as a fund raiser)! Also ignore Paul Bunyon and Johnny Appleseed! Also the European Honey Bee!

    Get up every morning. Call dozens of folks at random. Ask how many know what the official symbol of the greenies are / is?

    Take a break for brunch. Spend the entire after noon ‘re-eventing the wheel’ …….. the Sun Flower wheel ………

    How interesting [but not surprising] that, like Cody Quirk and former ally Don Grundmann, you deride me as interfering pest, and then continue to communicate with me.

    How interesting that it takes you from February 2010 to January 2011 to respond to my response to your challenge on your web site.

    [My 20 Questions were also directly emailed to You and Ian in March 2010 and November 2010. And then you tell me to buzz off —– or words to that affect.

    You remind me of the society matron whom declares: ‘I hate it when you interrupt me while I am interrupting ……’]

    Any way, while I’ve got you ‘here’ —— what do you have against former military?

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