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LP blog: Recall of Mayor “Shuttle”

Randy Eshelman at LP blog:

The recall election of Omaha Mayor Jim “I’ll buy, Forward Omaha will Fly” Suttle happens on Tuesday.

Expect politicians in Lincoln who are friendly to the Suttle administration to push for more restrictions on Nebraskans’ rights to recall political pals in the future. Especially if the recall fails (see LB 187 & LB 224 for examples).

Administration lackeys and union thugs are warning of “turmoil” if the Mayor is recalled. We don’t see these as threats necessarily, but they, along with the publication of petition-signors’ names by the Omaha World Herald, are concerning to Libertarians. We believe that if there is ever a situation where some entity should feel intimidated, it should always be the government, not the public.

Most politicians of course, seem to believe individuals’ rights are a nuisance to their objectives. Omahans can remind them on Tuesday that our rights come first and the inconvenience to government is not even in the equation.

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  1. FYI! [More Don Lake] FYI! [More Don Lake] January 25, 2011

    Mark Funkhouser in the news

    * Nov 17
    KC mayor’s race heats up

    The Kansas City mayor’s race is heating up and promises to be a doozy. It’s drawing large crowds at forums and screenings, with a parade of seven challengers, so far, taking on first-term Mayor Mark Funkhouser.

    * Nov 10
    Funkhouser cut early, loses endorsement to Burke

    Current mayor Mark Funkhouser didn’t make the first cut for endorsement by a non-partisan political group.
    * Oct 25
    Wanting a Halloween costume with a political bent?

    Try some of these ideas, which make both national and local statements.

    * Oct 20, KCUR
    Funkhouser runs again

    Kansas City mayor Mark Funkhouser announces his bid for reelection

    * Oct 19
    Funkhouser announces 2011 run for re-election

    Mayor Mark Funkhouser officially announced that he will be running for a second-term.

    * Oct 13
    Local politicos discuss politics, Blunt-Carnahan

    Political strategists Jeff Roe and Phil LeVota debated midterm politics, wrapping up a daylong event for young business professionals on Tuesday.

    * Sep 02
    KC Council overrides mayor’s redistricting veto

    The Kansas City Council voted 8-4 today to override Mayor Mark Funkhouser’s veto of a redistricting ballot measure.

    * Jun 29
    Legislative special session runs into snags

    JEFFERSON CITY | Hopes for a quick and easy special legislative session in Missouri — already tenuous — were dashed Monday, the session’s first day of substantive business.

    * Jun 25
    Two KC Council members call for improvements to city’s ethics rules

    Two Kansas City Council members called Thursday for improvements to the city’s ethics rules, including guarding against potential conflicts of interest.

    * Jun 23
    KC ethics panel member says rules for body may need to change after revelation

  2. FYI! [More Don Lake] FYI! [More Don Lake] January 25, 2011

    and a little south, Kansas City, Missouri, three attempts at recall of Marcus Funken Stein have failed to come to the ballot. Funkhouser and his horrible, horrible spouse square off against five non incombents in February. Lacking 50 per cent plus one, the top two will move on to a March general election.

    Ah, the Heart land, god’s gift to political corruption: Pendergast, Niti, Capone ……

  3. Joey G. Dauben Joey G. Dauben January 25, 2011

    I’d give anything if someone could positively link the Suttle guy to the Obama World-Herald and then back to the Franklin Cover-Up.

    While it’s certainly public information as to who signs the petitions, the OWH is definitely in bed with the government (and as exposed in the Franklin Cover-Up, with boys too.)

    I hope the mayor is recalled. If only we could get more recalls…

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