Matt Reichel Claims Victory in Chicago’s 47th Ward Forum

Emailed to and posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Reichel claims debate victory; Admonishes Mainstream Press for Failing the Public

This Wednesday, the four contenders for the now-vacant 47th ward aldermanic seat met in a packed gymnasium at Coonley Elementary School, and discussed a number of issues ranging from TIF’s to environmental policy.

Reichel emerged from the debate as upbeat as ever: “This debate marked a clear victory for the Reichel camp. I was the most energetic, determined and progressive of the candidates, and provided the most well-founded and realistic solutions to the problems facing this city.”

While the debate remained civil throughout, the candidates did find room to inject friendly jabs at one another. In response to Reichel’s pleas to the community to join him in cleaning out the ward organization and removing the machine influence that exists there now, Tom O’Donnell disparaged Reichel and claimed “This isn’t about “machine” this or “machine” that. This is about getting things done.” Reichel retorted: “With all due respect, Mr. O’Donnell, the Democratic machine is very real, and poses a real road block to getting anything done for the 99% of us that are not integral members of it.”

Mr. O’Donnell is a long-time member of Ald. Schulter’s ward organization.

Reichel continued: “Our progressive and populist message resonated most with voters in attendance, who were also impressed by the enthusiasm of our campaign. Today, we have made a big step forward to victory on February 22nd.”

Reichel also took the chance on Thursday to comment on the thorough lack of mainstream press coverage of the event:

“I don’t know if anyone at the Sun Times, Tribune or NPR has gotten the memo, but THERE IS AN OPEN ELECTION IN THE 47TH WARD. YOU MIGHT WANT TO COVER IT.”

“The press serves the public function of making people aware of civic and political affairs. In this, the first open election in this ward in 36 years, you would think that there would be interest in providing comprehensive election coverage for our neighbors in the 47th ward. To this extent, the mainstream press is collectively failing us.”

The event received no coverage in any of Chicago’s major papers or television news programs.


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