Rhode Island 2010 Cool Moose Showing was Highest for a Statewide “Other” Candidate in Rhode Island Since 1875

Ballot Access News:

Robert J. Healey, Jr., the Cool Moose Party nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island last year, polled 39.15% of the total vote. This was the highest share of the vote for any “other” statewide nominee in Rhode Island since 1875, when independent gubernatorial candidate Rowland Hazard received 39.19% of the vote.

Healey had no Republican opponent, but he was in a race with a Democrat and an independent candidate. He campaigned on a platform of abolishing the office of Lieutenant Governor in order to save taxpayer dollars.

And from BAN comments on the article, Richard Winger writes,

The party was ballot qualified 1994 through 2002, and its platform was somewhat like the Reform Party’s platform. It elected some candidates in partisan city elections while it was a qualified party.

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