Texas Libertarians unveil 2011 legislative agenda

Press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

AUSTIN, TEXAS – January 10, 2011 –The Libertarian Party of Texas has released its Legislative Agenda for the 2011 session.  Libertarians have been effective in introducing and blocking legislation even without elected legislators from their party through their lobbying efforts and grassroots organization.
Taxes and spending, election reform, immigration, state sovereignty, and the protection of personal freedoms top the Libertarian agenda.  Libertarians also have a nonpartisan redistricting plan.  Click Here to see the complete agenda.
“We have demonstrated our ability in the past to influence legislation and promote smaller government with fiscal responsibility and social tolerance.  We hope to find common ground on these principles with legislators this session,” said LPT Chair Patrick Dixon.
Constitutional expert Jon Roland and Libertarian policital consultant Robert Butler have been appointed Legislative Advisors to the LPT.  John Jay Myers, a recent Congressional candidate and party leader, has posted a video discussing the party’s legislative activity.
“Many voters believe that Libertarian activism ends after the election season, but we’re really just getting started,” said Butler.  “We have been very effective at changing the legislative debate by introducing, supporting, and opposing legislation.  We shine a light on the process from our unique perspective.”

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