Three Greens on Ballot in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

From Green Party Watch:

Three Greens are running for local office in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this Spring. There is no primary for these races, the general election is April 5, 2011.

Tony Palmeri, who has served for four years on the Oshkosh City Council, is running for Mayor. Tony Palmeri is a Professor of Communication Studies at UW Oshkosh. He was elected to the Oshkosh Common Council in April of 2007 and reelected in 2009. He’s served on the Housing Authority, Board of Health, and Sustainability Advisory Board, and currently sits on the Oshkosh Plan Commission. From April of 2009 to April of 2010 he served as Deputy Mayor. Palmeri also ran for Wisconsin State Assembly in 2004 on the Green Party ticket, finishing 3rd of four candidates with 8.87% of the vote.

Bob Poeschl is running for re-election to the Oshkosh City Council. Poeschl was elected to the City Council in 2009 with 4,717 votes, finishing 3rd of 6 candidates. Poeschl, age 35, is a life long Oshkosh resident, husband and father of three children, a graduate from UW Oshkosh, co-founder of the Winnebago Peace & Justice Center, winner of the Peacemaker of the Year in 2004 from the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice, and former co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party. In his two years on the City Council Poeschl has demonstrated a strong desire to be an advocate for the people.

Ron Hardy is running for a seat on the Oshkosh City Council. Hardy is a Librarian at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, a husband and father of two daughters. He is the co-chair of the Lake Winnebago Green Party, former co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party, Delegate to the Green Party National Committee, and former chair of the City of Oshkosh Sustainability Advisory Board. He is co-editor of the website Main Street Oshkosh, and runs this website Green Party Watch. He previously ran for Oshkosh City Council in April 2010 finishing 6th of 6 candidates with 1,600 votes.

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