US Pirate Party: Solidarity with Tunisian Pirates

Pirate Solidarity

As some of you may know, there have been demonstrations and protests in Tunisia regarding dismay over unemployment and less than stellar living conditions, among other things. These protests began in December 2010. So far five have died, maybe more.

From the official Tunisia Pirate Party press release (the English version of the press release on their Facebook page isn’t the most elegant, I have cleaned it up as best as I could, the link to their original post is at the end of this newsletter):

“Three members of the party, were arrested by the Tunisian political police. No warrant was used. No one, including their families, is aware of where they are being detained as of now. Their computers have also been confiscated by the police.”

This went down on January 6th. The names of the arrested Pirates are Azyz Ammami, Slim Amamou and Slah Eddine Kchouk.

These pirates, and others were arrested, not because of their affiliation with their Pirate Party (though that may have been a factor), but because they rose up with their fellow Tunisians and publicly complained.

We support our fellow pirates in their plight. (Link to PPT’s press release)
[Submitted by Bradley Hall]

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