18 year old representing Green Party in Chicago primary tomorrow

From WBEZ Chicag (you can listen to or read the story here):

Politicians around the city are making their final push for votes in Chicago’s mayoral and aldermanic races. The 26th ward on the city’s west side is home to something of a David and Goliath story with an 18-year-old going up against an experienced politician. Though this David is unlikely to beat Goliath.

It’s Saturday afternoon just a couple days before the election and 2548 W. Division is all closed up.  There are rolling shutters over the windows as well as the door.  This is Alderman Roberto Maldonado’s campaign office and it’s not exactly a beehive of activity right now though Maldonado doesn’t have much of a political challenge in this race.

REID: My name is Devon Reid.  I’m running for alderman in the 26th ward.  I’m 18, I’m at Wright College.  I’m studying to be a high school history teacher.

5 thoughts on “18 year old representing Green Party in Chicago primary tomorrow

  1. Kenn Greene

    The Chicago Tribune failed in its journalistic mission regarding its coverage of Devon Reid, former aldermanic candidate of the 26th Ward. While Mr. Reid preached about the need for transparency in politics, he opted for opacity when telling his life story. Mr. Reid conveniently forgot to inform the voters about his own criminal background. Exhibit #1: Village of Lincolnwood vs. Devon Reid, Case 10MC2050260, Retail theft, shoplifting. Kohl’s Department Store in Lincolnwood caught Mr. Reid in the act of shoplifting merchandise and the police arrested him on, February 27,2010, just months before deciding to run for Alderman. He stood trial and was convicted of theft and sentenced to perform community service on, March 17, 2010. Devon Reid told us he was young, committed and ready to tackle problems plaguing the 26th Ward. Unfortunately, he was not so ready to take on his own problems. Or at least he failed to admit his past illegal indiscretions. Yet Reid’s campaign mantra denounced Alderman Roberto Maldonado as an old, established, corrupt politician. However, Maldonado does not have a criminal background. He is a college graduate who pursued PhD in psychology before attempting to run for public office. He entered government with his credentials intact, academic career complete, and prior governmental experience. Devon obviously does not believe in education. Devon Reid is a convicted petty thief. The Chicago Tribune let Devon Reid off the hook and shortchanged the public.

  2. Kenn Greene

    The Green Party in its haste to throw a body—any body—into the aldermanic campaign. The Greenies overlooked the vetting process. The Chicago Tribune and the New York Times extolled his youth, praised his verve, and failed to do their jobs. Is the Green Party in the business of endorsing convicted petty thieves: Devon Reid. He belonged to a crew of shoplifters operating in Kohl’s Department Store in Lincolnwood. His arrest papers listed him as an “accomplice … selected merchandise … and other suspect … proceeded to exit without paying.” Exhibit #1: Village of Lincolnwood vs. Devon Reid, Case 10MC2050260, Retail theft, shoplifting. Reid bereft of integrity, conveniently overlooked self-disclosure. His Green Party handlers committed a disservice to their party and the voters. Or, maybe the Greenies don’t care that their name is associated with a corrupt thief. Who is more corrupted? The endorser or the endorsed? Memo to Devon: grow up, develop some character, and return to college.

  3. Fun K. Chicken

    Kenn Greene, what is your interest in this? You seem to care deeply, yet you don’t say why.

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