Fred Horch, nearly successful Green Maine state rep. candidate, helps found community civic organization

In 2010, Fred Horch ran for the Maine State House of Representatives and garnered well over 30 percent of the vote, losing to the Democrat by less than 200 votes.  He has since founded a civic organization called the League of Brunswick Voters, whose website can be found hereThe Times Record has more, from Horch himself:

The District 66 League of Brunswick voters is a new group for people who want better government. Our goal is to shed daylight onto the decisions of our elected officials and to propose better public policies.

Through a new blog on local politics ( we will foster civil discourse on important issues, so positive change can come from the grassroots.

Based on my experience running for state office, three issues are especially important to discuss. The first is our “winner-take-all”  state elections, which give an organized partisan plurality of voters undue influence. The second is our health-care system, which is not  working for too many Maine families. And the third is our local economy, especially in the wake of the closing this year of the Brunswick Naval Air Station.

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