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Global Greens Call for Halt to Gaddafi’s “Bloody Crackdown”

On The Wilder Side:

The Global Greens call in the strongest possible terms for an immediate halt to the bloody crackdown launched by the regime of Colonel Gaddafi and his clan against Libyan protesters. The bombing of unarmed people whose only ‘crime’ is going to the streets to protest, if confirmed, constitutes a crime against humanity. Similarly, the use of
mercenary forces to attack unarmed civilians is a flagrant human rights violation. Colonel Gaddafi should resign.

Greens all over the world express their solidarity with the families of the hundreds of victims killed in the country and join them in their grief over the loss of their loved ones. The Global Greens welcome the United Nations’ decision to establish a commission to conduct an independent investigation into the violence in Libya.

Colonel Gaddafi is risking if not promoting civil war. Urgent action is needed to end this bloody massacre and free the people of Libya. The funds of the main leaders of the Gaddafi clan should be frozen. Cynical agreements for economic help in return for refugee repatriation, made by Italy and under consideration by the European Union,
should end. We regret that the reaction so far of many world leaders, especially in western countries, has been overly cautious, more concerned with stability and trade than with the fate of Libyans protesting against one of the most brutal regimes in contemporary history.

The Global Greens call on international and regional organizations and governments, especially those that have previously tolerated and supported the Libyan dictatorship, to support instead the democratic forces in the country. 41 years of Gaddafi are enough! The era ofgeopolitics where countries are unashamedly complicit with criminals and inhuman dictatorships to protect their commercial interests has to end.

The Global Greens also call on the Libyan people who are demanding their political and human rights in the streets of Tripoli, Benghazi and other cities to follow democratic, secular and republican principles, respectful of the beliefs of everyone and capable of laying the foundations for a socially more just and politically more open country.

The Global Greens is a global network of Green Parties and political movements

The Global Greens Coordination
More information: James Tonson, secretary@globalgre

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