Libertarian Party Member Mark Noble Achieves Ballot Status for Nonpartisan Columbus City Council Primary

Press release from the Mark Noble campaign. The original press release headline is below. Background is here.

Noble Achieves Ballot Status in May Primary

This afternoon at a meeting of the Franklin County Board of Elections, Mark Noble was certified to appear on the ballot in the May 3rd City Council Primary.

Mark Noble is a software engineer with the state’s largest K-12 online charter school and has politically active in the community since 2003. Noble ran for Lt. Governor of Ohio in 2006.

Asked why he wants to run for Columbus City Council, Mark replied “Columbus needs a bad guy – someone who’s willing to say the unpopular word ‘No’. No to unnecessary spending. No to unwise spending. No to the approach of scaring and misleading the citizens into believing that fiscal responsibility comes at the price of cuts to their essential basic services.”

With just two months before the primary election. Noble and other city council hopefuls have only a short time to present their ideas to the voters.

Asked what distinguishes him from other candidates, Noble responded “The main difference is my understanding that taxpayer money has been taken from the people as a whole, and should be spent for the benefit of the whole – not just the most vocal special interests.” He continued “An example of this is City Council’s present approach to economic development – where the city routinely picks winners and losers by offering tax incentives to select businesses, while denying them to most others.”

Mark plans to spend the next months reaching out to area voters and continuing to gather feedback from residents on the changes they find most vital to neighborhood prosperity and stability.

Contact: Michelle Zurowski, Campaign Manager

Phone: (216) 835-3864

6 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Member Mark Noble Achieves Ballot Status for Nonpartisan Columbus City Council Primary

  1. Kevin Knedler

    Mark is a SERIOUS campaigner–relentless !
    He could use some financial support to his campaign. He has also run for Ohio Assembly in 2010; US House in 2008; and Lt Governor of Ohio in 2006. Again, serious.

  2. paulie Post author

    Anyone who goes out and gets hundreds of signatures in 15 degree weather in their spare time after work is the real deal.

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