Nevada Legislator Has IAP Ties

Ira Hansen is a former plumber, radio talk show host, and newspaper columnist. He is also part of the freshman class of Republican members of Nevada’s House of Representatives. Hansen is known as a conservative and his last name is virtually synonymous with the state’s Independent American Party–which for years was composed mainly of members of the Hansen family. It is not a coincidence, Ira Hansen is the son of the founder of the party, Daniel Hansen.

He also is a member of the politically active Hansen family. His late father, Daniel, founded the Independent American Party of Nevada 1968. His aunt, Janine, is a veteran legislative lobbyist for the Eagle Forum, a conservative family values organization , and his uncle Joel, a Las Vegas lawyer, was the IAP candidate for state attorney general in November.

Hansen said his father was a free thinker who was disappointed when he rejected the IAP, but pleased that Hansen became politically active.

IAP candidates only can be spoilers and never win any major races themselves, said Hansen, who believes his uncle would be attorney general today if he had been a registered Republican.

Hansen said he is the first member of his immediate family to win election in Nevada.

This blog has been frequented and commented on by members of the Hansen family before, especially Chris Hansen, the former Chairman of the party, and frequently reports on the successes and failures of the Independent American Party of Nevada.

4 thoughts on “Nevada Legislator Has IAP Ties

  1. Cody Quirk

    “IAP candidates only can be spoilers and never win any major races themselves, said Hansen,”

    Yet we are kicking ass on the local & county level and in time- the state level.

    Eventually Ira will reject the Dark Side.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    Ira has a good point–he’s the only member of the Hansen family to run as a Republican…and he won.

  3. Cody Quirk

    And eventually he will have to choose whether to tow the GOP party line or stick to his principles.

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