NY: Tea Party Groups Vow to Run Third Party Candidate in Special Congressional Election

From Roll Call via Third Party and Independent Daily:

New York state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin was chosen Monday to be the GOP’s representative in the special election to replace Rep. Chris Lee (R) in the Empire State’s 26th district.

The nomination of the establishment favorite, while celebrated by local Republican officials Monday night, drew an ominous warning from western New York tea party activists who immediately vowed to pursue a third-party candidate. . . .

10 thoughts on “NY: Tea Party Groups Vow to Run Third Party Candidate in Special Congressional Election

  1. Here is a radical idea

    Only a matter of time before the Tea Party becomes a national party and shortly thereafter the 3rd largest party. But, they will elect people to office almost immediately is a real possibility.
    Constitution Party will fizzle. LP has been asleep at the switch on this one. Reform Party is dead and doesn’t know it, unless they become the platform for the Tea Party.

  2. Fun K. Chicken

    Yeah, I’ve heard that one before. Lots of people just don’t know all the barriers that are out there.

    We’ll see.

  3. NewFederalist

    The so called “Tea Party” has about as much chance of making a break through as the Reform Party had IMO. If you look at the dialog over at Tea Party Patriots you will find as much dissention in the ranks as you do on libertarian sites. If they actaully establish a party organization they will soon forget who the enemy is and engage in the same infighting that kills off most alternative party efforts. I would like to agree with you but from what I see it is difficult to be optimistic.

  4. paulie Post author

    Yeah…when they have to do ballot access, get accused of stealing votes, get shut out of debates…that’s when the rubber meets the road.

  5. Dennis

    Why all the hating on the Reform Party? lol
    But I agree, the Tea Party will never become a national 3rd party.

  6. Steve

    Not to mention the major division in tea parties between the original Ron Paul tea partiers and the Republican loyalists who joined after Obama’s election. The former would be better off in the CP or LP if they’re not in a position to overrun their local GOP. The latter are so angry at the Republicans that they fill in the circle extra dark next to their names when they vote for them. This group along with their Fox News patrons will go away if Romney is elected President.

    The key for Libertarians and libertarians is use the tea party moment to move as many from the 2nd group into the 1st as we can.

  7. Radical Wacko

    When the anti-war and anti-tax protesters finally realize they are talking about the same thing…watch out!

  8. Porn Again Christian

    In most places, Tea Parties have been hopelessly overrun with “yellow dog” Republicans.

  9. NY Libertarian

    I would hope for the local LP groups in that area to make some inroads but most of the NY tea party groups supported Paladino over Redlich. So I dont have much hope.

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