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Rochester Green Party Selects Alex White As Mayoral Nominee

We previously reported that several candidates were courting the Monroe County Green Party for its Rochester mayoral line. Now, the party has made a decision. From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

Saying the Democratic candidates for mayor have had their chance, Green Party nominee Alex White on Tuesday said he would seek creative solutions to address crime, poverty and the city’s budget shortfalls.

“The question we should be asking is not how did we get here or who to blame for this, but how do we fix the problems?” White said.

Monroe County Green Party officials announced White as their chosen candidate Tuesday during a news conference at Susan B. Anthony Square.

White, 47, owner of Boldo’s Armory, a gaming store on Monroe Avenue, will join the Democratic nominee and other potential candidates on a March 29 special election ballot. City officials delivered paperwork setting the special election to the Monroe County Board of Elections on Tuesday morning.

White tried to challenge former Mayor Robert Duffy’s re-election bid in 2009 but was knocked off the ballot for insufficient signatures. Duffy resigned at the end of last year to become the state’s lieutenant governor.

Activist Harry Davis also sought the nomination. Although it was never confirmed, it appears that former Mayor William Johnson also sought the Green Party line (party officials only commented that applicants were ‘well-qualified’ this year). He is also running as a Democrat (New York has fusion), but faces an uphill climb in the selection process against Thomas Richards.

The city is typically a safe Democratic area, and Richards has massively outraised White with $250,000 in his campaign coffers. If Johnson does not secure the Democratic nomination, he may be interested in endorsing White; however, that is purely speculative in nature.

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  1. paulie paulie February 4, 2011

    If you are not Alex White, please don’t use a screen name that would lead some people to think that you are.

  2. kRISTINE sMITH kRISTINE sMITH February 3, 2011


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