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Third Party and Unaffiliated Candidates Abound In Race For Mayor Of Rochester

We previously reported on the Green Party’s selection of businessman Alex White as their nominee in the upcoming special mayoral election in Rochester, New York. However, three other candidates are notable in the race.

  • Activist Harry Davis, who originally ran for the Green nomination, is now taking his case to the state Supreme Court. He is arguing for a delay to the special election; Davis claims that the short period of time to collect signatures placed an unfair burden to participate upon him due to a serious disability on his ability to walk caused by losing part of both of his feet.
  • Former Mayor Bill Johnson was passed over for both the Green and Democratic nominations. However, he will appear on three ballot lines, including the Working Families Party and the Independence Party.
  • Ann White, a special education teacher, also petitioned onto the ballot.

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  1. FYI! [More Don Lake] FYI! [More Don Lake] February 18, 2011

    forwarded to CUIP and Independent Voter, not that they do not seem to have their own insular agenda ……….

    *eyes open*

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