C.T. Weber: Awakening a Sleeping Giant

C.T. Weber on the homepage of the Peace and Freedom Party:

Remember the so called sneak attack on Pearl Harbor? That awakened a sleeping giant, the United States of America. Well the sneak attack on state workers in Wisconsin may have just awakened another sleeping giant, the working class. This is a fight for unity among all workers whether organized into unions or not. When the wages, benefits and working conditions for the organized workers decline they push the wages, benefits and working conditions of the unorganized workers further down as well. Remember the Mexican victory at the Alamo in Texas? A loud rallying cry went out across the country. “Remember the Alamo!”. It changed the tide of the war. Now we have another rallying cry, “Remember Wisconsin!”. Hopefully, that will now change the tide of the class war that has been waged against us for the last 50 plus years.

Rank and file workers are upset, to put it mildly, with both the Republican and Democratic parties approach of blaming the workers for the states failure. The Republicans come out and say it, “Cut the wages, cut the benefits and cut the pensions of government workers.” They also want to cut social security. On the other hand, the Democrats say it’s not the workers fault, but there is no money and therefore we must slow down but not stop the cuts to social services by raising regressive taxes that are aimed at us.

Working people are waking up to this good cop, bad cop routine. There is another way. Take back what the super rich and their corporations and their financial institutions have stolen from us over the years by having “their” politicians, which they invested in heavily, vote to shift the tax burden from those who profit from this system of greed back to us. We have been in a class war and we never knew it. Every time the working people asked for their due, the rich cried that we were engaging in class war.

My friends, we do not have to pay for the bailout of the scoundrels and cheats. We are still the richest country in the world and our workers out produce the rest of the world. Our problem is that our elected representatives do not adequately represent us. Instead they take it out on the workers, the poor, the children, the elderly, the handicapped and anyone else they think is helpless. Those in power have managed to turn worker against worker for the spoils. That is not the way out. We need to organize as one pissed off group. When anyone rises to a better live we must all rise to a better live.

I don’t have to tell you that when you bargain your contract, and you get that three percent raise, the costs of your health care plan goes through the roof and today working people’s buying power is less than anytime in the last 50 years. Let us recognize the enemy and the politicians they buy. It is time to ask our elected official whose side they are on and don’t just take their word for it but watch every vote and see if it help you or helps the corporations and financial institutions. We can do better. We will do better. Thank you, workers of Wisconsin! Thank you, workers of Ohio! Thank you, workers of Indiana! Thank you workers everywhere!

C. T. Weber is State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party.

5 thoughts on “C.T. Weber: Awakening a Sleeping Giant

  1. John Jay Myers

    Is the problem that you don’t have money? Or is the problem that you can’t afford things?

    If you force a company to pay you more, then you force that company to raise its prices. Only at the very start of that chain will you see any positive result. If you earn 10% more an hour and pay 10% more for goods have you gained anything? What if your resulting increase in pay results in others raising their prices, but many others not getting a raise? Ouch, you didn’t mean to do that did you?

    Hopefully you are implying that you want your changes to be across the board, not just limited to you, which is really hard to do. Well let’s be honest, impossible.

    No one is putting utopia on the table, but at least you have your sights set on the only clear target, which is government. Government is the problem. Unfortunately the solution isn’t more government, the corporations that you fear our out get you, get their power from one of two sources, you or the government.

    Obviously it’s easy for you to exercise your power, you can not purchase from the company, you can (without government intervention) start your own company that does it better, faster, cheaper, cleaner.

    But what you can’t do is stop those in power from using their power from benefitting their friends (hint:: not you).

    Some think that you want to use the governments power to benefit you, and those that think that way don’t appreciate you any more than they appreciate the government merging with the corporations.

    I believe the fair compromise is that corporations don’t use government for their benefit, and unions don’t use government for theirs. And we limit our government to the very few roles it should have, which are to protect our rights.

    And no healthcare is not a right, but it would be plentiful and cheap if we got the government out of it.

    If so many people believe our government is corrupt why are we so quick to give them more power?

    What you want from government would create a bubble, it would serve no purpose except to one day explode, which isn’t a laudable goal. You see, there is a fair way to fair prices, compete. You might say “but I can’t afford a house” yes you can, because someone needs to sell you that house, or rent it to you etc. If no one can afford a house, the price of housing will come down. It’s a fact. When government gets involved with such an activity like making a house affordable, all they are really doing is making them less affordable because people will raise their prices, this creates a bubble. And we already talked about bubbles being bad.

    The same thing holds true for all sorts of products, prices have to come down, but you know what else brings prices down? Competition. Competition is a great way to keep prices down, and nothing brings out Americas competitive spirit like the lack of government intervention.

    Which brings me back to the point, do you want money, or do you want to be able to afford things? You probably now realize you want to be able to afford things, money means nothing if not for its role in facilitating trade.

    So if you want to be able to afford things, better things, welcome to the idea of free markets, and we are going to need your help, to get the government out.

    Just some thoughts

  2. Steven R Linnabary

    My friends, we do not have to pay for the bailout of the scoundrels and cheats.

    Have to admit that this is the first time I’ve heard of any “progressive” criticizing the bailouts of General Motors…

    But it’s a start!!


  3. Steve

    The workers? Really? I guess the socialists and communists in America are now officially on the side of the bourgeoisie. Organizing actual blue-collar workers must have been to hard so they had to go to over-compensated government employees.

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