Free graphics offer for Libertarian campaigns from Clayton Gee

Staff at LP blog:

Clayton Gee is offering to assist campaigns in the upcoming spring elections with graphic design for computer and iPhone backgrounds (or wallpapers), bumper stickers, and yard signs. Several of his designs are available to be downloaded and used for free:

Other examples can be found here.

All Libertarian Party affiliates and candidates are authorized to use the items without gaining further permission.

Clayton has offered to assist campaigns for free and can be contacted at or at

5 thoughts on “Free graphics offer for Libertarian campaigns from Clayton Gee

  1. Porn Again Christian

    They should ask members who has other skills or resources besides graphics that they can help campaigns with, maybe in a Monday Message.

  2. paulie Post author

    I’ve been advocating that for years. Good to see one thing like that out there, and I hope to see a lot more.

  3. Fun K. Chicken

    An interesting point, I wonder why this hasn’t received more attention?

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