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German Green Party wins state victory with anti-nuclear sentiment

(excerpt from) The Guardian UK
German Greens hail state victory in vote overshadowed by Fukushima

• ‘Historic’ first ever victory in regional Landtag vote
• Chancellor suffers after U-turn on nuclear power

The Green party has taken power from Angela Merkel’s conservatives in one of Germany’s richest states, preliminary results from the Baden-Württemberg elections show.

The chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union party, or CDU, had ruled the region’s state legislature for almost 58 years, but found itself on the wrong side of the nuclear debate following Fukushima. Even before the Japanese earthquake, the party was unpopular locally for sanctioning a multibillion euro project to build a railway station in Stuttgart.

Support for the CDU slumped from 44.2% in the 2006 state election to 39%, according to official results.

The state parliament’s new leader would be Winfried Kretschmann, 62, a spiky-haired former science teacher. He is likely to become the Green party’s first regional “minister president” after his party gained 25% of the vote; enough, when combined with the 23.1% for the centre-left Social Democratic party, to form a coalition…


  1. Stuart Stuart March 31, 2011

    Thank You Baden-Württemberg;
    For knowing that we don’t have to nuke ourselves.

  2. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell March 28, 2011

    Thanks for the Green Party story.

    This is the state where I studied 30 years ago.

    So for many of us, Greens, who have worked these three decades for such a success, a historic result.

    In anticipation of this, and to see what was working for the Green Party so well, I visited Freiburg, Baden Wuerttemburg with family in November 2010 for the Green Party convention.

    It is the first time since 1949, and the formation of Germany’s federal republic, the first time a Christian Democrat was not elected Minister President.

    Baden Wuerttemburg is an economic engine, and Germany’s most prosperous state.

    Winfried Kretschmann, the Green Party Governor-elect (aka Minister President) is a “values conservative” Green.

    I know Winfried. Interviewed in on IndependentGreens Youtube channel.

    He’s been married 40 years. Conservative Catholic. Father of 3. Sings in the church choir. His wife is also a Green Party politician elected to local office. Winfried served in the state legislature as a Green for most of the last 30 years.

    Winfried worked in the first Green Party cabinet 25 years ago, when Joschka Fischer became environmental minister in Hessen.

    Greens also elected 9 Green Party members directly to the state legislature. In Freiburg, where I studied, and that now has a Green Party mayor, the Green Party directly elected two members to the state legislature.

    Winfried Kretschmann at 62 years old appealed to voters as a Green conservative. Modest, humble, reliable, sturdy, ..”salt of the earth”.

    The key point: It took a conservative Green Party candidate to be elected as the first ever (in Germany) Green Party Governor.

    You can find Independent Green Party News coverage here.

  3. Eddie Eddie March 28, 2011

    This is great news for the Green Party around the world! We have been having many first around the worlds the last couple of years.

  4. Cures for Body Rash Cures for Body Rash March 28, 2011

    nuclear power it’s really harmful for humanity

  5. Chris Cole Chris Cole March 28, 2011

    So, if this article is correct, the Greens won because of a fiscally-conservative position. That should certainly sound an alarm for big-government conservatives.

  6. David David March 28, 2011

    It seems like the German people refuse to put up with Merkel’s plans to pour another significant amount of money into the new rescue fund in order to help the countries such as Portugal or Ireland.

  7. Boston Foreclosure Boston Foreclosure March 28, 2011

    The German anti-nukes are making things worse for themselves on every level. By opposing nuclear, they further entrench fossil fuel use. They make things worse for the environment, worse for Germany’s economy, and worse in terms of their dependance on Russian natural gas.

  8. kids clothing kids clothing March 28, 2011

    The story was good.

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