Independent, Green Party, and Tea Party candidates set to shake up Western New York district special election after Republican Congressman resigns in sex scandal

Following the sex scandal driven resignation of Republican Chris Lee in NY-26, Scott Walker’s prank caller Ian Murphy (see previous IPR story) is described by Steve Peoples at Roll Call as “likely to capture the the Green Party ballot line” according to state Green Party co-chairman Peter LaVenia:

“The local out in western New York has talked to a number of different candidates, and they forwarded the recommendation,” LaVenia said. Murphy “was the only one that they came to the conclusion represents Green values … and is willing to change his registration to Green and run as a Green.”

LaVenia said the state party is expected to finalize its endorsement by the end of the week. The special election is scheduled for May 24.

LaVenia said he believes that Murphy, previously registered with the Working Families Party, intends to run a serious campaign. But Republican nominee Jane Corwin at this point is favored, having avoided mistakes of previous New York special election candidates and secured the support of the Conservative Party.

Murphy’s entry into the race may be balanced by the entry of Millionaire Jack Davis, a Tea Party candidate who previously ran as a Democrat, and Iraq War veteran David Bellavia, who also sought and failed to secure the Conservative and Republican nominations, and may now run as Independent.

According to our earlier article the Democratic, Independence Party and Working Families ballot lines are still up for grabs, although the Democrats have a likely nominee.

Update: Per Gene Berkman in the comments, the Indpendence Party line will go to Jane Corwin, who is also the Republican and Conservative Party nominee.

Petitions for additional ballot lines are due in less than a week, including the Tea Party and independent candidates.

Given the circumstances that led to the special election and the circus-like atmosphere of the campaign that may be shaping up, it is perhaps appropriate that likely Green Party candidate Murphy might announce his campaign in a clown suit.

See also Poli-Tea.

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  1. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorcement

    [a] I believe this is also NY – 26

    [b] open thread not available

    [c] VFF co-founder–and American hero–Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia is running for Congress in a special election on May 24th for New York’s 26th Congressional District.

    David lives in the congressional district represented by disgraced former Congressman Chris Lee, and has boldly entered the race. We’re behind him all the way.

    But in order to be on the ballot–and ultimately win–he needs your support today!

    Go to and contribute either your time or your money–or both. David needs 3,500 valid signatures in the district by Monday in order to be listed on the ballot, and of course will need serious financial resources to take his race across the finish line. If you live in, or near, New York–consider helping him out this weekend!

    In case you don’t know David, his full biography is here. In short, he is one of the most highly decorated veterans of our generation, having earned the Silver Star for his actions during the Second Battle of Fallujah, in addition to being nominated for the Medal of Honor for his valor in combat. David is the real deal, and he needs your support.

    Again, go to right now, and join the fight to send a true American hero to Congress today.

    Let’s make it happen!

    The Vets for Freedom Team

    This message was sent to from:

    Vets for Freedom Inc. | P.O. Box 65657 | Washington, DC 20035

  2. paulie Post author


    If you read the article, I already mentioned him as one of the candidates. Thanks for the additional details.

    The open comment thread continues to be on the front page of IPR, as it has been the whole time.

    Why do you keep saying it’s not available?

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