Jim Cook: Americans Elect Remains Closed Off from Citizens

From an article posted by Jim Cook on March 25, 2011, on the blog ‘Irregular Times‘:

They Never Write, They Never Call

Over the past six months, I’ve made repeated efforts to reach out to the nascent 501c4 corporation/political party Americans Elect, establish contact and learn to see things from their point of view. I’ve made phone calls. I’ve sent e-mails. I’ve sent certified letters in the mail. I’ve asked simple questions. I’ve done all these things all at nicely spaced intervals so as to not give them a harried feeling. I have yet to receive a response.

Americans Elect has been engaging in outreach and sharing information, mind you, but only to limited audiences of powerful and well-connected people. Last fall, Peter Ackerman distributed literature regarding Americans Elect and solicited communication from attendees at a gala dinner charging up to $50,000 a plate. Americans Elect also held an exclusive, invitation-only event in Aspen last summer at which it distributed literature to those in attendance. With the well-connected and well-heeled, Americans Elect has maintained lines of communication. It’s with the little people like you and me that Americans Elect isn’t communicating.

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7 thoughts on “Jim Cook: Americans Elect Remains Closed Off from Citizens

  1. Jim


    If it seems no different from Unity08, that’s because it’s not different from Unity08. Americans Elect is the continuation of Unity08. The two shared the same office for a time, and Americans Elect corporate President and Chairman Peter Ackerman occupied various leadership positions in Unity08.

  2. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorcement

    I will say that Unity 08 did go thru the motions as early as 2007. They, we seem to have a ‘pressence’ at University of California at San Diego. Articles were written in various second tier campus organs. They, we, set up side walk tabling, focus groups, public forums, ‘delphi’ round tables.

    But like Peace and Freedom, Modern Whigs, and Moderate Party, 08 sure seems top down. More astro turf than grass roots!

    I had contacted coastal and DC offices (voice mail, email, snail mail) a number of times. I even sent a San Diego County voter registration form to the Belt way.

    All Ackerman had to do was mail it to California (to San Diego County or Sacramento and Secretary of State) and the post age was included. If they were not interested enuf to unwrap the package then they did not need a new recruit THAT badly. ……… Screw ’em!

    I sauntered by the 08 table on the main campus walk way. I embarrassed the two guys (middle aged, like me) while [LOUDLY] complaining of Ackerman’s inaction. I went ahead and filled out ANOTHER form, and LOUDLY proclaimed that if this one did not stick, I was not going to hunt them down for a third.

    Sadly, I would place 08 head and shoulders above PFP, Deform Party of California (where the state chair, after the wildly successful Dump California Governor Gray Davis effort, did not run again and switched to another party), Moderate Party and Modern Whigs. The Democans and the Republicrats are smirking and giggling!

  3. paulie

    p has gone over to the DARK side !?

    I thought I answered that already. I am not working on this. However I am not opposed to working on it, I may do so later, I’m in Arkansas getting Libertarian signatures but I am not opposed to Americans Elect being on the ballot and if at some future time they have the best deal available I may consider it.

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