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KY GOP Continues to Attack Republican Candidates Who Sign Libertarian Petition

We previously reported that the Kentucky GOP Chairman had requested Republican candidate for Governor Phil Moffett remove his name from the petition for Libertarian Ken Moellman, running for Treasurer. However, it now appears Moffett was not the only Republican candidate involved in this controversy.

Republican John T. Kemper III has asked that his name be removed from a campaign petition for a Libertarian candidate.

Kemper, a Lexington businessman running for state auditor, had irked Republican Party officials by signing the petition on behalf of Libertarian treasurer candidate Ken Moellman.

Republican Party Chairman Steve Robertson called for Kemper to have his signature removed. Kemper obliged. Moellman said Wednesday Kemper’s name is no longer on the list. Kemper will face state Rep. Addia Wuchner of Burlington in the May 17 GOP primary for state auditor.

Moffett also faces a contested primary and is a considered an underdog to Republican Senate President David Williams in his bid for the Republican nomination.

Several operatives who worked with the Rand Paul campaign are working with Moffett, including Trevor Lyman (of moneybomb fame) and David Adams.

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  1. MarcMontoni MarcMontoni March 31, 2011

    And let’s emphasize the educational opportunity here:

    Our faithful IPR readers can take this as an opportunity to ‘school’ Republican Party Chairman Steve Robertson about the draconian laws that his party has conspired with the Democrats to place in front of alternative parties.

    Send him your comments via:

    Steve Robertson, Chairman
    Republican Party of Kentucky
    P.O. Box 1068
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40602
    Phone: 502-875-5130
    Fax: 502-223-5625

    Or contact him directly, via the public information at the Kentucky Board of Elections:

    PO BOX 1068
    FRANKFORT KY 40602-1068
    (502) 875-5130

  2. Luke Luke March 31, 2011

    Good luck, Ken!

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