PLP: Quake Exposes Capitalism’s Inherent Fault Lines

From an article by the Progressive Labor Party:

Despite the admitted technological prowess of Japan — the world leader in adapting construction methods to earthquake-proofing its buildings, as well as its high degree of preparedness of the population — this natural disaster has laid bare not only tectonic fault lines, but social ones.

The profit system is incapable of ensuring the safety, health and well-being of workers, even in a country as “advanced” as Japan. Only the abolition of capitalism and the establishment of a world based on workers’ rule can guarantee a misery-free future for the working class.

Read the entire article here.

12 thoughts on “PLP: Quake Exposes Capitalism’s Inherent Fault Lines

  1. Zane, LP member

    From what I have read, Communists have not been that good at handling earthquakes. These guys will probably say those were not real communists, LOL.

  2. Matt Cholko

    Gotta love this – “Firstly, while loss of life in Japan’s catastrophe is horrific, it is minimal when compared to Haiti’s quake, where the death toll exceeded 200,000, or in the 2004 tsunami, with over 300,000 deaths. Thus, under capitalism some populations are “worth” more than others, according to the hierarchy of profit: as the world’s third largest economy, Japan has a vested interest in protecting itself and its workers from such events, albeit minimally, while in “unprofitable” places like Haiti, Sri Lanka, or even the 9th Ward of New Orleans, there is no room for such planning.”

    Makes a whole lot of sense, no?

  3. John Jay Myers

    If Japan was a Communist State everyone would be dead from radiation poisoning and Godzilla would have swallowed the island whole.

    What communist state in history has seemed more prepared for something like this?

    What would they have done different? Chances are many more people would be dead, or maybe not, because they might not have as large of a population… because no one wants to live in a communist state.

    Is this article a joke?
    I feel like I am being punked.

  4. MarcMontoni Post author

    It’s a joke *to us*.

    The Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party guys — all six of them — think it’s the truth.

  5. Deran

    One small point; this group is the Progressive Labor Party, their header is poorly written, but is meant to say the PLP is a Revolutionary Communist political party. I am not a member or sympathizer, the PLP are dinosaur stalinoids.

  6. Chris Cole

    The PLP is Maoist. I now see the light. A workers paradise would have exterminated millions of people, so that there would have been no population in Tohoku to be devastated by the earthquake and its aftermath, or to require electricity from nuclear power. How could we have missed something so obvious? (In case it isn’t obvious, I am speaking with enough sarcasm to choke an elephant.)

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