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Ballot Access News: Socialist Party Member Elected to Detroit Citizens’ District Council

From Ballot Access News:

On April 5, Detroit elected members of Citizens’ District Councils in non-partisan elections. The city has 19 districts for this office, and each district elects six members every year, for three year terms. Each council has 18 members.

Matt Erard, a leader of the Socialist Party, was elected this year in the Downtown District. The election was not suspenseful, because only five candidates’ names appeared on the ballot. Erard had been a Socialist Party nominee for Congress in 2010, as a write-in candidate; and he had been on the ballot as a Green Party nominee for the legislature in 2008.

Since last year, the Socialist Party has been asking the Michigan Supreme Court to hear its ballot access lawsuit. The court still hasn’t said whether it will hear the case. The application has been pending in the court for twenty weeks. The party challenges the law that requires almost twice as many signatures for a new party to get on the ballot, compared to the number of votes an already-established party needs to remain on the ballot.


  1. Jason Gatties Jason Gatties April 18, 2011

    While we differ on views, Matt is a good kid. He works his ass off for the Socialist Party of Michigan and like I said, he’s a good guy. Congrats to him.

  2. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN April 17, 2011


    I met a couple of the Socialist Party folks in Detroit during the US Social Forum there last year. They are a fine bunch of folks.

    Oh and a word to Wayne Root and his buddy in delusions, Glen Beck.

    These folks are real, honest to God Socialists. They have no ties to George Soros or Goldmann Sachs.

    This is why I say the Wayne Root is irrelevant now.

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