CA: Green Party March in Los Angeles on May 1st for Worker’s Rights!

From a notice sent to IPR by Edy Alvarez <>

All Green Party supporters are encouraged to come out and protest alongside other Green Party supporters in solidarity with Immigrants and Workers, in conjunction with the worldwide event of International Worker’s Day.The march will begin at 10am in downtown Los Angeles. Green Party members will be coming from different parts of Los Angeles.

Here is the event page on Facebook with more information and all the people attending:

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you need to make one in order to view this event.

16 thoughts on “CA: Green Party March in Los Angeles on May 1st for Worker’s Rights!

  1. Gains

    I bet there are more Libertarians there than Greens.

    I was at my favorite drive through last night. A popular chain here in SoCal with amazing mexican food. The lady at the window, who I have developed a relationship with over the last few years (OK so its really kinda a crush. I cant take some family with me to get food lest they tease me all the way home…) was chatting with me between orders and I noticed her shirt said something about “revolution” under her apron.

    I asked her what it said and her back straightened a little in pride. She revealed the rest to me and it was a shirt from last years May Day march.

    I said “Hey, are you going to be at the one this Sunday? I will be too.” She looked a little confused for a moment: White dude, doesn’t know a lick of Spanish, new car, affluent neighborhood.

    “Really?” she asked, “you are going to the march? On May Day?”

    “Olympic and Broadway. Sunday morning,” I replied trying to hide my amused smile. “Have you heard of the Libertarian Party? The Libertarios? I believe that borders are where the LAW starts and stops, not people.” It made her pause again.

    “THANK YOU!” came bursting out of her. “Yes, I know the Libertarians. They are for immigration? We trusted Obama, but he let us down. My father took us to the march last year and before but not this year.”

    “Los Libertarios del sur de California is going so is the Libertarian Candidate in the beach cities. Out in the 36th District. He went last year too. I should hook you up with the Libertarios. I think you would like them a lot.”

    I had gotten my food by then and the next order was sitting there getting cold. I saw her glance at it then look back at me. “You are really going! Oh, thank you. It’s so important to us. My family is all legal, but it is so hard for us. We have this restaurant. We work hard, but it is impossible to visit family the way things are. Thank you. Who are the Libertarios?” She was clearly excited.

    “I will bring you something tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see you at the march?”

    The smile in her eyes deepened. “Maybe. Maybe but not for Obama… THANK YOU.”

  2. Eddie

    In Los Angeles, more Libertarians than Greens? That’s a really bold statement if you ask me. Just take a look at the demographics…

  3. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    did not transfer / dragon drops / drag and drop:

    # 4,480,824 registered voters
    (as of 4/28/2011)
    DECLINE TO STATE 933,947
    DEMOCRATIC 2,298,336
    GREEN 23,235
    LIBERTARIAN 21,053
    NONPARTISAN 39,387
    REPUBLICAN 1,046,608

    # 254 Polling Places for May 17, 2011 Congressional District 36 Special Primary and Consolidated Elections
    # Historical Voter Turnout

  4. Gains

    Eddie, sounds like a challenge to me! Not sure how either of us would lose… but I am up to it! Bring your camera.

  5. Carlos Rodriguez

    The real challenge will be on May 14th when we kick some Green butt in softball! Ohhhhhh!

    If you want more info on the game, contact Edy or me at

    I’ll see you at the march on Sunday! We’ll be in our navy blue Libertarios shirts!

    -Carlos Rodriguez,
    California Libertarios, Founder

  6. Gains

    Dragon Drop [Lake] @4:

    What do the party stats look like for card carrying members?

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  8. Michael Cavlan RN

    Mike Feinstein and the last four other members of the South California Green Party will be there.

    Of course so will Nativo Lopez, the former Green and Latino Rights activist that Green Party’s Mike Feinstein will be there too. Talk about hypocrisy from the Cali Greens.

    The California Green Party is just about dead folks.

    The Green Turd Turned, as many of my former Green Party friends and allies like to say.

  9. Michael Cavlan RN

    Sorry, missed a bit.

    Nativo Lopez, former Green and Immigration Rights activist will be there as well. Green Party “leader” Mike Feinstein is alleged to have called the cops on Nativo Lopez because of his work in organizing undocumented workers in California.

    Do not worry. The Green Party will not answer this, the same way that Wayne Root will not answer any uncomfortable questions.


    Two for one there folks.

  10. Alan Pyeatt

    Gains @ 1: Where were you? I was VERY disappointed that I didn’t see you at today’s rally.

    But don’t worry, there were plenty of libertarians there to cash the check you wrote.

  11. Gains

    I was seeing an emergency room doctor, Alan. I am pretty sure that you could not have been more disappointed than I was.

  12. Gains

    Did you get any pictures you might send into IPR Alan? I understand that you were with a big crowd of Libertarios?

  13. Alan Pyeatt

    Bummer! I trust everything turned out all right.

    I posted most of the photos I took on Facebook. Steve Collett’s signs couldn’t be missed, and he and his dog both received a lot of attention! Steve did a couple of interviews, and one guy even interviewed me. Hopefully, there were a lot of westside residents at the rally.

    Almost everybody (except me) was wearing a “Libertarios” tee shirt. We handed out a bunch of brochures that Carlos Rodriguez had prepared. All in all, I thought it went pretty well.

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