Sundwall:”Who’s Paul Ventura?”

Eric Sundwall writes at The Examiner about the possibility of Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura as the LP ticket in 2012:

It’s been a few days since the idea of the Ron Paul – Jesse Ventura ticket was floated by none other than the flamboyant ex-Minnesota Governor himself. While I have little enthusiasm for the upcoming farce that has become the presidential race, the idea of Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura as the Libertarian ticket might just get me out with vigor. Kennedy pun intended. I might just go out and collect more than a couple hundred signatures for the quirky ticket that the LP usually fields.

You see, Ron Paul took all the fun out our nomination last time. A great spirit of liberty, non-interventionism and a surprising capacity to challenge the monetary system was suddenly relevant with Ron Paul, more than we could ever hope to attract as a third party. But our issues for decades, none the less. It was hard to watch people chant ‘End the Fed’ at a GOP counter rally. Especially, after our own convention on C-SPAN with the VP nominee looking around in a daze yelling ‘Bang!’ and opining out loud that he wants learn from the master . . . Bob Barr?.

Yet the faithful carried on and didn’t belly ache a whole lot that mattered, in so much as we needed to produce another nation wide ticket. We did exactly that. Few third parties have had the constant, lasting success of doing so consistently, in the last forty years. The LP gets ‘er done. Sure, the persnickety voluntarist will find a list of offensives against liberty that Jesse Ventura might have indeed admitted or has done. The conspiracy huffiness and the allegedly damaging newsletters might hurt Ron (Rand’s got the Kentucky Journal . . .), but the idea of a super quality ticket for the LP might produce a cathartic ring into the new American frustration, Howard Fineman’s skepticism about ending the FBI be damned. Those silly perception mongers.

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  1. NewFederalist

    I don’t see Ron Paul having much to do with Jesse Ventura. If Jesse wants to run for Veep he might want to find another nutter like Trump then they can spend their whole campaign looking for Obama’s birth certificate or why did Building 7 just happen to fall down? I hope they find someplace other than the LP to have their fun.

  2. Kevin Knedler

    I will say it again. There is another silver lining in a high profile ticket for the LP: Ballot access might be possible thru the ballot box for a number of states. Think of the $$$$$$$$$$$ savings in paying petitioners (sorry Paulie). Those dollars could go to help LOCAL and State candidates get elected. Afterall, that is our endgame I hope– to get LP candidates elected at the local, state, and even national level.

  3. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    sorry, did not transfer, AP / yahoo news:

    “Amidst reports that Meredith Vieira is planning an exit from NBC’s “Today Show” swirl, the anchor has sparked controversy over her failure to question a number of unsubstantiated [Lake: Huh? AND McCain is just as murkie!] challenges to the U.S. citizenship of President Barack Obama that Donald Trump floated [Huh? three years is quite a water journey!] in an interview with Vieira this morning.

    Trump–the billionaire real estate tycoon and reality TV figure who is flirting with a 2012 presidential run–again sought to suggest that Obama was not born in the United States. [Lake: AS MANY have done for months and years, and real doubts on McCain’s back ground also abound ……..]

    “Birther” activists on the right have circulated the unsubstantiated claim [Lake: huh? ] in an effort to depict Obama’s presidency as the outgrowth of a shadowy, constitutionally illegitimate conspiracy.

    The birther position has been thoroughly debunked, [Lake: says whom ?????????] and it hasn’t gained traction within the journalistic mainstream [Lake: shezam! surprise, surprise!].

    But Trump has nonetheless been on a media blitz in recent weeks promoting it. [Lake: Not in love with Trump (or his 2000 Deform Party hope full rival USAF Col Bob Beaman) but to debunk the debunkers with little or no counter evidence is disingenuous at best and pay backs can be a bitch ……..]

    When the issue came up on “Today”–which airs on the same network as Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”–Vieira didn’t exactly hold his feet to the fire. [Lake: May be, and I am a fan of Ms Vieira ‘Not top heavy enuf for a Play Boy Bunny and her brainiac, news boy, nearly blind hubby, but could it be that that she did not have the ammo available to fire back? An unloaded gun is merely a social prop!]

    “His grandmother in Kenya said he was born in Kenya and she was there and witnessed the birth,” said Trump, reiterating a claim that has been proven false, [Lake: when, where, how?] as Vieira sat by silently.

    [Lake: could it be that she just did not have any thing to say on the matter? Why is it automatically ASSUMED that she, a supposedly neutral talk show co host, game show moderator and news desk anchor would have a preconceived position? I hate Fox News, (Glen Beck, good riddance; Rush Limburger, Show Me state wide embarrassment), but when I snidely snark about ‘fair and balanced’ I am including Disney (ABC), GE (NBC), and ViaCom (CBS) ……..]

    Lake will not INITIATE, but he and Tish will ‘initial off’ on a ‘Birther’ stand or state ment.

  4. Robert Capozzi

    kk, agreed. Announced early enough, Paul/Ventura would get maximal volunteer support. I have some ambivalence about the idea, but the upside would be enticing, possibly compelling, despite the baggage.

  5. whatever

    Gov. Ventura announced on THE VIEW that he is so fearful of Homeland Security gestapo goons that he is considering applying for Mexican citizenship so he has some recourse outside the gestapo’s grasp. Hopefully he will not pull the trigger on that until after election season, as dual citizenship might disqualify him from a Paul/Ventura ticket.

  6. George Whitfield

    I think a Libertarian Party ticket of Paul and Ventura would be wonderful.

  7. Here's a radical idea

    You might be surprised by the number of people talking about leaving the USA. If your mother or father was born in another country, check out potential to have dual citizenship.

  8. paulie

    Think of the $$$$$$$$$$$ savings in paying petitioners (sorry Paulie).

    No need to be sorry,i would much rather the lp did not have to keep fighting repeatedly for ballot access. The money could be applied to hire us to do field organizing for campuses and counties instead. Or, we can petition for all sorts of other things.

  9. Andy

    “Think of the $$$$$$$$$$$ savings in paying petitioners (sorry Paulie). ”

    This is not an accurate statement.

    While there are some states where a Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket could win the Libertarian Party ballot access to where they would not have to petition (for one or two election cycles), there are other states where the Libertarian Party would still have to petition to put candiates on the ballot no matter how many votes they get (note that there are some states that even require Democrats and Republicans to petition for ballot access), or where even a Paul/Ventura ticket would have a hard time meeeting the vote threshold necessary for gaining ballot access (note that in Alabama you’ve got to get 20% of the vote in a statewide race to gain ballot access, and this would only be possible if the LP gathered over 40,000 valid petition signatures for full party status instead of the 5,000 valid signatures to put a presidential ticket on the ballot as independent which is what the LP has done in Alabama for the last couple of presidential elections).

    There’s also be more money freed up to hire people to hire people to register people to vote under the Libertarian Party banner (in states that have partisan voter registration), do door-to-door canvasing, campus organizing, etc… There’d also be more money freed up for libertarian ballot initiatives and referenda.

    So there’d still be plenty of work even if the Libertarian Party won ballot access in several states because of a Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura type of presidential ticket.

  10. Gary

    The heck with Paul. Libertarians should ask Governor Jesse Ventura to head the ticket.

    Jesse has gravitas.

    – – – Internationally known entertainer
    – – – New York Times best selling author
    – – – Navy SEAL
    – – – former Mayor
    – – – former Governor

    On the Coast to Coast radio show last night Jesse said he would run on the Libertarian ticket.

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