Wayne Root Buys Independent Political Report

A consortium headed by Wayne Root and Root Venture Capital (RVC) today announced its purchase of an additional 70% of Independent Political Report (IPR).

SEC filings declaring aquisition of a majority interest were filed today as well.

RVC Stock has been trading up 2 1/8 points on the news, and RVC is up 7/8.

Wayne Root said, “IPR is an important new part of the Root News Network” (RNN). “I will use IPR to bring my message of freedom, prosperity, God, guns and tax cuts and free jello to all Americans!”

25 thoughts on “Wayne Root Buys Independent Political Report

  1. paulie

    I have a source thatt says Bruce Cohen, Aaron Starr and Andrew Breitbart are involved. Can anyone confirm this?

  2. TinFoilCap & JockeyShorts to Match

    “I will use IPR to bring my message of freedom, prosperity, God, guns and tax cuts and free jello to all Americans!”

    Reporter forgot to include the free “coupons to Bo Jangle’s Fried Chicken and the three watermellon seeds”. NEVER forget the Cajun vote, WAR doesn’t!

    Also, this comes as a major “shock” to me. I thought Mr. Root already owned this fine site. Go figure!?

    SEE THE MOVIE THAT PUTS ObamaCare ON ICE: http://www.freestarmedia.com/

  3. April 1

    I assume it’s April Fool’s.

    Otherwise, IPR would go the way of Third Party Watch after Barr bought it.

  4. Bruce Cohen Post author

    Root Venture Capitol split all outstanding shares 2 for one today on huge volume and a tripling of share prices by closing.

    Check RVC on the Orange County Stock Exchange.

  5. I been made Administrator

    Of the IPR. firstly I will have a personal blog for Mr. Milnes and he can say whatever he likes about Plas. whether people join him will be their own choosing.

  6. Carol Moore

    Ha ha ha…. if it is true, the owners of TPW and this site are smart business people. They know that the readers will follow them and the fools that parted with their money will get what they deserve – oblivion…

  7. Carol Moore

    So Bruce, you tell us. Is Root still a Jew? Can you be a Jew and a born again Christian? How can born again Christians promote gambling? Why didn’t he admit he was a born again Christian to the New York Post but not admit he was a Jew on Fox News? If he can’t be honest about his religious affiliation… I haven’t seen anyone promoting him on the Jewish Libertarians list, so I assume he’s not really considered Jewish by them (or they haven’t heard of him?). Or is he too much of Jerk for them? Inquiring people of 1/32 Jewish heritage want to know.

  8. Solomon Kleinsmith

    I’m guessing this is a joke…

    Still, it’s a shame the folks at IPR never got back to me when I inquired about purchasing the site. I’ve kept tabs on its traffic and its taken one heck of a tumble… With a major site redesign, recruiting more people and leveraging email, twitter & facebook, this site could become a force to recon with, regardless of who is at the helm.

    Solomon Kleinsmith
    Rise of the Center

  9. Trent Hill


    Email me at ipr.contact@gmail.com.

    Guys–it’s a joke. :D. Not my idea, but, April Fools.

    Carol–Jew also refers to an ethnic or cultural identity. It is quite possible to be Jewish and Born Again Christian.

  10. paulie


    I can add you as an IPR writer and you can leverage facebook and twitter….unfortunately you would not profit unless you pay what they want first.

    I think Trent meant contact.ipr not ipr.contact unless that is a different email address I don’t know about.

  11. Carol Moore

    I know you can be a Jewish Christian if you consider Jewish an ethnicity. Given Wayne’s profiting off Gambling and his insistence libertarians be quiet about Israel while asking for money from Jews, I just have to wonder what in the world his motivation is – and if he’s being a hypocrit, playing with religion and so many of us suspect he is doing with libertarianism.

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