York, PA: Libertarians join race for York City Council

From an article in the York Dispatch, published on April 19, 2011:

The race for the three York City Council seats up for election this year just got a little more crowded.

Marakay Rogers and Manuel Gomez announced Monday at an event in front of Goodwill fire station that they will run for council as Libertarian Party candidates.

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19 thoughts on “York, PA: Libertarians join race for York City Council

  1. Marakay Rogers

    Yes, that IS the same Marakay Rogers who’s run for AG and governor in Pennsylvania and is PA organizer for Outright Libertarians (ie, me).

    I just felt wrong about throwing the statewide credentials into an intensely local campaign. I wasn’t going to run for anything for a while until I went to the city council meeting where the council authorized a new city hall and asked for a 12% tax increase. Then I saw red, and the rest is in the article.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Just saw on msnbc that Gary Johnson is running for president 2012.
    Now libs can choose which counterrevolutionary gop loser to support-Gary Johnson & Ron Paul.
    They are going to split the counterrevolutionary gop loser vote! Haaaa,Haaaaa!
    Heeee Hawwww!

  3. Robert Milnes

    Don’t vote for me, you losertarians!
    I might win.
    Vote for a guaranteed loser. & send wheelbarrows full of dollars & krugerrands.
    Pick up the credit card & get online like a lemming.
    Lose, lose, lose!
    Everybody lose!
    Ah, ha,ha,ha,ha!

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    NF, Robert Milnes’s comments are on topic because Garey Johnson might campaign in York, Pennsylvania, and that could have an interesting impact on the city council race. Just speculation.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Thank you for that very thinly stretched defense CT.
    I have no idea about the Johnson campaign, other than he will lose.
    Everybody, it is happening. The 2012 campaign is unfolding more or less as 2008. There will be some excitement & intrigue. Flash in pans, scandals & dirty tricks. etc.
    But bottom line, only the dem & rep will have any chance to win. No third party or Indy candidates will win any race of consequence. Evidently nobody will support me. & I will say I told you so-again.
    A huge opportunity will be frittered away-the 1912 Centennial.
    You are all losers & will get the lousy government you deserve.
    Pay your oppressors to stick it to you.
    No lube for you.

  6. NewFederalist

    Well there you go Bob… you got some publicity. How do you intend to follow up on it?

  7. Ross

    Best of luck, Marakay! I got my parents to vote for you the last few times you ran, and hopefully you’ll be able to win this time.

  8. Robert Milnes

    Bill Wood, thank you for asking. Very good question.
    On my website I say I am considering it.
    But then that is a reason I prefer Roosevelt over Wilson. Wilson should have abandoned the democratic party & helped the Progressive party win. That would have been the best thing for America. Instead he pressed his advantage to win for himself.
    I vill a little tink.

  9. NewFederalist

    “I vill a little tink.” You often say that, Bob… but you never seem to change anything. I don’t mean that as a criticism but more as an observation.

  10. Robert Milnes

    NF, astute observation.
    Speaking of which, Einstein’s early theories were what he later called “thought experiments”.
    It was several years later that an expedition was arranged to observe & photograph a solar eclipse to see if light was actually curved by the moon’s gravity.
    Now of course many understand basic Relativity and actual experiments are routine.

  11. Bill Wood

    Bob, I visited your Campaign website and I could not find where you stand on the issues that concern the American people. Do you plan on a section that would address what you would do if elected?

  12. Robert Milnes

    Bill Wood, you are correct. Yes, I do plan further construction. My 2 websites are new & I haven’t constructed them very well yet.
    In 2008 I had 4 websites, all of which I lost for various reasons. I also lost my main harddrive.
    I had an msn group, ATT personal web pages, domain name .net-changed to .com & 2008 campaign site with the same template as my 2012 but I lost it due to failing to pay monthly fee. It now has HP ink toner info on it.
    But curiously I found my 2008 campaign site hosted on bing images.
    Yahoo search Robert Milnes>click my photo on Bing images>under photo is entire site including autobio & positions/proposals.
    Obviously I need web assistance.

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