LP Blog: My Father’s Remembrance of Memorial Day

Blog entry posted by LNC Member Daniel Wiener on May 30, 2011

My father, Stanley Wiener, was a naval officer during World War II and a writer in the later years of his life.  He was also a very active member of the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A.  He knew the horror and tragedy and wasted young lives brought about by war.  Sometimes war cannot be avoided, but it is never something to be glorified; that must be reserved for peace.  This is a short essay he penned for Memorial Day in 1985, which was published in several newspapers:

Memorial Day – how it has changed.  I can remember the rich pomp and ceremony which surrounded this day when I was but a boy.

Literally, whenever there were two or more veterans, there would be a lavish parade, meaningful graveside services and solemn church ceremonies.  No one ever questioned the importance of the day.  It was as if no person dared to ignore the fallen brethren.  Flags identified each G.I. grave.

Today, there are fewer parades to watch.  At least, what few are still seen can be seen in person or on TV.  Veteran Posts try hard to muster the hardier for assemblies at graveside ceremonies.  The clergy still speak in reverence of those who died heroically in uniform; they eulogize those who were hardly more than boys when they died.  In most cemeteries, the same small flags wave majestically to identify each G.I. grave.

Memorial Day is most revered by those who served and live on.  It cannot be forgotten by others whose loved ones did not live during combat.

We have to wonder, in spite of the horror of all war, why some leaders of men may still want to have wars and killings; so many continued to be insensitive to the killing of the nation’s youth.

All past generations of mankind have justified war and ennobled killing with a thousand excuses.  Would that this generation cease such mayhem with but one reason — with but common sense.

This year, as we pay homage to our fallen comrades at gravesides throughout the country, may all humanity, once and for all times, not lust for blood; may this world tire of all the blood that has been shed in vain.

Let every person join the prayers of our Gold Star Mothers who plead that no nation shall ever again lift up sword against another nation.

Memorial Day is a day of repentance, soul searching, dedication to a way of peace and a return to God.  May the leaders of mankind join in our prayers and lead us to peace now and forever.

26 thoughts on “LP Blog: My Father’s Remembrance of Memorial Day

  1. Aaron Starr Post author

    Daniel Wiener is a class act. I would like to see more postings by him on the LP Blog.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I would like to see regular postings by many Libertarians, including you, Aaron. Each one of us has our
    own different take on things, and most of us could always stand to learn a thing or two.

  3. LibertarianGirl

    to aaron , wayne , t knapp , the pyettes , etc: my little cousin Kenzie lost her battle with cancer yesterday , thankyou to all who answered when i asked , nothing else matters


  4. Jill Pyeatt

    Well, either place would work, just wherever Libertarians read and discuss.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    Debra, I’m so heartbroken for that beautiful girl and your family. I have a niece named Mackenzie who is 16. I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a child. I wish I could help, but all I can do is tell you that I’m trying to send good thoughts and strength your way. I’m sure she knew how loved she was.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    Michael, do you mean access to posting articles? I think all you have to do here is ask. Either that, or send your piece to someone you know who does post here. Send anything you like to me at jill@jillpyeatt.com, or stone@altrionet.com. I don’t post everything I get, but I do as time allows.

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    As far as the LP blog, I haven’t figured out how to get in there. I just figured it was me.

  8. Aaron Starr Post author

    Jill @6, as far as IPR is concerned, I was told that we were prohibited from posting our own opinion pieces.

    As far as LP.org is concerned, that decision is also above my paygrade.

  9. Michael H. Wilson

    Debra it is difficult to find words at times like this. About all one can say is to remember her smile and laughter. Think of the good things and she’ll be close.

  10. Aaron Starr Post author

    Michael @ 10, I assume you mean the LP blog, not the IPR blog.

    I don’t set the terms for posting on the LP blog. That would be up to the current leadership of the LNC or LPHQ Staff.

  11. Jill Pyeatt

    Yes, Aaron, I was also told we can’t post our own pieces, but I’m not a good writer, compared to many Libertarians. I actually think I used to write well, but years of writing short, concise business letters has left its mark.

    In my business, I feel like the more words are there, the more someone can misconstrue something. I’m happy just finding interesting articles to post here. On Facebook, I enjoy writing a smart-aleck remark or short opinion on the articles I find. That seems to be more my style!

  12. Aaron Starr Post author

    There are many talented writers out there in this world. I do not count myself among them.

  13. Tom Knapp


    Best wishes to your and your family at such a difficult time. You know how to get in touch with me if there’s anything I can do to help.


  14. wolfefan

    Hello Debra –

    We don’t know each other except through here (and then not a whole lot.) Please know that you and all of those who love Kenzie are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Peace and comfort to you…

  15. David Colborne

    Deb, you have my sympathies.

    Regarding the LP blog, my understanding is that posting is only available for LNC members. This makes some sense, especially if you think of the LP blog as a place to read clear, concise opinions on politics and current events. If you opened it up to all LPers, it’d be almost impossible to follow (100+ posts a day), with extremely variable writing quality. Plus, since it’d be “the official blog of the Libertarian Party”, it’d only take one Sustaining Member to post something about “WHAT TEH QUEERZ ARE DOING TO OUR SOIL!!1!!” for the LP to decide it’s not worth the publicity hit. There are already plenty of free, accessible places to host personal blogs anyway (Blogger, WordPress.com, etc.) – the LP shouldn’t be responsible for providing yet another one.

  16. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Jill Pyeatt // May 31, 2011:
    “I would like to see regular postings by many Libertarians, including you, Aaron.”

    (a) you are kidding ????????

    (b) you are illiterate ?????????

    (c) you are krazy ?????????

    here at Libertarian Political Report,
    others having been run off by Libs,
    Reactionary Pin Headed ‘Christains’
    and ‘Don’t Confuse Me With the Facts’
    types ………..

  17. Daniel Wiener

    David @ 20: That’s a good summary of the posting situation for the LP Blog. If anybody has something which you think would make for a good post there, especially some news which is related to the Libertarian Party, please contact one or more LNC representatives or alternates (see http://www.lp.org/leadership for the list) and suggest it. I can’t guarantee that someone will post it, but you have 24 possibilities, so your odds aren’t bad.

  18. Wayne Root

    @5 Debra,

    I just read of your cousin’s death. I am so sorry and saddened for you and Kenzie’s family.

    Please send love, prayer and condolences from the Root family.

    Health is just so important. You only find out after someone gets ill, or you lose them. Debra (my wife) lost her dad last Spring after a long illness. It was very hard on all of us. He lived two blocks away and saw my kids every day. We still miss him every day.

    But the death of someone young like Kenzie is even harder. So sad.

    Best Wishes & our condolences,


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