PLAS open thread II

I’ve been emailed the report that PLAS themed discussions have continued to hijack numerous IPR threads, despite IPR policy. Some people have also countered that PLAS Thread I is too old and/or too long to serve its intended purpose. Thus, I am putting up a new one.

Notes to readers, before you email me again:

1) The fact that I am putting up this thread does not mean that IPR policy on this matter will now be enforced. Enforcement of the policy is up to the people who write at IPR, most of whom do not have much time for it – including, at present, myself. If you want to alert the IPR writers that this or other IPR policies are being violated, write Even if you do, that does not guarantee that anyone will notice your email or follow up, but it increases your chances.

2) The IPR policy, and this article, applies directly to the PLAS idea of Mr. Milnes, not generically to all ideas involving progressive-libertarian alliances of all sorts.

3) If you don’t know what those ideas are, you probably don’t read IPR comments very often. In that case, you can ignore this article, or if you are curious, ask in the comments.

4) The IPR policy applies to Mr. Milnes’ PLAS idea even when it is not specifically referred to by name.

5) This IPR policy was agreed to by several people writing at IPR. If memory serves there was little or no objection at the time. Just because I am perhaps the only one who ever took the time to discuss this policy
with readers or admit publicly that I enforced it does not make it my personal policy. Some new people have signed up at IPR since then so they can change this policy if so inclined.

6) The policy exists for those readers who would like to discuss the articles and other issues that arise without a very small number of hobbyhorse issues/ideas of a very small number of people taking over hundreds of unrelated topics. If you have suggestions for other such issues that should be given their own topic for the same reason, write As with anything else sent to that address, it may or may not cause someone to do something about it.

7) At present, I personally have little time to read IPR, so if you have something you want me to see include “Paulie” in the text of your comment. If you do so for items that don’t concern me, I’ll stop reading your comments even if you do address me directly. This personal policy may change when I get more or less time for internet.

That’s all I can think of at this time. Thanks,


173 thoughts on “PLAS open thread II

  1. Robert Milnes

    Oh boy, how I did NOT miss you.
    This policy is so much bullshit.
    e.g. 2 above. When xaulie talks about it, its ok. & you have many times. & I’ve asked you many times why that is so. No good answer as usual from you.
    WAR, your master, talks about reaching out to the Tea Party. In 2008 the TP didn’t exist as is now. But Barr/Root is a tea party ticket if there ever was one. & if Root gets the nomination, he reaches out to the tea party, a LOT of people just might cross over from the GOP to the LP. So I call it what it is-would be-a reverse PLAS. Just like the leftist coalition in Chile in 1970 had the rightist nationalists dogging it. But that is verboten in xaulie’s world.
    Face it xaulie, you are a rightist coddler & nobody cares about your policy except GOP operatives & government agents & Root counterrevolutionary supporters.
    Everybody ignore xaulie & maybe he’ll go away.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Everybody, I have emailed AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. I’ve asked for an appointment to speak with him about PLAS.
    I couldn’t find an email address for him so you have to go to the bottom of their website to Contact Us.
    Everybody send an email on this form requesting an appointment for me to speak with Trumka.
    Now here is political power. Despite the decrease in labor unions & the assault on unions by the GOP & rightists. Because wherever the unions go, the progressives go in support. If I can reach the unions & Trumka has been making noises against the democrats, I can get the progressives-away from Oily Bomber.
    Trumka had an article in IPR recently.

  3. Kleptocracy and You

    Why exactly must you be on TOP Milnes ? This is the 21st Century. Many women prefer to be on top. I can assure you that it can be just as enjoyable on the bottom !!!

    Hot Libertarian Bitch – Bumper Sticker –

    “Screw This I’m Voting Libertarian.” –

    “Take a bite out of Government Vote Libertarian” –

    Dept. Of Agriculture – Helen Whalen-Cohen ->

  4. Robert Milnes

    Hey, I’d be glad to accomodate on the bottom of the ticket.
    It just isn’t the ideal. The ideal formulation is: m. progressive p./f. libertarian vp. I hoped Tom K would get a sex change operation or offer up his wife.
    One might ask why Mary apparently insists on being on top too!

  5. Robert Milnes

    Hey, this is the PLAS thread, not the Kleptocracy thread.
    Geddoudda here or I call xaulie.
    Oh yeah, let’s quarrantine the rambling, boring, thread hijacking repartee between Tom K. & R.C. too.

  6. JT

    Milnes: “Despite the decrease in labor unions & the assault on unions by the GOP & rightists.”

    Actually, Labor Dept. records show that union membership in the U.S. has been declining since 1983. And while 36% of government workers are represented by unions, only about 7% of business-sector workers are unionized now.

    Also, why do you keep calling him “xaulie”? I don’t get it.

  7. Kleptocracy and You

    What, no success asking the former Marine to sex change or OFFER up his wife eh? I mean that isn’t asking TOO much in the scheme of things is it? With VICTORY in sight yet some still cannot believe!

    Well if the Knappster won’t comply, the next best is, no doubt, to have Capozzi sex change and perform the duty !! Yeah, NO DOUBT about it Capozzi is your man or would that be girl ?

    Milnes/Capozzi the PLAS road to VICTORY in 2012 !


    No hesitation involved, DONATE the $5,000 maximum immediately in memory of Teddy/Murry !!!
    (that’s Roosevelt/Rothbard the ticket’s inspiration, please note: I left the ‘a’ out of the name intentionally *it rhymes every time*a poet and didn’t know it*)

    Check, money orders, unmarked CASH and UNEXPIRED Visa, MasterCard and American Express are always WELCOME.

    Google Milnes/Capozzi 2012 for more info.

    Send Donations/that’s money people, to Robert Milnes 2012 . COM

    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President Right or Wrong, is not only Unpatriotic and Servile, but is Morally Treasonable to the American Public.”– Former Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt”

    The great non sequitur committed by defenders of the State, is to leap from the necessity of society to the necessity of the State. – Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995), American Economist, Historian, Political Theorist, and Author

    “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.” — Teddy Roosevelt, 1906

    “These international bankers and Rockefeller Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.” – Theodore Roosevelt

  8. Robert Milnes

    NF, above & previously, xaulie has mentioned that he takes note & often responds if his name is mentioned.
    So I’m hoping this spelling ditches him.

  9. Rev. Alberto Medvedev

    Can we please geta thread for my proposed Prohibition-Libertarian Alliance Strategy, known as PLAS 2.0?

  10. Robert Milnes

    EVERYBODY! Tommorrow at midnight ends the second quarter of campaign fundraising.
    Unfortunately one’s campaign is judged -to some extent-by fundraising totals.
    I have a presidential campaign contributions button via Donor Town Square.
    If you have any inclination to support my campaign, please consider contributing today or tomorrow.
    And/or sign up for various staff positions or other ways to support the campaign.
    My campaign could use a boost!

  11. Jinn N. Jooz

    IPR should stop paying their writers if they don’t enforce the policy.

  12. NewFederalist

    “IPR should stop paying their writers…”

    Har Har Har… THAT’S a good one!

  13. Jinn N. Jooz

    If they are not doing the job they are being paid to do, why not just fire and replace them?

  14. Robert Milnes

    J & J, you are hijacking this thread.
    According to the IPR policy you worship, your comment should go to Open hread for June 2011.
    Giddoudda heya!

  15. Jinn N. Jooz

    I am addressing the direct subject matter of this thread. Seriously, if the IPR writers are not doing their job why are they still getting their checks?

    As for Milnes being paid, he may have better luck in asking to be paid not to comment than the other way around.

  16. Jinn N. Jooz

    That’s just silly. Of course they get paid. Who would have that kind of free time?

  17. C. Al Currier

    I generally use ‘google reader’ when scanning through IPR information. I read the titles of the articles and sometimes read the content of the articles. Rarely do I read the comments. Mr. Milnes (PLAS) has no adverse affect on my reading of IPR.

  18. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    [a] To the Divine Mister P, “thank you”

    [b] as I was told in computer class in 1967, er, ah, um 2000, that there is no need to ‘unsubscribe’ * ——- merely ‘spam’

    [c] You do not appreciated Milnes, Phillies, Lake, W. A. R. , ____________ ?????????? Just ignore the posting —- duh!

    * gives them information they can use against you

  19. C. Al Currier

    OK, OK, OK.
    The grammar police are coming out of the woodwork. They drop down from the ceilings. They’re popping out from behind the trees and the lamposts. They are out to get me.

    I give. Uncle. I surrender. Enough already.

    Mr. Milnes (PLAS) has no adverse effect on my reading of IPR.

    Affect vs. effect, who-the-hell-cares?

  20. Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry

    Is Robert Milnes aware his PLAS idea is counter to the Word of the Lord?! Progressives and Libertarians are both liers and Catholic spies who systematic plan to undermind the Palestinian Swendenborgian and Christian Science communities. What’s needed in America is an anti-Zoinist, anti-“Gay”, pro-Bible, pro-Captain Beefheart union of black and white, rich and poor! Robert Milnes is a communist catholic homosexual who’s going to burn in hell. I commend IPR for trying to limit his sinful preaching to just one treat. May her holiness Sri Mary Baker Eddy, queen of love in this world and the next bless you Paulie and all others opposed to this evil!

  21. C. Al Currier

    I’m not bothered by Milnes & Co., but when the titles of the articles are too long, they don’t quite show up correctly on ‘google reader’.

    Take this title:
    “Dr. Tom Stevens: The Future Of The Libertarian Political Movement Conference In Manchester, New Hampshire Draws Few Attendees & Offers No Solutions To Revitalize The Libertarian Party”

    …..comes out like:
    Dr. Tom Stevens: The Future Of The Libertarian Po

    Under those kind of circumstances, I have to click an extra button to go to either:
    1) the article at ‘google reader’
    2) the actual internet site of IPR

    It would help me if the titles of articles were concise. I like to scan down the sheet (computer screen) looking for relevant and important articles.

    Another thing that I think would be cool is a symbol (or acronym) preceding the article. I would be able to scan through more articles that way. I like the acronym PLAS, and would like to see other short acronyms (or symbols) used to make it easier to find reading material that might be interesting.

  22. C. Al Currier

    I curious. Are we going to get to see the Milnes censored comments (raw and unedited) on the PLAS II site?

    Robert Milnes // Jun 30, 2011 at 6:06 pm
    [edited. discussions of plas should be in plas thread. discussions of debate parameters should be in debate on debate parameters thread.]

    Robert Milnes // Jun 30, 2011 at 6:20 pm
    Milnes/Kwiatkowski [edited. This is a plas related statement and thus does not belong in non-plas threads].

    I take “quarantined in special threads” as both a threat and a promise. I don’t want that stuff just floating aimlessly in the ether. “Quarantined” should catch the entire comment, not just the edited version. The unedited comments belong somewhere. I won’t likely be reading them but someone, somewhere might have some kind of interest in checking up on the details.

  23. Robert Milnes

    C. Al Currier, interesting point.
    Evidently the stupid IPR policy simply deletes the comment. You are correct, it should be, if you are going to fool around with it at all, put on the PLAS thread. Also, the fool that does the editing should have the stones to identify him/her self. I think we would find that rightist coddler xaulie is the only fool bothering with this stupid jerked off bullshit. & any fool that does is an asshole.

  24. C. Al Currier

    Mr. Robert Milnes,

    I think the ‘inappropriate’ comments on other ‘threads’ should be recycled. Other people might want to use those words. I don’t think they should just become landfill or thrown into someone. People could simply come to the PLAS II site and reuse that stuff.

    This is a small planet. Think “Earth and Ether First”

  25. Robert Milnes

    C. Al Currier, yes, you are absolutely correct.
    It is my blind outrage that kept me from seeing that.
    To edit meaning delete means that the words are worthless or offessive or obscene etc. THAT I certainly object to and contest.
    To put comments in quarrantine meaning their own designated place, is not so aggregious to me.
    & I resent being continuingly singled out. The other matters-USParliament, petitioners’ grievances, Chelene etc. have long since played out or been resolved. When will PLAS get resolved? When I give up on it i.e when it is disproved. Given a fair chance failed.
    Of course if it tried & succeeds, then quarrantine becomes superfluous. Right now it is just absurd & outrageous.

  26. C. Al Currier

    ….yes, you are absolutely correct.
    It is my blind outrage that kept me from seeing that… Robert Milnes

    Re: “Earth and Ether First”

    In 350 BC, Greek philosopher Aristotle suggested that nature abhors a vacuum, a principle that became known as the horror vacui.

    The reason you may have been blinded is that the ether model (AKA luminiferous aether) went out of vogue with the Michelson–Morley experiments in the early 1900’s. Some German dude came up with a new fangled theory that replaced the ether model with a ‘new improved’ model that uses an entirely different concept, space.

    I personally don’t believe in replacing the old ether model. I think the Michelson–Morley experiments provide good indications of the properties of the ether, but using that approach (in science) merely makes the difference between –ether vs. space– simply a matter of simantics. Either way, we still have to deal with this:

    I do not want wasted words going out there! Keep them in this PLAS thread.

  27. C. Al Currier

    Whoa thar!
    I found out that I can take the little ‘mouse’ and snatch the left side of my googler-reader-pager- thingee-type-line and move it way, way over!

    I can read the whole title of:
    “Dr. Tom Stevens: The Future Of The Libertarian Political Movement Conference In Manchester, New Hampshire Draws Few Attendees & Offers No Solutions To Revitalize The Libertarian Party”

    All I need is a super-duper wide monitor screen.

    Man-o-man, can’t you folks at IPR figure out how to shorten these titles? I’ll check back in a month or two.

  28. Etherologist

    Robert Milnes // Jul 6, 2011 at 10:37 pm #47

    @19, I call on IPR readers to demand that my comments no longer be screwed with.
    This policy is stupid. All the matters that prompted the so called segregation or quarrantine eventually work out. Petitioners’ issues, Chelene worshippers, US ZParliament-that commenter agreed to stop the repetitive part of the comments just before getting threaded.
    & yet xaulie posts & comments more than anyone else, with his fool rightist coddling e.g. talking up Root & Gary Johnson.
    & the Tom K & R.C. boring, meandering debates drag on forever in many threads.
    Despite the quarrantine of my comments, IPR continues. Many who left have not returned e.g. Brain on Hold & Milsted. Mary comments occasionally. Karen K recently deigned to comment in IPR.
    The policy just makes IPR look bad. xaulie makes IPR look bad.
    Get rid of xaulie insted of allowinhg his fat ass to screw with my good comments.
    I for one am sick of his fool lols & stupid videos & rightist coddling.
    But I don’t say anything until he has the gall to screw with my comments. He has a lot of nerve & you people let him get away with it.

  29. Rev. Alberto Medvedev

    The Rev. Alberto Medvedev humbly demands that a new thread, dedicated to Robert Milnes Presidential Campaign, be opened?

  30. Demand v. Question

    @Rev. Alberto Medvedev // Jul 8, 2K11 at 12:07 a

    “The Rev. Alberto Medvedev humbly demands that a new thread, dedicated to Robert Milnes Presidential Campaign, be opened?”

    Is this a demand or a question? If it is a demand, I humbly request that you resubmit your demand without a question mark at the end of the sentence.

  31. Jill Pyeatt

    Robert Milnes sent me an email this week called something like “An Open Letter to the Green Party.” Is anyone interested in seeing it posted here?

  32. Chuck Moulton

    New Federalist wrote (@41):

    Sorry Chuck… the VP has to be female!

    No, he just wants a male/female or female/male ticket.

    I assume “Roberta” Milnes would be willing to get a sex change to access the $73.8 billion raised per quarter.

  33. NewFederalist

    Chuck… I didn’t realize you had such a wry sense of humor!

    Jill… since Dr. Stein seems to have the Green nomination wrapped up it would be nice to see what Bob Milnes has to say to the Greens. On the one hand I really don’t want to encourage his 100th anniversary of TR and the Progressive Party coming in 2nd is an opportunity for 2012/PLAS stuff but on the other hand he seems like a good intentioned person who really believes in his idea even if he won’t do anything about it but post on the internet. I say post it.

  34. William Saturn

    @42 Milnes is a very popular topic here. He has posted the letter on his website and I was going to link to it in an article about the Green Party, but it probably should have a post of its own, so I agree with NewFederalist.

  35. Jill Pyeatt

    Okay, I’ll see if I still have it, and if it’s all right with him if I post it. It would be nice to get to a topic besides Rand Paul, anyway.

  36. William Saturn

    Milnes responds to Functional Fillmore Frugal:

    “I just read the article. Yes, it does sound like me. And it alludes to me being a dysfunctional loser, like Badnarik. Hence not recommended by the author for the LP nomination.

    “The recommendations by the author are generally the exact opposite of what I would recommend.

    “My recommendations are longstanding and unchanged. The LP and GP should nominate the same fusion ticket. A radical/anarchist progressive man p and a radical/anarchist libertarian woman.

    “I certainly wouldn’t recommend Gingrich. Nor Johnson in 2012 or 2016..

    “Note that paulie has mentioned Johnson 2016 favorably in ipr comments. One of the first to do so.

    “I do not know if the author is Ogle. It is possible. Note that Ogle has teamed up with Tiffany Briscoe. All very suspicious.”

  37. William Saturn


    Robert Milnes sent the following message via e-mail. I have placed it here for all IPR readers and contributors to consider. Paulie has stated numerous times that if IPR reinstates Milnes or James Ogle, he will leave the site. Personally, I do not want to see Paulie leave. He is invaluable to IPR, both onsite and behind the scenes. Though Krzysztof has been posting most of the articles recently, Paulie forwards leads by e-mail. Paulie clearly loves IPR and because of this, I do not believe he really will leave if Milnes or Ogle are reinstated. Though I cannot speak for Ogle, who has spammed the site previously, I can say that like Paulie, Milnes loves this site. Moreover, his comments are entertaining and insightful. Look in the archives and read below to see for yourself.

    This email refers to and is in response to paulie’s comment 154 in Independent Political Report July Open Thread.

    He again, as several times in the past, has tied the banning/reinstatement of Ogle and I to his presence vin IPR. To me this is a nobrainer.

    Since PLAS is the strategy to counter the stranglehold of the democrats and republicans-the reactionaries-and I am the creator/namer and primary advocate of PLAS, it and I are virtually vital to the third party/independent movement. paulie is on the surface a radical libertarian/IPR workhorse. However some of his actions are inconsistent with that.

    First, note that I am emailing rather than commenting in IPR because I am banned. 2 Julies ago by Anonymous, who had deleted several of my comments just before declaring me banned. My last comment was deleted, declared ground for banning, then permanently deleted. I was accused by Anonymous of threatening to spam IPR. Bogus. I said I believed Anonymous was paulie. He denied it in BTP comments. I believe he lied. Unfortunately there was lack of support for unbanning me, so it still is in effect 2 years later.

    I do not think a workhorse is necessarily a good thing. eg. Ronulan Paulnuts. Ron Paul is clearly a counterrevolutionaryu. So called libertarians support him zealously. However his positions are counter to revolutionary, progressive and/or libertarian positions. Support for Ron Paul takes away from support for libertarianism.

    Likewise support for paulie is counter to libertarianism.

    Why is paulie so confident that he will stay in IPR and Ogle and I will stay banned? Could it be he was assured by the powers that be that that is so? That Warren Solomon has been installed as owner of IPR to ensure his protection? That would make Warren either an agent or a dupe.

    Recently a comment has linked to thefreelibrary story around 2000 that paulie had been charged with vote petition fraud. If every signature became a charge, this could be a very strong multiple count indictment. Enough to flip someone see The Age of Surveillance by Frank J. Donner. paulie fits the profile of someone who has been flipped. I have suspected for some time that paulie got in a lot of legal trouble in the 1990s or early 2000s. I assumed it had something to do with his admitted sordid past, drugs, organized crime? lots of money made and lost, threats for some undisclosed reason etc. I suspect that he was flipped by the FBI and has since gotten involved with Israeli intelligence. Israel has a vested interest to surveil and sabotage third parties/independents in that the reactionaries knee jerk support Israel zealously whereas the Libertarian and Green parties do not.

    About the early 2000s is when paulie had unpleasant involvement in The Last Free Voice and began lolling me in TPW and then IPR. Why would paulie lol me in such a vicious, constant unlibertarian manner? Could it be thaqt he was put up to it as part of a general campaign against me?

    I have repeatedly called for an investigation into paulie. All I see is people who should know better like Jill P. blindly supporting and following paulie. It is disgusting.

    Speaking of disgusting, counterrevolutrionary and homophobe etc. Don Grundmann continues to be allowed to comment in IPR by paulie, yet Ogle and I not? What is wrong with this picture?

    I did not comment all thawt frequently or on every or even most threads. Nor did I always or even mostly include PLAS in every comment. I commented somewhat more often than average perhjaps, but on a variety of threads and topics and certainly not always or even mostly about plas. But even if I dfid, so what? There is no limit as such on comments. paulie himself comments on a lot of threads on a variety of subjects. There were many violatorsd worse than me regarding obsessions, or rerpetitive ness or going off thread etc. Root articlews posted by lackey s, Knall/Capozzi arguments about how many libertarians can dance on the head of a pin, paulie/lg kissy face puke comments etc.

    Supposedly there is a plugin for wordpress suggested by Tom K. that will solve the problem of deleted comments and banned commenters to be installed soon.

    Reinstate Ogle and I and if paulie leaves, good riddance.

  38. PLAS Watch

    Obviously, a Zimmerman/Trayvon fusion ticket is the way to go in 2016. Does Milnes concur?

  39. William Saturn

    You’d have to ask him. But keep in mind that your presidential candidate is underage and your vice presidential candidate is dead.

  40. Thomas L. Knapp

    If I had to choose between Paulie and Milnes and/or Ogle, it would be Paulie hands down.

    It would be nicer not to have to choose, though.

    As far as Milnes is concerned: He’s always “calling for” other people to do things that he could do himself.

    He wants to run for president, but only if everyone else miracles up a campaign for him.

    He wants Paulie “investigated.” So … what’s stopping him from “investigating” Paulie?

    It may or may not be true that God helps those who help themselves. It is mostly true of everyone else, though.

  41. PLAS Watch

    Anti-ghost laws seem pretty passe. If the Democrats can run a Kenyan/British subject and the Republicans can run a bunch of Cubans in violation of the Constitution, why sohuldn’t the PLAS Party run a differently-living candidate?

    An all-living, 35+ ticket like Wells/Milnes 2016 is kind of boring.

  42. Steve Rhodes

    One of the hugest hurdles third parties have is to be taken seriously. Milnes is a comical character, and it will just make thirdpartiers look more fringes and lunatics. I was told that he can’t even keep up with the rent for the land his trailer sits on, but yet he wants to lead the country? That’s just a big joke.

  43. NewFederalist

    Ogle is just plain obsessed with his fantasy parliament. He is BORING because the story never changes. He just spammed the same nonsense on every thread he chose. Milnes, on the other hand, is to be pitied. He is obviously incapable of taking care of himself but he still has a certain quality that makes his viewpoints at least entertaining as opposed to the USA Parliament drivel of Ogle. By his own admission he is clinically depressed which accounts for his inability to do anything for himself. I would not trade Milnes for paulie because paulie is the glue that keeps IPR together. I do not believe that Milnes is as evil and intolerant as Grundmann. If there was some way to let Bob back for a trial period without pushing paulie out the door, I would favor it. Ogle… never. He is just a spammer.

  44. William Saturn

    @55 & 56

    Those are not reasons to ban someone.

    All we are saying is give Milnes a chance.

  45. Steven Wilson

    Paulie wouldn’t be a factor for a final decision. For the owner of the site, it would be economics.

    If either Milnes or Ogle were allowed back, the site would suffer in content irregularities and viewership drop off. Many readers here have noted that the sabotage of stories by the same postings is lame and unacceptable.

    I don’t think Warren would want to sacrifice money for the sake of supporting two or three people who post the identical statements all the time on every thread.

    If readership declines so will his ad revenue.

    You wouldn’t go to Bass pro shops and “camp” in the store. You wouldn’t fish out of their huge tanks of stored fish. Peta wouldn’t get contracted as a sub to help move product. Warren wouldn’t sabotage his own investment no matter how small it was.

    And if Bass Pro shops did those things, the regular customers would leave and Bass Pro shops would be out of business.

    These customers of IPR have already stated that the behavior A is unacceptable.

    When the customer speaks, the professional money makers listen. You ignore them and you turn into Blockbuster.

    It is true I come here mostly for entertainment purposes. To read postings from people gives me a laugh or two but it also helps me take things from other perspectives. Articles that promote certain issues are helpful to me and to those I work with.

    I do help candidates with PR and media plans on occasions. But the news here is important but the postings are just accessories to the main topic of the thread. If every thread turns into a discussion on behavior A, then I get nothing and IPR will lose the brand equity it has built. What ever utility IPR had in my mind will have disappeared due to the change in content. IPR will repeat itself.

    I don’t get the feeling after the quasi survey warren had on the side bar that he would allow the site to forfeit readership for principle of nutball and lame.

  46. William Saturn


    Your argument presupposes that comments from Milnes will take up space that could be occupied otherwise and that readers will even respond to his comments.

    I would like to see concrete statistics to support your view. Did IPR suddenly become more profitable after Milnes was banned in 2011?

    Personally, I do not see IPR as a store. I do not see myself or others as customers. It is a forum with speakers and listeners. If people want to listen to Milnes they will. If not, they can choose to not listen to his speech and move on to what they want to read on the site.

  47. Matt Cholko

    I see valid points on all sides of the Milnes argument. However, though I did find his continuous posting of the same crap to be annoying at times, I never felt as though he was purposely hijacking threads, or anything else of the sort. Ogle is a spammer, as has been stated above. He should not be allowed to post here. Milnes, IMHO, was usually attempting to engage in legitimate discussion, and is not in that category. He should be given a second chance.

    I will note that Milnes was often incredibly rude to Paulie, and others, in his comments. I can totally understand Paulie’s reluctance to participate in a forum where he is subjected to such abuse. I’d like to see Paulie lighten up though, long enough to give Milnes another shot. If he goes right back to the personal attacks, then ban him again. If he just posts too much PLAS crap, well, that’s the price we have to pay for a (nearly) unmoderated forum.

  48. William Saturn


    Robert Milnes e-mailed the following message in response to the discussion above

    Recently there has been more than usual discussion of reinstating/unbanning me and/or Ogle in IPR comments.

    I think there may be an impasse. Several have expressed being favorable to reinstatement-of me more than Ogle-but have also expressed reservations if this were to cause paulie to leave.

    Let’s take a closer look at paulie leaving. This was NEVER my demand or even idea. It came from paulie himself.

    …Why? Why has paulie taken it upon himself to ridicule me for years and then either ban me as Anonymous or to acquiesce to Anonymous banning me? Why has paulie linked his destiny at IPR to my destiny at IPR. Why am I that important to him? Why not just let the consensus decide and live with that decision? Certainly I am not the only person whose presence in IPR is controversial or problematic. The recent controversy about Grundmann for example. Why make it so clear he or I, chose him-Milnes-and I leave. Why that strong a link?

    Let me start with my conclusion rather than lead up to it which I am not as good at. I suspect that a lot of time and energy and planning has gone into paulie being so intimately involved in IPR and virtually indespensible. And I wonder if something similar was tried before-at Last Free Voice. If paulie was flipped by fbi and later Israeli intelligence, he would need a reason deter, a reason or mandate even to be there in the movement, in the organization, in order to not stand out or rather fit in as cover to his real agenda. To spy-surveillance and to manipulate-sabotage, covert operations. SOMEBODY-I believe a think tank pro reactionary, has been behind this. Somebody-his handler-liaison, has communicated to him that his wo\rkhorse status, his indespensibility, his charisma, is so powerful that it can be made use of against me. To keep m,e out. To keep me down politically. Ridiculed, discredited etc., Which is the think tank’s strategy against me. So it fits well. And let’s be clear, this think tank is top of the line. The best and brightest have been brought to bear against me. For years. There have been several assassination attempts and many other covert operations against me over the years. This paulie v milnes convergence at IPR was coincidental but doable. For some reason I mostly blogged at IPR. I have thought about this and do not understand why, but it just happened that way. I blog a little on my websites. I blogged a little at Green party watch from which I also evidently have been banned!. I checked out other websites but didn’t quite commit so to speak to commenting much in them. I tried to set up theplasplace but that didn’t get traction. Now anyone following me would realize this and would set as a high priority to get me banned from commenting at IPR to really interfere with me.

    So I say let’s further examine paulie. What is he getting out of this? His family brought out of Russia to USA/Israel, a home, job, new life, a Witness Protection program sort of reward? paulie clearly has entrepreneurial experience, is very talented in IT, he could clearly get a job that was rewarding if he tried. Yet he stays at IPR, unemployed except for some job he talks about-part time petitioning? And he doesn’t own a laptop. Why not? Even I have a high end laptop and access to 4G. Why not paulie? Why is this gifted IT person constantly dealing with internet 101 problems? UNLESS he is under some sort of court order to not own a laptop and/or have internet access in his name-subscribe. So he borrows others computers and web access. Everybody seems to accept paulie’s eccentricities. That is one thing about going undercover. Spying. It is very easy to fit in , to go unrecognized by the average person. By activist groups. In The Age of Surveillance it was noted that often at meetings of various groups there were more agents /informants/operatives present that activists. In other words the LP and GP and BTP and IPR GPW HoT etc should EXPECT at least one if not several spies/saboteur/provocateurs.

    So, in the present situation I recommend we question paulie. And further, offer him an alternative to what he is doing. A household to take him in, legal assistance, a legit well paying movement IT job etc. in exchange for his admittance/confession. And for him to give us details of how he was flipped, who else might be how the feds/think tanks operate etc.

    This strategy would accomplish several positive things for the movement. It would end this impasse/stalemate. I would prefer to be reinstated. I would like paulie off my back. We need to know what the something is about paulie. We need PLAS asap.

  49. Steve Rhodes

    It’s very clear that Milnes is not only paranoid but is also delusional. Would he contribute to this site? I don’t think so. He’ll just give traders another reason to think third parties are lunatics.

  50. NewFederalist

    Wow! As if Paulie or Milnes or anyone else at IPR is so friggin important that a massive conspiracy is all woven around them. C’mon, Bob, this site is NOT that important nor that well read.

  51. William Saturn


    NewFederalist is right @67.

    Saying this as one of your biggest proponents for reinstatement, nobody’s buying your speculation about Paulie. But I for one, find the story here engaging. I also believe it demonstrates your love for IPR. Not many would go to this much trouble after being banning from a site. Ogle certainly doesn’t seem to care about his ban.

    I’d like to hope we are a little more advanced than Green Party Watch. I hope that unlike them, we can stand by the principle that ideas we disagree with be countered with rational argumentation, not through the silencing of voices.

  52. Reality Watch

    @68 — I read it as a reference to people on InTrade giving third parties long odds (on anything). Made sense in that context.

  53. Deran

    You know perfectly well, William Saturn, that neither Mr. Milnes, nor Mr. Ogle, were banned for ideological reasons. To present it as such is disingenuous.

  54. William Saturn

    I know Ogle was banned for spamming long lists of names for his fantasy parliament. On the other hand, it seems Milnes was banned because his comments annoyed and frustrated xaulie.

  55. Jill Pyeatt

    Milnes can’t even honor a simple request such as “Please remove me from your email list”. I don’t think I was around when he was banned though, because I don’t remember anything about it.

  56. Deran

    You know very well that that is not correct, William Saturn. While James Ogle spammed his USA Parliament thing compulsively in any thread of comments he cared to spam, Robert Milnes also compulsively spammed any thread he cared to with lengthy diatribes abt his own fantasy political venture. It was not this fantasy political venture despite there being no relation to the topic. That is what got both of those fellows banned. got him banned, you know that very well.

    I think giving Concerned Citizen their own thread for their fantasy political scheme, the Frugal Filmore thing, is in many ways no better.

  57. William Saturn

    There is big difference between Milnes’ lengthy diatribes and Ogle’s spam.

    Ogle’s long lists of names had no meaningful content. Milnes’ discussion of PLAS provided a certain perspective on a thread. Whether anyone wanted to engage or read that perspective was an individual choice. However, Milnes did not exclusively discuss PLAS.

    I can see in the archives that xaulie started editing Milnes’ comments on June 30, 2011. I just looked at a few of Milnes’ comments from June 2011. Most don’t even mention PLAS. Take a look for yourself. Are these really that bad?

    Submitted on 2011/06/26 at 5:55 am on Root Commentary in Washington Times
    This is what happened to the Obama campaign in Iowa in 2008. The progressive vote-i.e. the anti-war democratic vote, turned out in support of his candidacy. All of a sudden his candidacy became viable. Then in South Carolina the black vote went from Clinton to Obama when blacks realized he could win.
    This is why the LP consistently fails to get The Libertarian Vote. Anyone who might be inclined to support the LP opts to not do so because they can see the LP is going to lose.

    Submitted on 2011/06/26 at 1:47 pm on Root Commentary in Washington Times
    Tom @63, I tend to agree. But in fairness to George, we do not actually KNOW what effect an LP Pres. candidate getting into the debates would have.
    Also we do not know who actually can or cannot accomplish that.
    e.g. until recently Bachmann was virtually a laughing stock on the liberal MSM.
    Today she is on MTP.
    & is polling statistically tied with presumed frontrunner Romney in Iowa.

    Submitted on 2011/06/22 at 8:12 pm on Karen Kwiatkowski – Republican for Congress in 2012
    Of course Ron Paul gets a lot of support from the military.
    The military is predominately a reactionary/counterrevolutionary organization.
    It is CLEARLY NOT libertarian.
    It goes without saying it is not anarchistic.
    Neither is Ron Paul.

  58. William Saturn


    Robert Milnes responds to additional IPR comments

    Yes, I remember writing that in June 2011.

    Shortly after that in July Anonymous banned me. But IIRC the ban was declared about a comment that Anonymous claimed I “threatened to spam IPR”. That was bogus, a misunderstanding in the least, deliberate misinterpretation of what I actually wrote. I denied that and requested to comment be reposted for readers to evaluate it for themselves. Anonymous said it was deleted then automatically permanently deleted. Sometime in July 2011 IIRC.

    Again, I did not SPAM if I understand the definition of spam, automatic methodical posting in the self interest of the spammer usually for profit. But if you define spam as repetitious writing of similar topic or variations/permutations of that, maybe I did. Off the dedicated thread. But usually re;lated to a previous comment by some other person. So individualized, not automatic text.

    Also many of my comments were abrasive or hard hitting so there may have been complaints for that reason.

    @67 thank you for your interest in this topic-my possible reinstatement, NF. But I insist, IPR is actually that important. Because of paulie blogging there and because of me blogging there.

    Getting back to paulie’s insistence of leaving if I am reinstated. Again I ask why. Why does he insist on this ultiomatum? Even if it is just a serious rivalry, so what? It must be more than that. I believe somebody put him up to that in order to intimidate people like NF who would otherwise insist that I be reinstated. A lot of time and energy and thought has been invested in paulie being in such ann important position in IPR. Virtually involved in all aspects virtually indespensible. Makes him less questionable doesn’t it? More able to do what he wants. Control things as it were. Perhaps this was tried at LFV before also but it was ruined by its sale. I communicated with the owner of LFV, Elfnino’s Mom-ENM, about this. Also I asked paulie. The general idea I got was a dispute about the sale, that paulie contributed so much that he thought he should get part of the proceeds. But is that the real paulie agenda? That seems lame. Ruining what he was trying to accomplish at LFV seems more likely. Which he has accomplished at IPR. Being involved in everything hence being able to spy, sabotage without question of his presence or ulterior motives.

    Since I am evidently targeted for surveillance and covert operations, his presence and mine converged there. If I am a high priority target, then to accomplish my banning would be a high priority.

    WEas Anonymous paulie or not? He says no, I say he was but I can’t prove it.

    This impasse has been made by paulie. A decision to reinstate me, perhaps as a result of the weordpress plugin madeking a new commenting/banning commenting system possible, is set up to be made by Warren. This puts Warren in an interesting position. If he is an operative or dupe, he will not reinstate me. For whatever reason. Including deference to paulie. i.e. give in to paulie’s extortion. But if Warren is not an operative or dupe, he is going to check into my suspicions about paulie.

    Again, why make such a demand, that if IPR reinstaters me, paulie will leave? I think somebody told him to say that. Parlaying his long built up importance to IPR against me. Can it really be thast personal to paulie that if I am reinstated he takes that as a personal slight against hium? I would feel negative about him staying if I am reinstated, but oh well. There is a lot of negatives about IPR. paulie’s evident vendetta against me, a campaign of criticism and ridicule, seems overbearing but bearable. I wouldn’t insist he leave if I am reinstated. If I did, there are several I’d like to leave if I am reinstated. But none anywhere near the intensity of negative feelings generated in me by paulie. Nobody has relentlessly attacked me over the years like he has.

  59. Steve Rhodes

    Milnes is clearly mentally disturbed. I’m embarrassed for him that your posting this letter, William.

  60. Unity

    When multiple parties who are team-splitters and dividers occupy the same thread, the “my way or no way” destructive psychology prevails.

    Are you tired of continual bickering and fighting? Try unity for a change. We’ve been using it for 18 consecutive years and it works great!

    Our system identifies and attracts team players and we don’t have the problems you see here.

  61. William Saturn


    Milnes just e-mailed me the following, which I feel is appropriate to post since Milnes was attacked in another thread

    did you see comment 40 on the Cathy thread? Jeremy C. Young gets to wrongly accuse me and I cannot defend myself and probably nobody else will.

    No, I didn’y viciously attack paulie. I began to zealously defend myself after years of ridiculing me by paulie, which I equate with viciously attack.. So Jeremy has it backwards.

  62. Catholic Trotskyist

    William, thanks for posting Robert Milnes’s material. While I want Paulie to stay, I support Milnes’s reinstatement; however Paulie is extremely important to the site. He may leave for a few weeks but would probably come back anyway. James/Unity, sorry I haven’t been as active in US Parliament lately; I’ve been busy and will be in touch soon.

  63. William Saturn

    Milnes just notified me that he turned 61 years yesterday. If you have his e-mail, please wish him a happy birthday. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

  64. William Saturn


    Robert Milnes sent the following message announcing the formation of a new blog called ThePLASPlace (TPP)

    Please Forward. see:

    This is to announce that the wordpress blogs for the Presidential candidacy for Robert W. Milnes for 2016 and The Plas Place have been combined and upgraded. You are invited to check it out and participate.

    Over the years I have not blogged/commented very much on my own websites. Mostly I commented on The Last Free Voice, then Third Party Watch, then Independent Political Report. Then I was banned from commenting on IPR 2 years ago. This represents my efforts to elicit comments from readers and comment/reply myself. It is formatted from the same template as IPR and I have added a monthly Open Thread for any/all kind of comments much like IPR. Since it is my blog which I own the domain and I am the administrator and only one administrator is allowed by WordPress, I cannot be banned!!!!!

    To me, the header image I selected represents a sunrise. The beginning of the end for the democrats and republicans via PLAS. The subsequent beginning of a new Progressive Age with the inclusion of the libertarians. The end of all oppressive governments and the beginning of a new age of supersophistication and gracefulness, science and technology, health and happiness, peace and prosperity.

    I am hoping to conduct a successful campaign. To see that a fusion ticket is presented to the American People for their consideration; what should turn out to be a three way race. Also to coordinate the downticket candidates and votes such that all ballots have either a progressive Green OR Libertarian as viable third choices. This may very well become the best response to Top Two. Also to insure that a fusion ticket is presented, a new upper left political party that writes a mandate to nominate a fusion ticket into its bylaws. I propose that this party be called The Lexington Green party, created from the remnants of the Boston Tea party.

    In addition to administrator, there are 4 other levels of direct participation, editor, author, contributor and follower. I invite you to consider participating at whatever level/position you would like.

    I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to the 2016 campaign. I LOOK FORWARD TO SWEEPING OUT THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS!!!!!!. We can start now, in special elections and November 2013.

  65. Boston Tea Party

    I chatted there. That’s pretty cool. God bless the child…that’s got his own.

  66. William Saturn


    I hope you realize that Milnes wants to create the Lexington Green Party. He said he doesn’t like the Boston Tea Party name.

  67. William Saturn

    Everybody should have a voice in America. It should make no difference whether one is a hobo or a concerned citizen.

  68. William Saturn

    Thanks AR. You should check out ThePLASPlace. There’s some great stuff there. I invited Doug Stanhope, so maybe he’ll make a comment or two.

  69. William Saturn

    And for those of you who do not remember the Milnes-Stanhope connection see:

    Dave Weigel 2008/11/19 at 11:46 am:

    “One of my fondest memories of the Denver convention is standing next to Doug Stanhope, a Miller Lite bottle in his hand, yelling ?ROBERT MILNES!? during the VP nomination roll call. (Not nominating him, just yelling.)”

  70. William Saturn

    On ThePLASPlace, Milnes argues:

    “Nobody is going to listen to The Green Party Shadow Government. They are going to lose. My proposal for a shadow government, which they stole and ruined, was to set up an exact gallery of positions so that WHEN THE PARTY WINS, the shadow government can proceed hitting the road running.”

    Did the Green Party steal Milnes’ idea for a Shadow Government?

  71. William Saturn

    Yes. It’s probably the most interesting item Milnes has written since the TV surveillance story from two years ago.

  72. William Saturn

    After reading the article on Robert Sarvis, Robert Milnes has expressed his interest in holding his own money bomb.

    Please contact him if you would like to help him set this up. Of course, for obvious reasons, in communications, he’d prefer for you to refer to it as a “money b**b.”

  73. William Saturn


    Apparently because I am busy and not on here as often, Milnes believes I have been kidnapped and/or murdered. He believes I have been replaced with a Supercomputer, similar to the Tiffany Briscoe Supercomputer.

    In addition, he thinks a woman he “time-traveled” with long ago, who recently died of cancer, is not really dead, but also being held captive.

  74. Jill Pyeatt

    If anyone is friendly with Mr Milnes, this might be a good time to check on him, especially since things tend to get tougher on our more sensitive population through the holidays.

  75. William Saturn

    Robert Milnes sent an email asking someone to post something on IPR about his situation. Even though, in his mind, I am a supercomputer, I will do so.

    Robert Milnes is currently homeless after being evicted. He went to stay with his father in the basement of his sister’s house, but was apparently kicked out of there as well.

    It is unknown at this time where he is staying.

  76. NewFederalist

    I am saddened to hear this. I wish him well and hope he is able to get the help he needs. I believe he means well.

  77. Jill Pyeatt

    I wish him well also. I’m sorry he didn’t see this coming and make some kind of arrangements.

  78. NewFederalist

    Well Jill, at least it is soon to be summer. It could have been worse. He could have been booted in the middle of a pretty harsh winter.

  79. Jill Pyeatt

    That’s kind of what’s so sad, NF. He was given a three-month reprieve in December because of the cold, yet he didn’t make any preparations. He actually signed something that he’d leave in three months, if I recall.

  80. Matt Cholko

    Milnes is seriously mentally ill. Though I don’t know his diagnosis, I am well aware of how mentally ill people end up in this situation. And, in general, its not within their control. Its not that Milnes didn’t want to proactively do something about this. Its that he couldn’t. He probably did not have the mental capacity to do so.

  81. Steven Wilson

    I find it hard to believe in a state like New Jersey that his mental abilities have not been questioned. I think if his family were concerned he would have representation or at least a ward of the state.

  82. paulie Post author

    He has admitted to being diagnosed with chronic depression, but not any other type of mental illness.

    I think the road trip is exactly what he needs. It may be therapeutic for him.

    I hope he finds the answers he is looking for.

  83. William Saturn

    I can’t see how he intends to “investigate” those deaths. Does he plan to dig up graves?

  84. paulie Post author

    What’s “up”?

    The coffee must have made him very excited, and he felt compelled to share.

    Could make for Starbucks youtube ad?

    Perhaps he decided to put on a show, just like Milnes in front of the TV?

  85. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m actually quite concerned about Milnes, and also his plan to come to California. It’s too bad that he doesn’t have friends or family who can help.

    I have a mentally ill brother who has similar issues. He has absolutely torn our family apart. I expect Jeff to end up homeless someday, after my mom passes. There’s only so much other people can do.

  86. William Saturn

    He stayed in his sister’s basement with his elderly father after the lockout until the sister threw him out. I wonder if she knows what’s going on.

  87. Jill Pyeatt

    I suspect she does know what’s going on, and that’s why she threw him out. Who knows what else is going on in her life or her dad’s? The stress of my brother gave my dad a fatal heart attack when he was 57.

  88. NewFederalist

    Wow! That posted link was bizarre. Mental illness is SO cruel to the afflicted and their family. Once again, I hope Milnes gets the help he needs somehow.

  89. paulie Post author

    I think so. The road trip will probably be good for him. The sooner he stops crying over spilled milk and gets on with it the better ff he is likely to be.

  90. Jill Pyeatt

    He is really in bad shape. It’s a shame he doesn’t have friends or family in town who are willing to help.

  91. William Saturn

    I asked him about the Facebook account on his website. He said:

    Yes, but I do not know how to manage it, so I haven’t been back.
    When are you going to contact the police? I have reported you kidnapped. I have requested to testify before a Grand Jury in NJ.

  92. Jill Pyeatt

    I just read Milnes’ article about me a few hours ago,. I have done absolutely nothing to make Milnes think I’m in a position to help. I have a mentally ill brother who is already more than the family can handle. Plus, if I believed him that association with him could cause someone to be disappeared or murdered, why would I take that risk by helping him? I have a kid, a house, a husband, a business, and a household of pets that need me.

    It’s rather telling that no one in his community (friends or family) is willing to step forward to help. Has he burned bridges with him? Maybe he should get in his vehicle and find a new community to live in. He’s awfully young (61, I think he said) and may have 20 years or more left. He can’t just rely on other people’s help.

    I don’t mean to sound unkind, but it was a bit shocking to be focused on as Robert’s article does.

  93. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m not pleased that you’ve posted the link for everyone to read, William, but, whatever.

  94. Jill Pyeatt

    I think he’s only 62 today. I turned 59 two weeks ago, yet I’m planning to be around another twently years. How very sad for Robert. I can’t imagine how scared, lonely and depressed he is today. Poor guy. 🙁

  95. paulie Post author

    I hope he sets out on his trip soon. It’s a shame he is not interested in American Third Party Report, after all the complaining he did about getting booted off IPR. I think it is a community that he could find a real home in, along with others such as Dr. Tom Stevens, James Ogle, Dan Imperato, DemoRep from Ballot Access News, and Mark Seidenberg, along with CLC and Dr. Grundmann who are already there and the site’s Fuehrer, Chris Lesiak. Good luck with the exhumation thing and the gold mining, Robert.

  96. Jed Ziggler

    I’ll add another to that list. Drew Pritt, who terrorized the now-defunct OurCampaigns (which is a shame as the site was a great wealth of information on very old elections, if you could figure out how to navigate it). Shocked he’s never reared his ugly head here.

  97. paulie Post author

    Dang NF you are older than dirt 🙂

    I’m only 42, but that’s a lot older than I thought I would ever get to live when I was a teenager or even in my 20s.

  98. NewFederalist

    Dang NF you are older than dirt 🙂

    Yup. I just had my 22nd anniversary of my 42nd birthday.

  99. paulie Post author

    Due to his experiences with time travel, Milnes is not scared, he knows he will survive, dig up the empty coffin, expose all the evildoers, be reunited with his lady love and become president of the USA.

  100. paulie Post author

    That presumes it was better before, but you may be right. Getting evicted probably created a lot of stress that worsened his mental condition. It’s not looking like his cros country trip that he keeps promising is happening, and we may be in for another really cold winter, this time with less shelter than he had last winter.

  101. Matt Cholko

    Is he truly homeless? I was under the impression that he had worked out some place to live. I’m not sure why I had that impression though.

    I’d comment over at his blog and ask him directly, but I don’t really want my name to be associated with that craziness.

  102. paulie Post author

    I think he said that he is living in an old RV, but does not have any place to plug it in to outside power where he can park reliably. I’m not sure how well that would serve him in a cold winter. He has some solar panels but there’s not much sun during the shorter days. Last winter he had a wood burning stove and a shelter he built, I believe over his RV, but he no longer has that spot. He tried to move in with family and got kicked out quickly. I think he said the cops got called.

    Since Milnes is now buddying up with nazi troll vermin Vernon I should also mention the following. I’ll just copy and paste from an email to Andy with minor changes

    Andy, I wish you would stop making “Vernon” feel like he is getting a rise of you and getting attention by you commenting in his ridiculous blog. What I wish you would do instead and ask everyone else to do is

    1) Use the process below to file specific complaint with wordpress for each specific post that violates wordpress TOS by containing threats and inciting violence and/or by violating privacy
    2) Don’t write a long comment, just send them the article URL and exactly which of their Terms it violates . No explanation is necessary or helpful. Short is good.
    3) Don’t complain about defamation. They will just say come back with a court order.
    4) Document every complaint and send me a copy. As well as any response from them if you ever get one.
    5) Ask other people to do the same
    6) Stop feeding his craving for attention by leaving comments

    How to complain to wordpress:

    “…the Content …. does not contain threats or incite violence, …”

    Many of Vermin Vernon’s posts clearly and openly incite violence. I’d rather not link them on IPR. Email me if you want to help get him removed from wordpress and I will send you some examples.

    “…your blog is not getting advertised via unwanted electronic messages such as spam links on newsgroups, email lists, other blogs and web sites, and similar unsolicited promotional methods;”

    We’ve clearly told Vern that the links being posted here at IPR are unwanted. He keeps trying to do it. or

    Much of the content is abusive, violent, etc. Much worse than CLC’s blog which was removed.

    There are also many privacy violations, another wordpress TOS violation where he posts various people’s full name, date of birth, phone number and email and physical address along with calls for violence and accusations of criminal activity, pictures of dead hogs and so on. lays out the process step by step

  103. William Saturn

    Milnes’s activism, AKA “Rattle Camden’s County’s Cage Day II”:

    Wednesday I was in front of the Camden County Hall of Justice again. Carrying sign, passing out leaflets, chanting Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Judge Laskin has got to GO! I could use some support.

    Milnes also believes he will testify before a Grand Jury next week to seek prosecution of one Judge Laskin. Laskin ordered Milnes’s eviction in May, and so Milnes has concluded that Laskin is an Israeli agent.

  104. William Saturn

    I previously linked to the recent discussion involving Milnes at Irregular Times.

    His antisemitism has reached new heights. Check out his latest comment (at least he’s taking genocide off the table):

    Yes, you filthy good for nothing bastards have it going on here in America. If you weren’t human beings I would advocate genocide.
    But since I have taken genocide off the table, I’ve formulated a fair solution. To the WORLD WIDE problem of the jews.
    Worldwide supervised Diaspora. You want to be lucrative doctors. Doctor in Bangaladesh or Ethiopia. They could use legal help too, and international financial support too. Spread your good works around the world, jews. When you get together you are a menace to the world.

  105. NewFederalist

    If you find Milnes so disturbing, William, why do you continue to give him credence in your blogs as well as here?

  106. Robert Milnes

    OK, Everybody.
    Let’s wipe off the cobwebs here and the dust.
    Now, let’s discuss how we are going to sweep out the democrats and republicans and save our country!
    Starting with 2022!

  107. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes, I have not read your prior comments above, but I did read the most recent one. I don’t see it as either at all likely or a good idea that President Putin would be overthrown. From what I can see, he is doing a great job for his country and making it great again.

    I do agree that we should make him and his country our allies, and stop pushing them towards an alliance with our real adversary, China. The way to do that would be to stop encircling Russia. NATO and the EU ought to be dissolved. Instead, all European based nations including all of Europe, the US, Canada, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand, should form a new alliance against China, perhaps also including Japan and South Korea on our side. I would include Taiwan before China swallows them up as well.

    While this would be my hope, I don’t see it as likely either. Perhaps the best place to start, after Mr. Trump is back in his rightful office, would be to withdraw the US from NATO and pursue an alliance with President Putin and Russia instead. That is, if our current Chinese puppet regime hasn’t made it too late for that by that point.

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