MN Libertarians Eye Opening From Government Shutdown

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Less government is good government, as far as Tylor Slinger is concerned.

As a member of the executive board of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, the resident of St. Paul’s Highland Park sees benefits in the state government shutdown.

In Slinger’s eyes, this isn’t “tea party” radicalism or anarchist rhetoric. This is Libertarianism 101: Taxpayers accustomed to receiving state support, be it child care subsidies or visits from a social worker, would have to rely on friends, family, churches and nonprofits to get by.

“We think that the shutdown clearly illustrates how centralizing political power to an elite group places the rest of us at their mercy,” said Slinger, 24, who works as a communications specialist at a bank. Slinger is also running for a St. Paul City Council seat.

“While people’s immediate reaction will likely be based on … their daily reliance on governmental services, the longer the shutdown lasts, the more opportunities each individual will have to find more reliable alternatives.”

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota has not been particularly successful at garnering media attention in the state, where libertarians are relatively influential in the state Republican Party and much of the third party energy is sucked up by the better-established Indepenendence Party. While the party runs candidates in local elections, it failed to field a gubernatorial candidate in 2010.

One thought on “MN Libertarians Eye Opening From Government Shutdown

  1. Kleptocracy and You

    SHUT IT DOWN ! The citizens will learn they don’t need a MAJORITY of the tyranny of the KLEPTOCRACY !! Anyone care to bet me “they” won’t shut it down ? They can’t allow the Taxpayer to see the truth !!!

    ~ ^ ^ ^ ~

    The Libertarian Party’s anti-crime plan would do what the Democrats and Republicans have not done:

    •Respect the victim’s rights and make criminals pay full restitution.
    •Hold all criminals responsible for their actions.
    •Double the police resources available for crime prevention without any additional government spending.
    •Reduce the number of criminals at large on our streets.
    •Defend the most effective crime deterrent available, the private ownership of guns.
    •Create jobs, end welfare dependence, and improve education.
    This Libertarian program would help make America’s streets safe again.

    “Want your whole paycheck? Vote Libertarian.” –

    If You Hate the Government As Much As I Do, You Might Be A Libertarian!” –

    Now you can get a Bumper Sticker Variety Pack with the Magnet Back already applied at the special price of $24.95 – save $15.00!

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